10 Best Must Install WordPress Plugins

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If you are looking for any new and exciting plugins to install, you’re in the right place. This article lists for you the 10 best must install WordPress plugins. One of the reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS today is that it is possible to endlessly expand its capabilities using various free and paid plugins. For any functionality you can imagine there is probably already a plugin out there that you can install which will do what you need. You will find that on the WordPress repository there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins. Many of plugins are free, but they also have their more powerful commercial versions too if you like. However, some of them stand out for the functionality they add to a WordPress website.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced WordPress user, in this article we will list the 10 plugins for WordPress websites that we rate as being super-great for your website.

Elementor - Best Must Install WordPress Plugins

1. Elementor

The Elementor plugin needs no introduction. We’ve all heard about Elementor, which has revolutionized website design. It is currently the best user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder that allows even absolute beginners to create excellent web pages that look professional. You don’t need to know how to code or hire a professional to build a website for you. Elementor contains many pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point in your design. Although the free version is quite limited, it is still enough to create an excellent and less demanding website. However, if you want to have all options at your disposal such as different forms, various integrations, other custom fields, then you will have to go for the Elementor Pro version.


Hide My WP WordPress Security Plugin

2. Hide My WP

After we presented a page builder which you will use to create your website, now we present perhaps the best security tool on the market. Hide My WP is a plugin whose task is to completely hide the fact that you are using WordPress CMS. This great plugin can hide all common WordPress paths, theme and plugin folder names, CSS file names, will hide the login page and much more. It has an excellent IDS that will automatically block attacks like SQL injection and XSS. The most important thing is that this plugin does not consume the resources of your hosting server and does not negatively affect the performance of your website. There is a free version that is limited but provides basic levels of protection. The commercial version is a very powerful tool that will make your website almost completely secure. We recommend that you try it.


Wordfence Security WordPress Plugin

3. Wordfence Security

Since site security and protection are never enough, we present another excellent security plugin that every WordPress site administrator must have. Wordfence Security is an excellent security solution that protects your website from hacker attacks, malware, brute-force attacks and many other types of threats. This excellent tool has real-time monitoring that will promptly inform you of all events and potential dangers. One of the best options of this plugin is two-factor authentication, which will prevent unauthorized login to the admin dashboard.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin - Best Must Install WordPress Plugins

4. Yoast SEO

After you have protected your website using the 2 security plugins we’ve mentioned, you now need to do SEO optimization of your website. This is  in order to position your website as best as possible on internet search engines and reach your target audience. The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best SEO tools today that will help you improve your website rankings. Some of its best options are XML sitemap generation, meta tag optimization, analysis of any type of content. By using the Yoast SEO plugin you will increase organic traffic and make better your online presence on internet search engines.


ExactMetrics WordPress Plugin

5. ExactMetrics

If you want to check how good your SEO optimization was and what your ranking is on internet search engines, then we need to have insight into some analytics. That’s why we’re introducing ExactMetrics, one of the best analytics tools on the market. The task of this tool is to seamlessly integrate Google Analytics on your WordPress website. It has an excellent user interface and a control panel where you can see website performance, traffic sources, audience behavior and many more useful stats. When you have all this information then it is easy for you to create a development plan and marketing campaigns in the future.

W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin - Best Must Install WordPress Plugins

6. W3 Total Cache

Website loading speed is one of the most important factors for success. If your website is fast and stable, the user experience is better and the conversion is higher. That is why it is necessary to use one of the best WordPress caching plugins . We decided on W3 total cache which is an excellent caching plugin that caches your website’s static content and thus reduce its loading time. This great caching plugin has options such as minification, CDN network integration and browser caching. The free version is quite enough to perform basic caching, but if you want some advanced options, you will have to opt for the commercial package.

Mailchimp WordPress Plugin

7. Mailchimp

If you are planning to create a marketing campaign then you must have a tool like Mailchimp. This is currently the best tool on the market. The plugin’s task is to create, automate and manage your email campaigns. Create your Mailchimp account, then by using the plugin, integrate it into your WordPress site and your job is done. You can start creating eye-catching email newsletters, sync your subscriber list and reach your target audience. This plugin has great tools to help you improve your targeted email marketing.

Duplicator WordPress Plugin


8. Duplicator

Duplicator is an excellent plugin that administrators use to make a full backup, move or duplicate your WordPress website. This excellent plugin will create a complete package of your website, which includes all themes, plugins, files and full database. A very good tool if you decide to change your hosting server for example or to make backups. You can do all this with the free version of the plugin. You can also choose the commercial version to have more options such as backup schedule, cloud storage, 1-click restore, website cloning, migration wizard, secure backups and much more site backup options.

WPForms WordPress Plugin


9. WPForms

When it comes to different WordPress forms, WPForms is probably the best plugin out there. This is an excellent user-friendly and feature-rich WordPress forms plugin that allows you to create different types of forms such as contact forms, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, newsletter forms and many others. You don’t need to know how to code, everything is done on a drag-and-drop basis. There are more than 600 pre-designed templates that you can use and fully adapt to the design of your website. WPForms can integrate with many CRM platforms and email marketing services to make the most of your forms. This plugin also has a free version which you’ll find to be enough for less demanding users who wish to create some basic forms.

WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin


10. WPML

If you ever wanted to offer your website to users in several languages, then WPML is by far, the best plugin for this  purpose. This powerful multi-lingual plugin allows you to offer your website into multiple languages. You can arrange language in any way you choose – TLD, subdomains, folders and language arguments. You can translate page slugs, strings, SEO meta and titles. There are many more great options such as language switchers, special SEO optimization for each language, automatic content sync, automatic translation, manual translation and many others.



Conclusion On 10 Best Must Install WordPress Plugins

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the 10 best must install WordPress plugins. Using these plugins, you can improve your website’s functionalities, security, performance, user experience and reach larger target audience. When choosing which plugin to install, you must always evaluate your specific needs and choose plugins that align with your goals, but we hope you’ll choose many of the plugins from our list.

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