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Ques : I purchased a theme, now what?

Ans : Assuming you have WordPress installed (if not, click here) the next step would be to install the theme. You’ll find detailed installation instructions inside the theme guide. Theme guides are available on this page.

Que : How do I setup the top navigation bar?

Ans : All Templatic themes are compatible with WordPress custom menus (available from Appearance -> Menus). For instructions on creating the menu watch this video

Que : Does theme access expire?

Ans : Yes, it does. Even though there are no limitations on the actual theme, Templatic memberships are valid for 1 year after purchasing. In case your theme isn’t showing in member area it’s likely that the membership expired. Click here to renew.

Que : Where can I download the purchased theme?

Ans : All themes are available in our member area. Here’s the link: //

Que : How can I translate my theme?

Ans : For translations instructions open the following article. Also, if your theme is WPML compatible we recommend installing the WPML plugin

Que : Does my theme work with WordPress MultiSite?

Ans : Yes, it does, all Templatic themes are MultiSite compatible. For instructions on installing MultiSite click here.

Que : Do you provide customization support or services?

Ans : No, we don’t. If you need customizations done for your site, check out our Customize page.

Que : How do I set a thumbnail in my theme?

Ans : Great majority of Templatic themes rely on the post image gallery for the featured/thumbnail image. For instructions on how to set this image open this article.

Theme Support

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Featured videos

Making tweaks using custom.css

Watch the video above to learn how you can make easy tweak using the custom.css file available from Appearance -> Editor.

Getting the category ID

Category ID is an important piece of information in my of our slider widgets. In the above video you can see where it can be obtained.