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Sell deals, let your site visitors submit deals and make more money using this Deals - Directory add-on

Create a Deals section on your Directory powered website with this add-on which includes selling deals, front-end deal submissions, and much more…

With the Deals WordPress plugin you can create a fully functional deals site on top of our Directory platform. Along with selling your own deals, Adding the option for your users to also submit coupon deals is a fantastic way to earn you, even more, money.

Deals WordPress Plugin

Problem with starting a deals site

Creating a feature rich custom website for deals with payment gateway support and front-end deal submission would cost thousands of dollars and if you decide to list your deals on marketplaces like Groupon you end up paying a large amount of your earning to them as commission.

How we solve this problem?

With our Deals WordPress plugin you can create a feature rich deals website in literally – Minutes and it only costs you $49. On top of your Directory website you can install this plugin and you will be ready to go live with a deals section on your website.

You can easily add your deals and sell them but the USP of this plugin is you can also allow your visitors to submit their deals on your website and you can charge them for listing their deals and if you want you can also take commissions on each sale of their deals.

I think that deals websites will be around as long as there are a very large number of eCommerce players. – Ajeet Khurana, Ecommerce Expert.

Click here to see a Directory-powered deals website in action!

Different ways you can create value and also offer value to your customers using this plugin

  • By selling your discount coupon deals, these deals can be in four different types:
    • Custom link Deal: This allows you to mention a custom third party link where your buyer will be redirected to when he try to purchase the deal, this deal type is ideal for affiliate marketing.
    • Digital Product Deal: This allows you to upload your digital product when you submit your deal; your buyers can then download the digital product after purchasing it. It is ideal for selling digital products like eBooks, audio files, or even a WordPress theme :)
    • Coupon Email/Print Online: In this deal type you can add coupon codes for the deal, You have the option to add either a single coupon or multiple coupons. Multiple Coupons will allow you to add more than one coupon codes for the same deal. Your buyers can then download and print the coupon codes after purchasing the deal.
    • Coupon Email/Print Product: You can include shipping cost in this deal type so it will charge extra shipping cost to that purchased deal. Also, you have the option to set location of the deal, So when User is browsing a particular city it will show the deals which are listed in that city.
  • By charging your visitors when they submit deals on your website, they can also add deals of four different types explained above
  • You can take commission from the users who sell deals on your website, Once visitors, i.e. other sellers post their deals their job is done. The money made by selling those deals first goes to you. This is to avoid people getting scammed on your site.After receiving the money the admin must forward it to the sellers. Since this part isn’t tracked by the plugin you can use any method you want – even cash. Of course, before you pay out the sellers you can calculate and keep your pre-defined commission.
  • Add affiliate links on your website and earn referral commission from popular brands
  • You can also monetize your website through ad spaces, Considering deal sites tend to be high in traffic we recommend earning some extra money by selling ad space.

Add discount coupon deals to Directory or any of its child themes with a few clicks.

Let’s see what this plugin has to offer to different user groups

YOU – as an admin of the website

On your website with deals plugin, everything will revolve around you as an admin. You can add deals, moderate deals submitted by other sellers, you will receive payment for each and every deal sold from the website, manage the whole website.

  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginSubmit deal backend
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginList of transactions
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginTransaction detail
  • As an admin you can easily add your deals from backend
  • Can moderate deals submitted by other authors on your website
  • Have control over all the transactions of the website
  • Create different price packages to charge other deal sellers with different options
  • Setup and maintain the whole website

A Deal Seller

Front end deal submission allows you to attract third party deal sellers on your website, you can invite them to submit their deals. More sellers mean more deals and that will eventually lead to more traffic and customers on your website.

  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginSubmit deal page
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginTransaction report
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginSubmitted Deals
  • Deal sellers can submit new deals on the website
  • Can edit, delete, renew the deals they have submitted
  • Can earn money by selling their deals
  • Check transaction report of the deals they have sold

Site visitors can

Your site visitors are your customers, make sure that you offer the best deals to them in different areas like shopping, travel, food, fitness, events etc.

  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginHome page
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginCategory page
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginInner page
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginPurchased deals
  • WordPress Deal Coupon PluginPrint voucher
  • Your site visitors can browse and purchase listed deals on the website
  • Contact deal sellers if they have any queries about the deal
  • Recommend deals to their friends directly from the website
  • Share deals on their social media profiles
  • Can give their reviews and rating on deals
  • Can print the voucher of their purchased deals directly from the website
  • Can keep track of their purchased deals on their account

Other notable benefits of using this plugin on your Directory website

The Deals plugin for our Directory platform has other lots of benefits which help you run your deal website efficiently:

  • Set Start and end date and time for deals
  • Allow Deal submission with free or paid packages
  • Single or subscription submission packages
  • Custom link, digital product, email coupon or printable deals
  • Affiliate link deals
  • Dynamic day, hour, minutes and seconds countdown timer
  • Show regular and reduced price
  • Set Maximum and minimum number of purchases allowed for each deal
  • Customizable fields on deal submission form
  • Separate deal categories, packages
  • Deals advanced and simple search
  • Sell deals directly from your directory website

Click here to see a Directory-powered deals website in action!

Create the ultimate coupon deals directory

The Deals plugin has been designed to seamlessly integrate with any Directory powered website. This amazingly easy to use and powerful WordPress deals plugin will also work with all of Directory child themes. Save thousands of dollars and months of time in building a custom website and start your deals website with our Deals plugin for WordPress today.

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