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WordPress Themes for Personal Blog

Here’s some inspiration to start with your personal blog

Personal blogs are a great way to express yourself. You can create such websites to tell people what you do, what inspires you, your professional skills, your travel experience, or write anything that you want to share with people at large.

Thanks to the WordPress theme and plugins, that lets you create amazing websites in just minutes. The WordPress themes for personal blogs listed on this page can be used for creating a variety of blog websites.

If you are a writer and wish to create and manage your own blog website, WordPress is here to help.[expand title=”Read More” tag=”a”]

WordPress for blogs

WordPress is a CMS designed for bloggers and creative writers. It is crafted with those writers in mind who want to be able to launch and manage their own blog websites. Being designed for the purpose, WordPress is ideal for creating your personal blog sites.

However, WordPress can be used for creating almost any kind of websites. WordPress sites can include features like a fully automated booking system, an eCommerce system, a digital product selling system, audio-video integration, and much more.

So if you need any of these services running alongside your blog, you can easily have them integrated into your site. Or even if you want to go for a simple and elegant WordPress blog website, where you can create categories, and post under different subjects.

The following are best reasons to start blogging with WordPress

Blogging has emerged as one of the best ways to express yourself on the internet. The following are the basic benefits of using WordPress as your blogging system.

1.They are a great way to reach larger number of people

We all know that the internet has made the world a very small place. Once your blog is on the internet, anyone, from anywhere, can access it. Regardless of the geographical boundaries, you can share your thoughts, ideas, and experience, with the people of the world.

What can happen is, anyone looking for the type of content you produce, can stumble upon your website and become your fan. Or with some helpful content on your website, you can help people. There are innumerable ways in which your blogs can be useful to the audience.

2. You can express yourself with your website

Blogging is a way to express yourself. It lets you deliver your thoughts to people at large. For instance – There are so many blogs out there that help people cope up with anxiety or depression.  Suppose, you have a spiritual outlook towards life, then you can write about it and help people understand things better.

With your blogs, you can be a healing hand or an instrument of change. Basically, your words can make a difference.

3. You’ll improve your writing skills

If writing is your passion, creating a personal blog website is the best idea for you. With frequent blogs on your website, you can voice out your opinions and stories on the different subject.

You’ll be amazed to see how each of your blogs makes you a better writer. That’s how things work, right? Practice makes you better. Moreover, the feedbacks and comments on your blog can help you know what your readers want from you. If positive feedbacks encourage you, the negative ones will help you know the mistakes that you must avoid in future.

If you are an aspiring writer, your blog can help you attain writing assignments in future and you can even start off as a freelance writer or a guest author. Maintaining your own blogging website can help you in many ways.

4. Share your knowledge/ build professional groups

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your expertise/skills/knowledge with people looking for it. And when it is about a specific subject, it can help you bring together people of similar interest on your site.

For instance, your website is about organic farming and producing sustainable products. People interested in preserving the environment will come to your website and start following your blogs. Therefore, you can have a group of people interested in what you do.

5. Feedback and interactions through the blogs and comments on your blogs

Blogs let you directly interact with your readers and get their opinions on your article. It is always good to know what people think about your article or the views expressed by it.

When people post their comments – appreciating your writing, or expressing their views on what you’ve written, it makes your blog more valuable. You can get to know people’s opinion on a variety of subjects.

Again, comments are a good source of fresh and unique content on your website. Even your readers will feel great when they are allowed to voice out their opinions. Comments are a good way to interact with your audience. They help to reduce the distance between you and your readers.

6. Advantages through search engine optimization

Choosing an SEO friendly blogging WordPress template and having unique and fresh content on a particular topic, can certainly help you rank well in the search engines. And if your blogs start showing as the organic search result for a keyword of relevance to your business, it’s the cherry on the cake.

When your website is search engine friendly, it increases the chances of your articles to be found by the people. Gradually, the traffic share you get will also benefit and so will your blog website.

7. Your online professional portfolio

Your blogging website can even act as a professional portfolio. People can think of hiring you based on your skills expressed through your blogs.

Your online blog website is a way through which people will know you and can reach you. Along with blogs, you can create an author profile to describe yourself, your skills, your passion, and your qualifications. Also, you can mention your contact details through which they can contact you and hire you for getting their work done.

8. You can help people

Being able to help people, solve their questions and queries happens to be the best thing you can do as a human. And you can do that with your blogs.

Let’s understand this with an example: Suppose you are running a cooking recipe blog, so you can help the people who are new to cooking and looking for an online resource to learn how to cook.

This is the simplest example of how your words can help people. You can educate people, inform them about things they are unaware of, and help them achieve their goals using your WordPress blog.

Types of blog websites you can create

The above section addressed the benefits of personal blogging with However, blog websites are basically the simplest kind of website. But there are different types of blog websites you can go for. In the next section, we will see different types of blog websites, explained:

Personal blogs to introduce yourself as a professional or creative expert

You can create a blog website for your professional goals using any of these themes. Create a website where you introduce yourself as a professional expert in the certain criterion. For this, you can use personal website templates to create professional introduction websites.

For instance – You are a freelancer, SEO expert. So you can create a website where you introduce yourself, display your qualifications, and the type of services you provide.

Personal blog to share your stories

If you are an enthusiastic writer and want to share your stories with people, you can create such blog.

Generally, people prefer Free blogging platforms for such blogs, but getting your own domain has an advantage of its own.

These kind of blogs are generally for the love of writing and sharing the stories with people. However, you can use such blogs for almost any purpose.

News blogs and entertainment websites

This is an advanced use of a blogging platform. It includes Writing news blogs and articles for commercial purpose. A personal blog theme for WordPress can work well as a news website template too.

Instead of looking for News magazine WordPress theme, a simple Personal blog theme can let you create the categories and add your news articles under it. They will be presented to your visitors, in newest article first order.

So these blog themes can be used as to create a news magazine WordPress websites. Such commercial websites can have text articles, images and videos and they intend to make the profit through the websites.

Creative blogs for sharing skills

you can even create blogs to share your skills with people. Such blogs are in form of tutorial websites where you can teach people how to create certain things.

For instance- You have the hobby of fishkeeping and now you’re ready to impart some of your knowledge to the people seeking it. So you can create your own blog with different categories and content on it. You can write about the kind of fishes, water parameters needed for each type to survive, Fish diseases, cure and prevention, fish tank maintenance, etc.

Subjective blogs

Subjective blogs are dedicated to a certain subject. Everything you post on your website will solely fall under the subject.

For example- A blog website dedicated to free PHP scripts. So all the content posted on such website is of the same subject – PHP scripts.

Blogs with multiple authors and guest posts

Generally, when we talk about blogs, we assume a single author penning multiple articles for the readers. But there are blog websites where multiple authors post their blogs for different subjects under different categories.

However, you can even create a comprehensive blog website and allow creative copy bloggers to leave their articles

So different bloggers can submit their blogs on different subject/categories.

Why having your personal blog with WordPress is more beneficial

You may notice that there are free websites that let you create your own blogs using their platform. You can start preparing

1. Free blogging platforms don’t support monetization

The free blog platforms allow you to submit your articles and create your own blog. But they don’t necessarily let you open up the doors to all the ways you can make money through your blog.

The biggest drawback of using free platforms to create your online blogs is the lack of monetization opportunities. There may be a few options sometimes, but not enough for a professional blog. Whereas, with your self-hosted professional blog website, you can do anything. 

You can include a sales module to your blog website and start selling online. Or you can show advertisements on the sidebars and footer of your blog and make money through your blogs. The possibilities are unlimited when your personal blog website is not dependent on a free platform.

2. Your branding and personalization

When you passionately start a blog, it is very obvious that you start visualizing how you want your blog website to be. However, when you go for a free blogging platform, the options and possibilities are limited.

However, even the best and free blogging websites are bound to provide only a few customization options. Whereas, if you go for a self-hosted WordPress blog website, the customization options are unlimited.

Even if you are not a professional designer or developer, you can use the available options and make your website look and work the way you want. Besides, the free blogging platforms won’t allow you to get rid of their branding completely. Therefore, unwillingly, you will be promoting their platform through your own blog site

3. Abundance of plugins and features

There are so many companies that provide premium WordPress themes and plugins that you can use for your blog. You can even go for a blog with an online store running parallelly.

But when you are using a free blog platform to create your website, you don’t have many options. You can choose from a few available modules and include them into your website. But for the best enhancements, the self-hosted blogs with and personal website builder template are ideal.

4. Your website, your way

Besides anything, when you are not dependent on any platform for hosting your blogs, you have the complete say on what you want and what you don’t on your website.

You can organize your website the way you want when you go for a self-hosted WordPress website. With the WordPress personal website script and plugins available in the market, you can choose the design and features of your website.

If you are serious about your blogging website and want to use it for further professional and financial gains, you should probably start with a self-hosted blog website based on WordPress.

So now is the time you grab one of these amazing WordPress themes for personal bloggers and writers, and start publishing your own blog articles. 

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