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WordPress Classifieds Script for Online Classifieds Directory Website

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With the available technologies, you can create your online classifieds software in less than 45 minutes, on your own. No need to hire programmers or professional experts to get your website created. All you need is a perfect classifieds script to get started with.

Classifieds website is one of the most popular forms of online directories which directly deals with products (or services). For instance, an automotive classifieds website, or a classifieds website of products related to babies and new moms, etc.

What makes classifieds websites so popular is its ability to serve (and be useful for) a large number of audience. Classifieds directory website generally cover more categories than niche eCommerce websites. Therefore it can attract different visitors with totally different interests.

With large traffic is the opportunity to earn some passive income. Here are a few ways through which you can earn through your classifieds website.

Why WordPress to create your Classifieds Directory

WordPress is a free and open source. Moreover, it is really easy to learn and use. WordPress and WordPress themes enable you to create websites without writing a line of code. Moreover, most of the hosting companies provide WordPress optimized hosting for optimized performance of your WordPress website.

Moreover, you have a number of WordPress classifieds software available for free download that you can use and get started on your website in minutes.

There are many classifieds scripts and software available for free download. But they can be vulnerable. You can never be sure about the scripts that you download for free from the internet. Especially when you are going for a classifieds website with data submitted by users from the front end.

The better idea is to rely on a classified script that is totally secure, provided by credible companies. Here is a list of the best WordPress classifieds software from reliable sources that you can use to create your classifieds website.

Creating your Classifieds directory with the best classifieds script

If you try creating classifieds by coding, it might take your days (or weeks or months) to create a basic ad posting software. However, the days of struggling with long code files are long gone. Now we have the best of technologies to make website building easier.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial on how to create a classifieds directory website with WordPress in less than 1 hour with the Classified WordPress theme. Have a look at the Classifieds Directory demo to see how your classifieds website will look. The WordPress classifieds template comes with a number of distinguished features. You can integrate any of the above-mentioned monetization technique in your WordPress Classifieds directory and start earning through it. Another way to create your classifieds directory is by using this affordable web PHP directory software platform.

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Advertisement Banners on your Classifieds Directory Software

Advertisement banners is a monetization tactic that works for almost all kind of websites. And so it does for the classified posting software.  These advertisements can be in form of text, static images or videos, etc.

All you need is a business who wants to be advertised on your website. Regardless of the Classified Website Builder Software you use, you can always use this monetization technique.

make money through classifieds website

Generally, such advertisements are for a fixed price rather than per click or per impression basis. The company who wants to advertise themselves on your website pays a fixed price to you and

Ad posting works on classifieds website because they are the websites where the users come looking for products. So displaying related products, or promoting companies that produce such products works.

The banner advertisements are linked to the website of the advertisers. Banner advertisements are direct advertisements that can be displayed in various parts of a website.

Featured Advertisements on your Classifieds template

You might be wondering, how different are featured advertisements from advertisement banners?

Well, they aren’t specifically different. But featured advertisements are special banner advertisements placed at more prominent places on your websites to attract special attention.

The featured advertisements are the highlighted or featured on your website so that they catch the visitors eyes easily. They too can be in form of text, image, or videos on your webpage.

The featured advertisements are generally placed in the header or contained as a part of the banner slider. Because these are the parts of the website through which you can get the best of user attention.

The featured advertisements obviously are more pricey than the ordinary banner advertisements in the sidebars or other under dominant areas of your website.

Paid classifieds advertisement posting on Classifieds Directory

The front end classifieds ad posting features contribute in two ways:

  1. Helps you generate revenue through paid ad posting
  2. Increases the amount of useful data on your classified web software

Popular classifieds software like craigslist allows the visitors to post their classifieds advertisements. However, this won’t work if you have a competitive classifieds website already allowing classifieds ad posting for free.

The first requirement for allowing paid classifieds advertisements is that your website should have enough traffic. If your classifieds website is a new one, with a few listings and visitors, the paid classifieds advertisements won’t work. Because no one would willingly want to pay for adding a listing on a website that has only limited traffic.

Therefore the best idea is to allow free classifieds front end submission in the beginning. And once your website gains enough traction, you can start allowing paid submissions on your website.

Check out how the listing submission page for your Online Classifieds script.

Featuring the Classifieds listings on the homepage/Category page

The listings owners who want to make their Classifieds listings more popular can pay more for enhancing the visibility of the classifieds listings. Most of the Classified PHP Scripts come with the feature to highlight the classifieds listing as featured listing at an extra price.

The featured price can be set when you create the pricing package. So if the Classifieds listing owners are interested to get their classified product featured on the homepage or the category page of the classifieds website, they can pay the extra price.

The classifieds products can be featured on the homepage as well as the classifieds category page!

Using Google AdSense on your Classifieds website

Google AdSense lets you get over the traditional form of banner advertisements on your website and moves on to a more logical form of advertising.

Google AdSense is, in fact, a service from Google, that allows you to display targeted advertising on the ad spaces on your website. All you need to do is to designate some space for displaying advertisement and paste the Google Adsense code here.

There are two main advantages of using Google Adsense

  • You won’t have to get in touch with the businesses and convince them to advertise on your website. In fact, the Google AdSense service acts as a mediator between the advertiser and your website.
  • The advertisements are not random. They are based on the visitors browsing history and past searches.

You can sign up for the Google AdSense service and get paid on the per click or impression basis. So if you want to earn through advertisement banners on your website, without having to get in touch with the sponsors to get them to post their advertisements on your website.

Selling products through your online Classifieds software

In a classifieds software, generally, the products are not directly sold. Instead, the contact details of the seller is provided. A classifieds listing is merely a reference to the product and product owner.

However, this doesn’t imply that you can’t integrate eCommerce features into your classifieds ads scripts.

On your classifieds website, you can create a section for selling digital/physical products. For this, your Classifieds website must support eCommerce. If it does, you can upload your products, set the shipping, accept the payment and start selling online.

If your WordPress Classifieds theme supports WooCommerce, then you can use it to create your online shop on your online Classifieds script.

Affiliate link posting on your online Classifieds script

You can help business promote their products through affiliate links. You can include the affiliate links to your associate websites through your page content or blog.

For this, you need to find out the products or services related to your classifieds ad posting software. You can place the affiliate links on your website banners, as well as text content.

The affiliate link is specially customized links through which your associate business can know the traffic that comes through your recommendation. This way you can earn affiliate commission through your WordPress classifieds website, every time a purchase is made using the affiliate link.

Restricting Classifieds listings with Membership plans

Another way through which you can make money through your website is by restricting the access to the pages/content on your website.

However, this only works when you are showing exclusive and very important content on your website. The most common way through which you can implement the membership feature in your online classifieds software is by allowing


Creating and managing classified website software gets easier with the available technologies. However, if you want to make your classifieds directory website more profitable, you can include one of the monetization technique mentioned above and start with your website right away.

However, how much you earn through these formulas is dependent on different factors like – overall traction your website gets, the placement of an advertisement, the dominance of your website in your field, etc. Traffic is the most important factor, among all of them. And to increase the traffic, you can try on different SEO strategies as well as promote your website through different mediums.

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Create Online Video Directory in 45 minutes with the Video Directory WordPress Theme

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It is possible to create fully fledged Video directory websites with WordPress, on your own, in less than 45 minutes with this Video Directory WordPress theme.

The same video directory WordPress theme can be used to create YouTube-like video portals, an entertainment website, or any kind of video website with front-end submission system.

Following the simple steps mentioned below, you can create and manage your own website and also earn some passive income through it.

Prerequisite checklist for creating Video Directory website with WordPress

Before we start building video directory WordPress website here is a glimpse of

  • Decide Purpose and Goals, We already have one purpose to create a directory for video but the goad should be determined. Why and how you want to create the Video portal within given time frame.
  • Register the domain name
  • Get efficient hosting for a video-rich website
  • The suitable WordPress theme to create your video portal.
  • Connect Your Domain Name to Your Website
  • Plan and Develop Content which attracts visitors
  • Promote Your Website on various platform.
  • Track the performance of the video directory
  • Keep Up the same Cycle of Continuous Improvement

Get Domain name and hosting service

The better idea is to think about the domain name and hosting thoroughly in the first place. Before you get started with your website making, you should be sure about your domain name and choose a hosting service.

You can definitely move your WordPress site to a new domain or host, but that’s a little complicated. So better to do it in the first development phase of your site.

Register the domain name for your video directory theme

To register the domain name, you can rely on popular domain registrars such as  GoDaddy or BlueHost. A domain name represents your website’s permanent address on the internet.

Now the question arises, How and where to book domain? Follow the simple steps below to book your domain.

  • Decide suitable name according to your site goal.
  • Go to the registrar’s site.
  • Use the search bars provided by the domain name registrars, and see if they are available.
  • If the domain name you want is not available, you must try a new one with little variation.
  • When the desired domain name is available, you can check out for it. The details about your domain name will be sent to you by email.
  • Confirm your purchase through mail and put your domain into work.

Register the hosting service for your Video WordPress website

Get Hosting

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Now we have registered the domain name, the time is to find a perfect host for your video directory website.

Follow the steps to book secure and efficient and affordable hosting:

  • Generally, I prefer BlueHost for all my hosting requirement. Because it has the affordable packages for hosting and provides secure service.
  • Check the hosting plans available.
  • Chose the one which satisfies your site’s need
  • Bluehost has WordPress optimized hosting, that makes things easier
  • Purchase the hosting service and take a step ahead towards building your WordPress Video website

Connect Your Domain Name to Your Website

After purchasing the domain and hosting the time is to connect both together. Change the name server of your domain name to the server’s name server where your website is located.

Install the WordPress & WordPress Video Directory Theme

  • Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
  • Find the Website section and select Install WordPress.
  • Enter the domain name where you want to install it.
  • If required, you can edit email address, username & password for the new WordPress installation.

With the steps performed, you have successfully installed WordPress and now you can install the theme to convert your WordPress into a completely

Download and install the Vivo WordPress template

We are all set to create a video directory website with our domain and hosting ready. To create Video Directory WordPress website, we will use the Vivo Directory software. Download Vivo video directory template from here

Now upload the Vivo video directory theme on your WordPress dashboard and activate it. The theme comes with one click installation. Click on import sample data and your site will turn to Video upload directory where you can allow users to upload their own videos on your site in simple steps.

Video directory WordPress theme is lightweight it takes fewer resources than any other directory software because it has no heavily coded plugin which consumes more resources. Also, the theme is compatible with plentiful plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of your website.

The theme can be used for education video portal, social video portal personal video series, video channel, news channel and sky is the limit for your own choices.

Customize your Video Directory WordPress software

You can customize your Video Directory WordPress template and make it look and work exactly the way you want. We’ll start with the branding of your website.

Replace the logo and site title and footer credits

The website design, brand logo, and the site color represent the identity of your business. Adding logo in vivo template is easy. Change the logo, title and background color of the site. you can edit it from the theme customizer.

Changing colors and background

It’s unlikely that you’ll create a website that has just one color, so you should consider each individual color and overall color scheme, as well as how well they suit together on your Video directory site. You can consider the secondary colors of your site fit with the primary color.

Re-organizing the homepage of your Video website as you like

The Vivo Video directory provides flexibility to change the appearance and the behavior of the theme as per your choice.  You can arrange the widgets on the homepage to create the user interface as per your choice.

Vivo Video directory WordPress template is fully widgetized, so you just need to rearrange it as per your choice.

Offering Video submission on your video website template

Allow your site users to submit free videos with detail description. So it brings best results and draws more traffic to your site.

The visitors will get to watch verity of videos having various categories. Consequently, you can attract more traffic to your site.

Allow various video format types

Listed below are a number of file formats supported by Vivo template theme media elements.

Create all the categories that you want

Categories are often used to order & group the content into different sections of the website. A website video WP directory content on a variety of topics can divide this topic into smaller sections by using categories. This is the same approach of grouping the content. As if you are selling your products online, your categories will be a variety of products which has the same characteristics or attributes.

So create categories on different topics. These categories allow your users to upload their content of the distinct patent.

Categories are one of the main strengths of any website(Especially for Directory & E-commerce). It is not only best for the search engine crawlers to understand your site’s features. It is also better for the potential users of the video directory

Integrate WooCommerce with the Video WordPress Directory site

You have created perfect video directory which has everything. add some more features that can reward you back. Integrate the e-commerce into video portal with the help of WooCommerce plugin.

Create an online store along with the video directory.  More video draws more traffic and you can utilize the traffic and convert them to purchase something from your site.

You can create the videos of your product and redirect to the shop page where your client can buy it. That way you can utilize the template multiple ways to brings double benefits of using this amazing video WordPress template.

The video and shopping combination is great. It is very useful for those who want to provide the product usage tutorial along with purchase link.

For example, you want to sell the CD/DVD set of yoga. You need to convince the client by showing the positive effects of your product. You can add various promo of yoga CD/DVD0 on the website and attract users to purchase the full set if they are impressed with the promo.

As well as if you want to make a site for educational resources. Create video tutorials and testimonial for educational material users.  Redirect them to your shop page if they are interested they will purchase the products.

That way you can get the maximum conversion with the help of video and products.

Ad banners

To monetize your video directory. Banner Ads is  An Important Tool For Internet Marketing. There are many ways to promote the business. One of the ways is with web banners.  These immediately catch user’s attention and when visitors click on these ads, they are directed to the web page an of advertising company.
If you’re the affiliate member of that company you get paid for a genuine buyer who has clicked on your site

With the video directory theme, you can add advertisement banners wherever you need them.

Promoting and maintaining your Video WP website

Advertising on local channels

Another way to advertise is using the local channels and resources to make people aware of your directory website. Also, you can tell your business listing owner to promote their pages, share on their social media, etc.

Besides, you can use digital channels like television, or email marketing to promote your website.

The quantity shared with many engines makes the video-sharing site ones that must be noticed and utilized.

Promoting your website built in Vivo Video Directory WordPress template

Every video website incorporates sharing your videos online. Depending on advertising and sharing of content requires, You can share it with your friends and connection by just button click on social networking site.

Maintenance routines of your video directory website.

The routines that you must follow for regular maintenance of your WordPress video directory are as follow.

  1. Managing the comments (replying, marking spam, deleting)
  2. Backup of site
  3. Uptime monitoring

Check the submitted Videos

As we have set the default video to submit status as a Draft. The newly uploaded videos by users will be in drafts. You need to verify each video and publish it if you want.

This way you can restrict the vulnerable content on your site. and provide the end user with the useful content they are looking for.

Limit max upload file size

It’s also easy to enable or disable upload permissions. No matter how you plan to manage your site the vivo WordPress directory theme has the functionality to make default video post status to draft. So you can verify the video posted by the users on your site. This way you can prevent the unwanted content on your site. It is important because it won’t let your user add any vulnerable content which can affect your site’s predefined rules and limits.

You can also limit the upload site of the video file as well as the image file. It is a very useful feature because you can manage your site according to your server capacity. because you can limit the user allowance.


So by following the steps mentioned above, you can create a youtube clone video directory website for professional or personal interest using the video directory WordPress theme. You can let your visitors upload their video or let them embed from YouTube, Vimeo or any such popular video portal website.

You can allow paid submission for the videos and earn through ad campaigns as well as other money making video directory features. Check of the full features if this video directory WordPress template here.

Alternately, you can choose a flexible directory software platform to create your online directory website in minutes, easily!

Local Business Directory Software to Create a City Guide Website in 30 minutes

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With more and more people dependent on the internet to search for their requirements, the online directory websites are becoming more popular than ever.

And one of the most popular genres of online directories is a local business directory website.

What are local business directories?

As the name suggests, the local business directories are the directory websites dedicated to a certain geographical location.

Local directories can be of any niche – local hotel directory, local classified directory, a city guide directory for a city, local medicare directory, or a local contact directory website. Just that, the information in the directory website is limited to a location.

However, the scope of local directory is limited to a certain geographical area, like a city or state or province. Let’s see how you can do this:

How will your Local business directory Software will be useful for the local people?

Decide the scope of your local directory submission software

What you should be sure of before starting with your local directory is the scope of your website.

The scope is about two different things:

  • The type of listings that you will allow on your website
  • The local scope of your local directory website

Once you know what you want your website to do, and all the features that you want to include into your local business directory, you can choose from the best software tools to create local directory.

The City Guide Local Business Directory Software for WordPress

Using a WordPress theme is an easier way to start your online directory in less than 45 minutes. Or you can rely on directory software solutions to create your online city guide website. However, in this tutorial, we will use the directory template to create our website.

WordPress is one of the best CMS and is free, opensource and very easy to use. Moreover, we have the niche WordPress local business themes that we can use to create a website of our choice.

For creating a local directory, we will go for the City Guide Local business directory template. The theme is designed with all the features to let you create a fully functional online directory.

The City Guide local ads directory theme has some of the essential modules like

  • User registration and management
  • Front-end submission module
  • Payment processing and transaction management
  • Full customization options
  • Maps and location-based features
  • Blogs and SEO friendly
  • Unlimited extensibility with the compatible plugins.

Besides, there are many other useful features included in this best local directory website template. The City Guide local directory sites theme local directory listing is very easy to use.

Directory websites can have a lot of data and that might make it a little difficult to manage the website. So the City directory website template comes with easy and intuitive options to let you control your online directory easily.

City Guide WordPress template for the local directory is designed to simplify your website making task. Let’s see how you can create the best local business directory with it:

Customize your local directory script as per your taste

The first thing you would want to do when you use a pre-designed/pre-programmed local business directory script is to customize it.

The best thing about the City Guide local business directory software is its flexibility and customizability. You can change all the colors you want.

And to change the colors, you won’t have to struggle with the CSS/HTML files. Just pick a color from the color customizer and set it as the color of your site, or font color, or as a background.

You can even personalize your website by updating the logo, the site title, and the footer credits. You can do it all using simple options available at the backend of the CityGuide local Directory website template.

Create unlimited listing categories on your local directory script

A business directory generally covers many different subjects as it contains list of local businesses under various categories. For instance – A typical local business directory website can contain listings about the amusements parks, hotels, hospitals, malls and grocery stores of the city.

Therefore any user of the website can find the place of his interest from your website. There can be unlimited categories for the listings on your Directory website.

Add Location-aware listings on your local web directory

The CityGuide WordPress theme comes with integrated Google maps on

  • The homepage banner map (or you can switch to the image banner instead of maps)
  • The category page map, that shows all the listings belonging to that categories through map
  • The detail page map with navigation feature

Therefore, all the listings will be displayed on the map using customizable map markers on the above-mentioned pages.

Also, the proximity search feature of the City Guide WordPress local directory template shows you the listings that are closest to your location.

Allow Front-end listing submission on your local search directory software

Comes with a ready to use, customizable submission form that the users can fill up with the details regarding their listings.

So what you can do with this feature is let the interested business use the form and submit their listings.

Also, you can create payment package as per your requirements. The payment packages will be displayed to the front end users on the submission page. So they can select the submission package, and post their listings on your website.

Blogs for special announcements and news on your local directory site

Blogs are an amazing way to connect with people at large.

Especially blogs on a Directory website are more likely to be read and followed by more people, considering the heavy traffic.

If your city directory is for your own city or state that you can use the blog section to keep people updated with the latest news and information.

The city guide WordPress local business directory template comes with the inbuilt blog section. So you can get started with the blogs on your WordPress directory website instantly.

You can even advertise the events, festivals, parties, etc. on your local listing sites

A small events portal on your local web directory sounds great, doesn’t it?

To display events happening around in the city, you can integrate the events plugin. It is a directory addon that works with the CityGuide directory website.

So along with the directory listings, you can now allow people to add event listings on your local directory.

Furthermore, you can even sell tickets to the events through an additional plugin.

Your local directory website will be eCommerce ready

Additionally, you can even choose sell products on your online directory. If there are a few products, that you want to let people buy through your local directory, just integrate the WooCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce is a (very) popular FREE and powerful eCommerce plugin, compatible with the City Directory WordPress template, that can turn your website into a fully functional eCommerce website.

It has all the features to let you easily manage shipping, inventory, taxes, etc. So selling products through your local directory website to your people becomes easier.

Besides, you can choose the payment gateway you want and start accepting payments for the sold goods, tickets, or reservations, right away.

Also, allow reservations and bookings on your website

The listings on your local directory website can be of anything – hotels, guesthouse, restaurants, or any rental properties.

With the WooCommerce bookings plugin, you can even add the ability to let the visitors of your website make bookings through your website.

Add more features on your local business directory with these plugins

Directory websites are a massive website with a number of different features. And there’s no limit to what you can do with your local business directory one you have enough traffic.

Why would people love your local business directory?

A local directory is what every city needs, isn’t it?

What better than a single website with a list (plus details) about all the important businesses of the city. Moreover, it is easy to add classifieds, real estate, events, coupons and deals, job listings, etc on your local directory.

There’s a plugin to each of that features into your local directory. So if you wish to start a classifieds side business along with your directory website, just install a plugin. And in minutes, you can get started with classifieds listings on your website.

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Opportunity to advertise their business on

With your directory website, the business owners get a chance to advertise their local business online. The local directory is an electronic version of the local yellow pages.

No business would want to miss the opportunity to catch the eye of the visitors looking for a certain business on your website.

With their listing on a directory website, the businesses get a chance to explain themselves. They can use images, videos and provide their contact details to let the visitors directly get in touch with them.

Therefore for small and big local businesses, a local business directory is a straightforward way of direct advertising.

Your local directory website local business finder

Also for the general public of a location, such a website acts as a business finder directory.

People looking for a service, can come to your website and check the list of the best business that can help them. A business directory keeps everything well-organized and easy to find.

And if you keep the comments enabled, you can have the honest review of people who want to post their opinion about a business. This, in turn, makes your site and listings more useful for others.

It can help as a local business locator for the people of a city

Maps on your local business directory take the usability of your website to another level. The maps and other location-based features of the City guide local business theme lets people find places directly though map.

If they are looking for a place in a certain category, they can search the category page map and find the listing through the map marker. Moreover, clicking on the marker, they can also view the details of the listing or even visit the detail page directly on the map.

Either way, maps are helpful.

And not to forget the detail page maps with the navigation feature. It calculates the distance of the listing form your current location and shows you a route to reach.

Create an SEO friendly local business directory

SEO friendliness of your WordPress website is directly responsible for its visibility. Also, just like most other tasks related to website maintenance, SEO is not a one time task.

To make sure that all the efforts you make with your local directory to help people find the services they need, are actually reaching them, SEO is the must.

Thankfully, the City Guide WordPress local directory template is crafted with the best SEO standards. Also, it supports the integration of the best of industry’s SEO plugins. Using these SEO plugins you can keep a check that the content added from you is SEO optimized too.

Moreover, online directories are massive websites with loads of listings and pages. Which means more content that can fight for your website’s position of search engine rankings for different keywords.

So when it comes to SEO, you don’t have much to worry about, except for frequent SEO audits and updating site with useful content.

Ready to own a local business Directory software?

A local business directory website can be helpful for your website in more than one ways. It acts a portal for the business to advertise themselves as well as the visitors to find the business that fulfills their needs.

Therefore, it’s a platform that can be used by a wide range of people. Moreover, when the scope of your local directory is confined to certain geographical boundaries, it’s easier to promote your website.

Ultimately, a local business directory is one of the best forms of money making directory website. And the City Guide best local directory theme WordPress 2018, that can get you started with your local business directories in minutes.

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Get Hosting

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WordPress For Online Directories: 5 Reasons Why!

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Why WordPress for your directory? What makes WordPress so special that you should use it?

Well here are a few things about directories that are important.

You will need listings.

You need traffic.

You need SEO.

You need great security.

You might need help every once in a while.

Each one of these is needed for any type of directory or listings website to work, and WordPress has all that and more. We gathered 5 in depth reasons as to why WordPress is especially great for directory websites:

1. WordPress is Open-Sourced, which means the options for SEO are endless.

WordPress comes SEO ready, this is one of the most fundamental qualities. What is also great are many themes, especially premium themes, come with even more SEO features. If you are wanting to take it a step further there are plugins.

Plugins make it possible to have many options in this department as well, everything you will need to make your website the way you want.

Such as integration of Google Analytics and Yoast SEO. These two tools are great for understanding and implementing better ways to gain more traffic and show up on search engines.

2. WordPress can handle large websites

WordPress is designed to have better capabilities when it comes to larger websites, and the great thing is you can choose what hosting works for you. Which means better options for faster website and database. Instead on relying on whatever speed you are given. You are able to go out and find the one that works for you.

Such as Bluehost, which is great for starting out and preparing for larger websites as well.

Bluehost allows for 1-click install and with that you get a domain and hosting.

3. WordPress Means Customization

Customization and flexibility are the number one thing you will get with WordPress. You need the availability of adding submission forms to your liking, or to delete listings. Maybe you also want to have advertisements and the ability to easily change the language. This is all capable with WordPress. Without touching code you can have a flawless website. You are able to build upon it as much as you like.

With customization the possibilities are endless.

This includes having integrated options like Geolocation especially for directory websites. Another important part is having photos and videos, not only can WordPress handle the embedding but it also has customized galleries to fit your companies look.

4. WordPress is Easy to Use to Make Money

Like mentioned before it is extremely flexible so monetization is an easy way to make money. You can have integrations for payment gateways with recurring payments, and PayPal makes it easy to upgrade to a reliable system.

If you would like to see more information on how to make money with a directory website we have the full article and all the details.

5. WordPress is Popular which includes Lots of Help

You will not find a community that has so many helpful tutorials and tips for building a website with WordPress. The community is large and with 3rd party theme and plugin creators you will also get their documentation, blogs, and videos to help you along the way. 

See all our helpful articles.



Security for Directory Websites

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Let’s Talk Security

Unfortunately there are many hackers and spam that can use the submission forms to get into your website and do some harmful damage. But what a lot of people who build websites dont know are the different type of threats, security measures, and solutions. Even though one builtin or plugin might say security doesn’t mean they do everything (they were not all built equal)

There are different types of threats out there:

  • Malware
  • Exploits
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Hosting Service Errors

Here are a few problems and there solutions to look for while managing your WordPress website. 


One problem can be fake registrations and malicious programs that circulate into your emails, comments and ads. This mostly includes your signups and submission forms when talking about directory websites.


WPCaptcha: This stands for Complete Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. I’m sure you have been forced to tell a computer you are human by something (clicking on a picture, typing certain letters). Well this is the ready to-go system used to stop fake registrations.

Can still be defeated. by machine learning algorithms, but for the most part it works.

Thankfully with premium themes it can come included.

With all our themes you can easily activate by going to the Dashboard >> Tevolution >> Settings >> General Settings>> Captcha and fill the following form to activate it.

WP Security: allows for manual approval, and also allows for certain protection from certain IP addresses that have been deemed as a security hazard.


Need even more registration security such as email notification, and SMS. This is needed to verify email addresses when registering so your users are not using fake email addresses. These can lead to bounce rates, and threats to security of your website.


Two factor authentication is the way to go.

Google Authenticator Login, iThemes Security


Extra Security for user accounts

Even though you have protection for your website through registration and logins there are still ways for hackers to swoop in. Especially if you are going to have delicate information for your users you need an even better system


This can include password strengthening, display name variation from user account name. WP Security


Websites crash, hackers hack, and something might go wrong at anytime with the hosting service. You need to back-up your website and keep those files secure. You will also need to have access to it whenever you may need it (restore)


VaultPress, BlogVault


Already Hacked Website

Many things can be factor in when you have a hacked website, with it being frustrating process you need to clean up the mess and do it instantly. Its always a pain if you have to stop your entire website, lose your data and takes days for the removal to work.


Malcare Plugin, Sucuri


Blocking Spammers

This is an issues with blog content, or anything that is posted where spammers can attach and ruin your reputation.


VaultPress, iThemes


Site Migration:

Moving your site might seem like a far fetched idea when you are just starting your website, but it can quickly become a much needed solution.

You may find you need to move it to a more reliable host, less expensive, or one with faster loading time.


VaultPress, BlogVault

No Security Problems?

You just want to keep it that way. The biggest step to ensuring a secure website is to completely prevent it. Scanning your website for detection can be an efficient and easy way to save money and time


Malcare plugin, Sucuri, WP Security, iThemes Security Anti-Malware Security


Complete list of the top security plugins for WordPress.

Managing Your Directory Website

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We all know it’s one thing to setup your website but its a whole other thing to continue managing your directory website.

Management  can include many different categories such as keeping listings up to date, monetization, security, SEO, and bringing in more traffic. Here are the categories of managing your directory website that we are going to go through today.

Maintenance of Your Directory Website

Maintaining Submissions

This includes deleting old submissions and posts, or ones that don’t work. Maintaining submissions is  important for keeping spam or low rated sites away from your directory or listing website. Low rated sites that are linked to your directory will allow Google to penalize your website. In the end this will effect your search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Speaking of search engine optimization, as you have probably heard before it is important. Showing up on search engines can allow more traffic and in turn is the key to money for your directory. WordPress already has integrated features to help but there are more you can do to help with that. Here is a complete list of plugins that can optimize your search engine ranking.

Custom URL’s and Permalinks

These are the website addresses that is located in the navigation bar. There are several types of settings for permalinks including city base, author base, listings category, and listing base. Make sure with your website you are able to customize your URL’s because some are not optimized.

Allow Ownership Claims

If a user (or you) post a listing, the actual listing owners can claim ownership of it. This is similar to online review websites where people will write a review about a company and explain different information, then the actual owner can find and claim it. This allows for complete maintenance control of those claims.

You can also have users pay for the claim which can generate a way to bring in money.

Create Listings

You can individually submit your own listings by using the back-end. This is great to get a head start on listings, and the owners can claim those listings later on. You can add your own images, and map location. Creating listings provides more efficiency for your website and ensure the listings are fulfilling your requirements.

Allow Reviews and Ratings

For your directory website, you need manage the review and ratings on posts. These are documented ways that impact people’s decisions. They can be beneficial or completely detrimental. It is important to go through and maintain reviews because some can leave an incorrect reputation. Ratings are also important because a lot of people wont even look at a product or service if it is not at least average rating.


It is also important to protect your website from slowing down and malware. There are ways to automatically scan your website, detect and delete those threats, so your website can always run smoothly. Other plugins can allow for registration authentication logins, and access to backing up for migration purposes.

Some features are built-in but for more security there are a surplus of plugins.  Using Plugins for like Malware, Sucuri, Google Authenticator and BlogVault.

Here’s everything you need to know about security for your directory website.

How to Setup a Multi-City Directory Website

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Having a directory that only allows your users to search through one city is old news, you can setup a multi-city directory for many different niches and types of listings. It’s easy and we have everything you need to know to do just that.

What is a Directory Website?

Online directories are databases where links and websites of a certain niche are collected and can be accessed by searching the program. 

If you are still not sure exactly what directory or listing websites are you can find out more through our complete article series starting with Everything You Need to Know About Directory Websites.

There are many  types of directory websites, but first is deciding what niche your website will be for. This is going to determine a lot of things from here such as what type of hosting, what theme, and so on.

What Does it Mean to Have Multiple Cities in a Directory Website:

You can add multiple cities within a theme which allows them to become content filters. This is extremely important, let’s say there is a listing added for one city (like Dallas), then this listing wont show up for another city. (Las Vegas) If it does that would be annoying for the user.

You want to give your users the option to search in different cities and without a website that allows it, you can only search for listings in 1 city (oh, the inefficiency of that)

Do you need Multiple Cities for Your Directory?

Some websites may not need multiple cities. Such as websites that are specifically designed for one city. For example, if you have a directory for Events in Dallas, Tx. then you are not in need of multiple cities.

If you have a directory that is searching for Lawyers or Stores (near the user) then you will need to have a Geolocated website (so that location can be known) and multiple cities so the users can find listings where ever they are needed.

One user can also search for multiple cities. For example if a user was wanting to know about a specific concert in one area but wanted to see how details about it in another then you could search for multiple cities.

Here are a few unique and contemporary ideas for directories:

  • Women-Owned Business Directory
  • Vegan Products Directory
  • CBD Distributor Directory
  • Pet Hotel Directory

Once you know what specific kind of website you would like to make then you can find the right category, since these will be set-up depending on the functionality. Many themes come with included plugins or addons that make the type of directory more efficient. Here are a few categories:

  • Real Estate Directory Websites
  • Event Directory Websites
  • Job Directory
  • Classified Ads

Directory websites might seem like a dying breed, but they are actually very popular. Here are a few famous directory websites that are used by a lot of people:

  • AirBnb
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Craig’s List

In addition deciding how to build your website is another key component.

We suggest WordPress, and here’s a few reasons why:

  1. WordPress is Open-Sourced
  2. WordPress can handle large websites
  3. Customization with WordPress
  4. Easy to Use to Make Money
  5. WordPress is Popular with a Large Community

This is an important feature when it comes to directory websites and once you have decided that WordPress is the best option for the amount of traffic needed to keep your website running next is to register your Domain and Hosting.


Domain is the name of your website that will be used for people to look it up. This is important because it will be what people will now you as, search engine optimization and will be how to contact you.


Hosting is where your websites files will actually be located. Hosting services can provide a variety of things but one of the most important is speed and reliability. 

This can be further broken down into Software as a Service that come with hosting included, or themes for WordPress that require you to purchase hosting. Deciding which one? We have the Pros and Cons of each already listed for you.

If you are doing separate hosting we recommend BlueHost for the reliability, and trust. And they have integrated a 1 step set-up for your website. Here is a complete list of what you should look for in a hosting service and a comparison of a few top competitors.


Picking a great theme that allows Multi-City integration isn’t hard. There are many great options out there. Here are a few key features to have in a Multi-City Directory Theme:

  • Geolocation, Geolocation, Geolocation
  • Front-end submissions
  • Excellent Listing submission forms
  • Bulk data upload
  • Visual listings on GoogleMaps

I will be using the GeoPlaces theme for demonstration. This is designed to help you make a geolocated WordPress theme and enables multiple listings and cities.

Getting Started

Log into your hosting website to use the server space.

Then, install the GeoPlaces theme by logging into your WordPress Dashboard

Click on: Appearance and Theme

Upload your theme and install

Next step is to enter the activation key that you receive on the GeoPlaces Directory software download.

When you download the GeoPlaces sample data it will look exactly like the demo website.

Next is Setting It Up for You

Replace the example logo of the GeoPlaces Theme, with your logo or design.

If you need to design a logo, there are many online programs that can help you. Remember that a logo is simple and will be used as the iconic detail for your business. Be sure it has the feel you are looking for and it can even highlight specific details for your brand

You will also need to change the colors and background image.

Go into the appearance menu to change these.

Remember that this will be the entire feel and first indication of your brand so make sure it speaks to the idea you want people to have about your company.

You can take it a step further and integrate even more customization of the layout and the colors. This is great to embrace the look you are wanting and give even more unique details. Geoplaces is fully widgetized to help you with these features.

So for a directory website you will need listings. To create category listings such as different types of restaurants, or clothing.

Click on listings in the dashboard, then listing categories and add new category.

For an even larger directory with in-depth categories you can create subcategories. These all come in handy when you would like to have paid submissions. 

Create and Manage Cities

Go to Tevolution on the Dashboard and Click Manage Locations.

Things to note: cities are technically listing factors, this allows for certain cities to show up and others won’t.

You can also add cities by Clicking Tevolution, Manage Location, Cities then Add New City

Maintenance of Your Directory Website

We all know it’s one thing to setup your website but its a whole other thing to maintain it. Maintenance can include many different categories such as keeping listings up to date, monetization, security, SEO, and bringing in more traffic

Make Money with you Multi-City Directory

Advertisement Banners

This is the easiest ways to make money with your directory website (really any website, or business). With the widget integrated design this allows for ads almost anywhere on the page. You have the ability to use Google AdSense or have the users upload an image or video ad banner. 

Price packaging

By allowing different types of packaging you can integrate certain categories to charge depending on what you would like. These can include different offers, price and time length. The user can choose which one they would like.

This is great for detailing a certain number of days that it will remain active, so you are not manually checking in and remembering how long each package is supposed to be running for. Also allows for a specific number of entries to limit the amount or can increase the price for more listings.

Category specific packages are another step into specifying prices. If you would like a particular category to have a price such as featuring to homepage or events page, you can add that detail.

Featured Listings

This is efficient for having listings on the homepage or right at the top. Most submission users will want to have their listing at the top. Charging for featured listings is a great way to gain more money.

Promoting your Directory website

This can include keeping any content such as blogs updated to keep traffic coming back to your website. This is great for certain niches, if you have a blog which maintains a steady knowledge base you can easily integrate affiliates and gain money through promotional products. The more traffic you have the better, for your listings and making money through your directory website.

Other Maintenance

Maintaining Submissions

Deleting old submissions or posts, or ones that don’t work. This can keep from spam or low rated sites to be posted. If this happens Google will penalize your website.


Keeping your website secure is crucial maintenance. If your website is hacked then valuable information can be breached. You will have to completely reset your entire website and lose all that information. This means it is important to back up your website as much as possible. There are many ways to take care of both these issues.

Many premium themes or software will come with security protection. One example is spam checking by using WPreCAPTCHA plugin this will allow built-in support against spam. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization as you have probably heard before is important. Showing up on search engines can allow more traffic and in turn is the key to money for your directory. WordPress already has integrated features to help with this, but there are more you can do to help with that.