Checklist for an creating an effective business listing for an online directory

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Posting business listings on an online directory website? Here are a few tips that can help you create an effective listings to represent your business online and help promote it.

For online promotions of your business, you might want to rely on online directories. There are plenty of advantages of listing your business on a local or a city directory website.

However, if here are some actionable tips for creating an efficient listing to make your business listing efficient.

Thoughtful title for posting business listing

The title will be in fact, the identity of your listing on the website. It is the first thing that a user will notice about your business listing. Undeniably, it is ‘the most’ important part of your business listing.

A title should represent your business purpose and identity without being too long or too short. The following are the qualities that your listing should have:

  • Name of the business
  • Keyword about the niche/category
  • Short & Simple to understand
  • Try removing the unnecessary fluff words

The Featured image for the business listing

Another thing that can help you catch the visitor’s attention instantly is the featured image. Generally, the listing title is displayed along with the featured image at the different parts of the website like the category page, etc.

The images on your listings surely add more meaning to the listing, especially when it’s a featured image. When the listing snippet is shown on the listing category page, or the listing page, or related listing section, etc. the featured image is usually the highlight of the snippet.

A meaningful featured image including graphics, icons and text make it easy for the visitors to guess what your business listing is about. Therefore, whenever you are posting business listing on a directory website, pay special attention to the design of the featured image of the listing.


The content or the description of your listing doesn’t directly catch the user attention, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

The content part, or the description part of your listing is what differentiates it from a simple advertisement banner. Through the description part of your directory listing, you can tell your visitors about your website, what your business has to offer, and much more.

Write the description, using simple words that are easy to understand. You can make your description sound as convincing as you could. With the help of the description section, you can describe the business process, the offered services, a brief history, about, etc. Whatever can make your listing more efficient.

Use high quality images

Besides the featured image, most business directory themes will allow you to upload other images. Some of the directory themes allow you to display a gallery of images on your business listing, which is a great opportunity to easily promote your business.

When you are allowed to use more than just the featured images on your listing, you should use meaningful and quality images to better describe your services.

You can also use the gallery images to display testimonials, event pictures, promotional banners, etc. Images surely impact better than words, and this is what you should keep in mind while using the opportunity to add multiple images into your business listing.

Add all the contact Info

When you add your listing, you will provide all the business details. Your business listing should also allow the interested visitors to contact you.

Almost all the business directory websites come with the option to add the business contact addresses into the listing. Some may also charge you extra to show the contact details.

But ultimately, the contact information is one of the most important details that you can display on your business listing. So don’t forget to include the contact details in your business listing.

Use keywords

Keyword in your business listing helps the On page SEO, and your  listing to rank better.

Whenever writing copy for your business listing, try including your business related keywords into the title, the description, etc.

Keep in mind that adding keywords to your listings will not miraculously bring your business listing to the top of the search result page, but it sure does have it’s impact.

Also, when you add keywords to your listing, you must also see that the keywords are not stuffed and properly placed in the statements, adding meaning to the phrases.

Wrapping up

Your business listings on an online directory is one of the most effective way to promote it. The listings for your business represent your business.

Therefore, it is really important to make sure that your  listing covers all the features in limited words.

Different types of business listings require different types of details, and therefore, but the ones mentioned in this post are common for all of them.

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