Advantages Of Listing Your Business on Yellow Pages Directory

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Thinking of advertising on yellow pages directory? Here are the best reasons to find a local yellow pages online directory and list your business now!

When you start a business, there must be plenty of things in your list that you would like to do. One of the most important tasks after building your business, is to promote it.

Whether it is an online business, or a local business without any online connection, the internet serves as one of the best platforms to promote your business.

But internet is wide and unending source of information, how can you advertise on the internet without getting lost?

Well, you can do so by advertising your website on online Yellow pages like directory websites. The following are the reasons why advertising on yellow pages directory proves to be useful for you:

1) Build in audience

If you create a website for your business, it takes time, efforts and a lot of promotions for advertising your business website. However, we do recommend you to create a business website, but to promote both – your business as well as your business website, you can rely on your local Yellow pages directory website.

A local directory gives the users a collection of local resources/addresses/listings for their different requirements. So a local yellow pages website is meant to have a built in user base.

By listing your business or your business website on your such a website, you can get the advantage of the user base and advertise your business to them.

2) Keeping up with competitors

Competitive analysis is one of the most important factor that can help you make as well as sustain your position in your domain area. Not that you should blindly copy everything your competitors do, but observing the performance and outreach gap can help you.

If all your competitors, or the big players are already on the yellow pages directory, your absence on the local directory may not be very good for you. Especially if you are new to the business, with your listing on the yellow pages directory in the same category as your competition, informs the visitors about the newly available option.

3) Good platform for advertising

Advertising is necessary, for your business or a business website. The question always remains – where to advertise your business?

Well, for beginners – no better platform than a local directory website to promote their business. There’s a user base, there’s lot of content for SEO purpose, and more chances of getting noticed.  There are different categories and you can create a listing and add it under the relevant category.

4) Easy process to add and advertisement

The process to advertise on a local directory is generally very simple. Local directories may offer paid or free listing submission. The free listing submission may have some limitations, but you can choose according to your needs.

Once you choose the package – paid or free, you can proceed to register and then payment processing. After payment processing, you can choose the category and submit the listing by filling up an online form. You can upload images, set the location and all the other details you want to display on your listing.

Whereas, for banner advertising, you need to choose a site, approach them if they are ready to advertise your website, discuss and settle the pricing if it is not fixed, and than have a banner (image/video/graphic) created for your business. So, a paid listing on an online directory – clearly works better and easier.

5) An opportunity to display complete information

The banner advertisements lets you display a banner image, probably with a line or two of text. If the sponsored advertisement is a video – the challenge is to hold the user attention for the length of the video.

Compared to these limitations of sponsored advertisements on different ad spaces, yellow pages listings are much more effective. You can display multiple images, videos, provide proper location details, contact information, reviews, etc.

With comments and review features enabled – you can make your listings more interactive and informative. And so, advertising on yellow pages directory helps you deliver more information to the end users than a simple banner.

So hurry now!

Besides the one’s mentioned in this post – there are many advantages of listing your business on yellow pages websites. It a simple, easy and affordable way to promote your site, and reach out new levels for your business site.

I hope the reasons discussed above helps you decide if you should promote your business with Yellow Pages online directories.


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