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Whether you create a blog for individual use or business, running a quality blog consistently is an essential requirement for website owners to make their profile more visible and improve SEO rankings. How to write blogs and what should be its length to ensure higher search rankings is a question that hounds website owners. There are some general guidelines about writing quality blogs like the topic should be relevant and exciting to the target audience; the writing style and presentation must be attractive and have elements that generate engagement. Above all, it must convey value to readers. However, there no such guideline about the length of blogs that can be effective in achieving the New York SEO goals.

In this article, we will explore the options to determine the ideal length of blogs, which will, of course, keep varying based on several factors like keyword set, audience, market, etc.

The relationship between Blog length and search engines

Although there is no defined maximum blog length, at the least, it must be of 300 words to enable search engines to include it in search results.  According to an SEO expert in New York, if blogs are less than 300 words, then search engines consider it as thin content not worth of indexing and hence discarded. Studies have revealed that search engines consider some minimum blog length while ascertaining their quality and worth and understand which articles are likely to convey more information to the audience and hence valuable to them. Shorter articles that are less than the minimum word count will be out of the ambit of search engines and therefore, not useful for SEO.

However, maintaining the minimum blog length allows it to qualify for consideration by search engines, but how well it can rank is another matter. If you analyze the top-ranking content from a search result page, you will find that the good ranking ones contain at least 1000 words, and the highest-ranking blogs are even longer. The social media sharing percentage of posts that are 1500 words is higher by 70% on Twitter and 25% on Facebook than posts that are of shorter length as revealed in research.  It means that the longer posts not only improve ranking but also create better engagement.

How to arrive at the right blog length?

Although long content helps in improving search rankings and social sharing, the question remains about the ideal length.  Long content signifies better quality, and when combined with other signals like social sharing and links, search engines are ready to give it its due. The right length of blogs can vary depending on the circumstances, and it will be a mistake to assume that the longer is the blog post better will be the ranking.

When writing blog posts, developing an understanding of the unique position of the company is as much important as the audience.  In addition to the New York SEO and keyword guidelines, to determine the right length of blog posts, you must try to find answers to a few questions.  But doing some research and meticulously monitoring the metrics are more effective ways to master SEO strategy that can point to the appropriate length of blog posts.

Now let us look at points to consider and determine the correct blog length.

For whom is the blog meant, and what is its purpose?

You must create content for humans and not for search engines and convey value to the audience for whom you create it. The audience becomes most important to determine the length of content and its type. If you are writing for the general public who may not have in-depth knowledge about the industry but are customers, then you must avoid writing too long articles that contain a lot of technical and esoteric information. They would rather be happy with a 1,000-word blog post that contains information useful for users of the products or services that helps them to move forward.

Again, if a blog post aims at an audience experienced on the topic, then there is no harm in being more specific and technical, which contains information that the audience finds valuable.

Cover the topic effectively

When writing a blog post for New York SEO, you must be true to the audience’s expectations and provide comprehensive information so that they feel satisfied. You must try to answer all possible questions related to the topic so that the audience gets the answers that they are looking for. Do not restrict your writing just for maintaining a certain length of the blog post but aim at satisfying the audience and if it means writing 2000 or 3000 words to meet the goal, then so be it.

You must cover the topic with precise control on word count without being verbose because if you feel 500 words would suffice, then there is no need to write 1500 words.

It is all about delivering the message

How precise and pin-pointed you are in answering questions and explaining topics contribute to the quality of blog posts and its length. Sometimes, short blurbs are more effective to touch the pulse of the audience and strike a chord with them instead of writing a few pages. Blurbs can appear in the featured snippets on the search page and draw more attention. Your hunt for the right length of blog post ultimately boils down to your ability to deliver the message in a clear, complete, and concise manner.

A good understanding of the audience is must to choose blog topics that influence the style of writing and the length of the article.  Stepping into the shoes of the audience will help to understand how much information to provide in the article and how to write it for satisfying them.

There is no fixed rule, but you must provide authentic information by avoiding short cuts and keep writing until you feel that there is nothing more to write on that topic. Writing blog posts take time, and you must maintain a steady pipeline of content to present fresh content.

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