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Post classified ads and let your visitors to post their classified ads with our classified addon.

Use the Classifieds addon to create an extensive classifieds directory which includes classifieds management, instant search and custom filters, a unique front-end submission form for submitting classifieds, custom widgets and much more.

Click here to see the Classifieds add-on in action!

Create a classifieds portal

Similar how the Real Estate add-on allows you to transform Directory into a real estate portal, the Classifieds add-on will allow you to transform Directory into a craigslist-type of site. Installing the plugin will enable a new classified post type for better content management. This allows you to create classified-specific categories, price packages, custom fields and even whole submission forms. With the Classifieds add-on visitors can submit classifieds from the front-end.

Classifieds Directory Filters

Instant classifieds filters

Classified filters are available as a widget (T – Classified Filters) that you can use inside your category or search pages (simply insert the widget inside the sidebar). These filters will help visitors narrow down results in real time. In other words, the results will refresh as soon as the filter is initiated (without reloading the page). Filters inside the widget include Price, Location, Classifieds type, Price type and Classified status.

Filtering functionality can be extended with the List Filter add-on which allows custom fields to be included as filters inside the widget.

Simple and efficient detail & category pages

The classified detail page has been designed to showcase the content that’s the most vital in any classifieds directory; things like the item price, images, seller’s phone number and the contact form. Additional resources such as reviews are also available, but can be easily disabled from the back-end if you don’t need them. The detail page map can be displayed as either a tab or a sidebar widget. Both variants include Google directions to the location of the item.
Classifieds category pages come with a new sorting strip allowing you to quickly organize displayed classifieds either by price, date or title.

Classifieds Directory detail page

New classifieds widgets

Along with the Classified Filters widget mentioned above, installing the Classifieds add-on will add several new widgets to your site. These include:

  • Classified’s Seller Detail – displays information on the seller (classified author) on classified detail pages.
  • Popular Advertisements – showcase a carousel of your most popular classifieds
  • Similar Classifieds

Create an all-inclusive directory

The Classifieds add-on plugin is designed to works seamlessly with any existing Directory site. This allows you to manage listings, events, properties and now classifieds all on one site! Best thing about the Classifieds add on is that it can work totally independently. In other words, you can disable the “Tevolution – Directory” plugin and make your website focused exclusively on classifieds.
Classifieds add-on also comes with built-in support for all Directory child themes! If you already own a Directory child theme and want to use it with the Classifieds add-on, just install the latest version of the child theme and you’re ready to go.

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