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You may be one of those believers who think that email marketing is dead. If you are then be informed that you are missing a lot of opportunity that other brands are enjoying due to the integration of Instagram and email marketing.

Yes, you are right in one aspect that email is old but this traditional mode of marketing has not gone anywhere. It is in fact still one of the most reliable mode of marketing. However, the power and effect of it can be enhanced significantly when you integrate with Instagram. This will enable you to make the most of two worlds:

  • The most popular social media platform having more than a billion active monthly users and
  • The world of internet on the whole.

You will be able to enhance the engagement with your customers by making your emails more exciting and appealing.

With better email engagement, which involves specific activities apart from social sharing and forwarding of a message, will also include a few other specific metrics such as:

  • The read rate
  • The click through rate
  • The effects of it and much more.

Remember, there are a few specific activities that are not considered as an engagement from the customer. For example a recipient opening an email after receiving and deleting it immediately is certainly not an act of any engagement from the customer.

Generating more email signups

Using Instagram in the most effective way you will be able to generate more signups for your email list and newsletters. These are two of the best assets of a business that will help it to grow.

  • The most unique and beneficial thing about email marketing which makes it so popular is that it will not be taken away from you due to advertising account ban or any changes in the Google Algorithm.
  • Another good thing about integrating Instagram with email marketing is that if you used Instagram only you may need to buy real Instagram likes for growing your follower but now you will not need it.

That is not all. You will also have access to a direct and open line of communication with your customers who want to buy from your as well as those new prospects who want to hear from you. This you will get no matter what is going on in the online marketing space.

According to research it is learnt that:

  • About 80% of all retail businesses are in favor of email marketing services believing that it is one of their biggest drivers of customers as well as helpers in their retention and
  • 59% of all business to business or B2B marketers admit that email is the most effective and productive revenue generation channel for them.

This indicates the importance of email even today. However, since people are looking for new things and diversification, such integration of the two is necessary.

Benefits of Instagram marketing platform

If you do it right, you will gain a lot from the integration of email and Instagram marketing. It is all due to the features and opportunities that this platform has on offer.

  • First, the tools and features will provide you with different reports, data, information and statistics of the different activities performed on this platform with your account. This will help you to make better analysis of the data as well as your marketing strategies.
  • Secondly, you will be able to auto comment and auto publish posts your posts using its feature. Since there will be no push notifications required, you can rest assured that the emails and the images of your niche will reach to the right customers in the right time.
  • Thirdly, you will also be able to use different features that will automate a lot of processes such as auto follow, and follow back that will help you to generate new leads and grow your Instagram account and your business. This will also help you to establish a better and more fruitful connection with your customers with both staying in constant touch.

You will also get other helps such as broadcasting your messages, delete a specific posts and even schedule a picture change in your profile.

Instagram marketing software tools

If you want to make the best of the Instagram platform where you will find most of the businesses today, you will need to select and shore the best visual content. This will make it easy for you to build a large number of following.
However, it is also very easy to lag behind your competitors if you do not post it at the right time. It is for this reason you will need to know some of the best tools that you will need to use for this purpose.

One such tool is Wishpond Hashtag Contest that will help you to increase the engagement level remarkably. You will be able to turn your social followers towards your site as well to increase the number of traffic.

Later is another tool that you should not go by its name! It will queue up the multiple posts pretty fast including captions. This will add to the visual content marketing efforts.

In addition to that, you can use other tools like Buffer, Enlight and others.

Personalize email account

The most significant benefit of using email with Instagram is that you can personalize your account as well as your mails. This will make it more effective. However, you will need to care for the risk factors because too much personalization can be harmful and encroaching into the privacy of the recipients.

One of the most significant risk factors is the cyber security concerns such as:

  • Phishing
  • Identity theft and other frauds

These risks will affect the relationship of the sender with the recipient which is the most significant element of email marketing.

Therefore, whether it is for product personalization or your email strategies and even your subject lines. However, if you are doing it right and integrate it with Instagram in the best possible way, there is no reason you will lag behind your competitors.

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