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WordPress Themes for Education


Looking for some WordPress theme to create a beautiful website for your educational institute? Look no further. Here are some of the best education based WordPress themes for websites for high schools.

You can use these WordPress education themes for primary schools, colleges, university, or training institutes. They come with easy options for customization and use. Even if you have never created a website before, you can use these educational themes to create an impressive website.

With these WordPress education themes, you won’t need to hire programmers to create your site. No need to look for a web design agency or web designer to outsource website building. You can do it all by yourself. Moreover, these education themes come with organized and intuitive options.

Using these education WordPress themes is as easy as using mobile applications. No learning curve, no complex setups. Get started in minutes!

Simple & Straightforward WordPress Education themes

Our WordPress education themes are easy to use because of two main reasons

  • The options at the back-end are intuitive and well organized
  • No Unnecessary options that may confuse you

So even if you’ve never heard of WordPress, you can use these themes and create a website for yourself. Focusing on only the required options, there’s unnecessary no clutter the back end. The options are designed to keep it simple and flexible at the same time. So even though the options are few, you can make enough changes to your website.

These education themes are crafted to advertise your online courses. So the design, page templates, and functional modules are designed accordingly. They have all the required features to create an educational website, or a website for Training Center, Courses Hub, College, etc.

With the available features and options, you can create websites for schools, universities, training centers, learning centers or other educational institutions.

DIY style Education themes: Flexible, Easy to use and Customizable

While using pre-designed templates, you can be a little skeptical about the flexibility. This is because all the features are pre-programmed and the design is ready to go.

We assure you that with these education academy themes, you won’t be stuck with the same redundant design. The WordPress education themes come with plenty of customization options. You can change the colors, upload the logo, and set backgrounds of your choice.

Besides, you can even change the structure of the pages of your website. The education themes for college websites comes with ready to use page templates. It is possible to further customize your pages with the several available options.

Most of the content on your WordPress education template is supplied by the widgets. This is good because you can change the widgets easily. So if you want to remove some content from your website, you can do so by removing the widget from the widget area.

Similarly, if you want to add a content block, to show some specific data on your page, you can add it to the widgets. The homepage and the sidebars of most of the page templates are widgets ready. The widgets can be easily moved in and out of the widget area, with drag and drop options.

You can find more on the uses of widgets and how to change the page structure in the theme guide. You get the access to the theme guide when you purchase one of our themes.

Sample data to give you a head start

Our education themes literally take one click to install and get started. The one click install features need you to click the install and activate button. You can sit back and relax while your education WordPress theme gets installed.

Once the installation is completed, you will be asked to install the sample data. With the one-click sample data install, your website will start appearing exactly like the theme data. With just a click, you education website template will import the sample data. The sample data includes some example posts, dummy text in the widgets, widgets arranged in different widget areas, etc.

The sample data gives you a precise idea of how to use the theme features and populate different content sections. All you need to do then is to replace the example data with your original content.

This example data makes it easier for you to create your website on your own.

Post types of Courses, facilities, and staff

These educational themes for schools and colleges are niche specific. They are designed to create websites for schools, high schools, universities, learning centers or other educational institutions.

So all these education WordPress themes have special features to create such websites. They come with pre-programmed features to let you create a high school promotional website. There are special post types for taxonomies like courses, facilities, staff, etc.

However, the theme features vary from theme to theme. Different themes have different features and may or may not have some of the taxonomies listed here. They do have the basic features to required by WordPress themes for school websites and educational institutes.

So with these custom post types, you can quickly upload your data to your website. This information will start appearing on the relevant pages. And all these pages to show the posted data are well-organized and pre-designed. However, you can change how your pages look by adjusting the widgets.

Manage the custom fields

Some of the WordPress education themes come with the ability to let you edit the custom fields. You can update or add fields to your existing post types like courses, faculties, etc. By adding the custom fields you can show more details for your post types.

For example, you have a staff post type with the fields name, date of birth, subject, etc. But you want to include an additional field called “achievements” or “previous experience” to the post type.

So, with the custom field ability, you can easily do so. Just select the post type and choose to edit the fields. You can easily add, remove or update the existing fields in your university education responsive WordPress theme.

The custom fields of the school WordPress themes for your college, university or academy can WordPress theme’s guide to change the custom fields. So you are just a few clicks away from informative and attractive websites for High Schools and educational institutes.

You can create an elegant website for your school and colleges that advertises trainers and courses.

Gallery options to show images

Want to showcase the academics and activities of your institute using a photo gallery? These Education WordPress Themes come with an inbuilt option to create beautiful image galleries.

Therefore, flaunt beautiful pictures of the celebrations and interior of your institute. This makes your education site more interesting for your end users. And as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. To display all the images you want through the inbuilt gallery post type.

Almost every traditional education website has a gallery section to represent its legacy. And so will your educational website build with one of our WordPress education theme.

Responsive and SEO friendly WordPress Education Themes

The WordPress education templates listed here are feature packed. They are optimized for high speed and page loading. Besides, all of our templates for education websites SEO optimized.

So you can pick from one of these SEO friendly themes with WordPress best coding practices, to create a search engine friendly education website. These WordPress education themes also support the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Integrate plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO pack to optimize your pages and content. SEO is important for your education websites because it boosts the visibility of your website. With our WordPress SEO optimized Education templates, you can create an SEO friendly website, effortlessly.

Documentation and Technical assistance

All of our WordPress education themes come with theme guides with online tutoring videos and technical support. When you buy any of our educational professional website themes, you get one year worth of support and updates.

You get the access to theme guide when you purchase one of our WordPress themes. The theme documentation consists of all the documented steps for theme installation and use. All the features are explained in this theme guide. So you can use the theme guide and set up your website on your own.

But if there are questions that the theme guide cannot answer, you can get in touch with our technical support team. The technical support tries to answer all your queries as soon as possible. The support will try to reply back with a relevant answer to your queries as soon as possible.

Talk to real people and get answers from the team who developed the theme. With the theme support, you don’t need paid assistance from the WordPress experts to set up your website.

Besides technical support, you also get one year of free theme updates. We try to update our WordPress education theme according to the latest trends in the market. Also, we like to keep our WordPress software up-to-date for the latest WordPress versions. You will be notified whenever a newer version of a theme is available. With just one click on your dashboard, you will be able to update your website to the latest version of your Educational WordPress theme.

Build a College Listing/Directory

With the online directories becoming more popular every day, you might want to create an education based directory website. This can be a website to list all the educational institutes, training companies, and other academies. Or it can be a website that lists all the institutes specific training course. For instance: A website listing all the training institutes for a certified welding course.

There can be unlimited ideas for online education based directories. Directory websites are large websites with massive traffic and plenty of monetization options. Therefore, creating an online education directory is like setting up an online business.

If you want to create an online directory website, than you can use one of our directory WordPress themes.

These directory platforms from Templatic are ideal for any kind of online Directory websites. They are easy to use, flexible and endlessly customizable. You can create custom post types based on the kind of listings you want to allow on your directory website. For each custom post types, you can create custom fields.If you are using the inbuilt custom post types and fields, you can endlessly edit them to create submission form of your choice.

The directory platforms let you allow paid submissions on your directory website. You can create unlimited submission packages and integrate your favorite payment processor. Your visitors can submit location-based listings on your online education portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I host my WordPress education theme?

The education themes don’t require heavy resources to function. These are simple website template and almost any kind of hosting service should work fine for them. We recommend WordPress optimized hosting from Bluehost to host your WordPress Education based websites.

How long can I use the WordPress education themes?

Forever. Once purchased, you can use these education website templates for as long as you want. However, with the theme updates and support is limited to one year. But the theme can work just fine without updates and support even after one year.

Can I use these education WordPress themes to create an LMS?

The education website templates you see on this page are simple website themes that you can use to create a website for your college, kindergarten, high-school, technical institute, university, etc. You cannot use these themes to create an online learning management system.

What kind of websites can you create with these WordPress education themes?

You can create websites for small private elementary schools, informative websites for scholarship institutes, training schools, education academies, sports schools, computer education classes, etc. Create informative websites for pre-schools, high-schools, kindergarten, or collages. With these flexible education themes, you can build a promotional education website for a Christian School or build a website for your international education agency.

Can I integrate plugins like WPLMS, Invent, Guru, LMS, Social learner, clever course, Sensei, Learndash, LearnPress?

No these are simple education WordPress themes to create professional looking websites for your educational institutes. But you cannot integrate an LMS or create an online learning platform.

I want to show full course details on my education website? Can I use these WordPress education templates to add courses?

You can create different pages for your courses and display their details on your education website. However, this is totally different from the online education websites, or the course management systems that let you sell courses online. You cannot sell courses using these WordPress themes for education based websites.

Can I sell courses on my education website?

No, to create an educational website with online courses, you need LMS themes. You cannot sell courses through the education WP themes listed here.

Can I use these WordPress education themes to create an online school management system?

All of these WordPress themes for education websites are crafted for promotional or official websites for educational institutes. If you are looking for a school/student management software, it is not what these themes are designed for.

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