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User filters for MailPoet

Differentiate all users for sending newsletter with User filters for MailPoet plugin

Quickly send emails and newsletters to specific members

User Filters is a totally free plugin that will allow you to better specify which users should receive the email or newsletter you are sending. It works on top of the popular MailPoet Newsletters plugin. Just like User Filters, MailPoet Newsletters is completely free and available for download from the WordPress plugins directory.

User filters for MailPoet - Mass Mailer Free Directory Theme Plugin

16 different user groups to differentiate all users

Most of the times it doesn’t make sense to send a newsletter to all the users as the thing you are sending can be irrelevant to them. For example, you are offering a discount coupon to add a listing in New York and you want to send a newsletter about it to your existing users but the discount coupon will be irrelevant for a user from London and you definitely don’t want to spam that user. So, we have created these user groups using which you can differentiate your users by different criteria like which city they belong to, whether they have active or expired subscriptions, etc.

Emails will be handled by the MailPoet Newsletters plugin

It is worth mentioning that all the stuff related to sending emails is handled by the MailPoet Newsletters plugin, our add-on will just add filters using which you can send the newsletter to a particular user group.

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