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Dashboard Booster

Integrate google analytics in your admin area using Dashboard Booster addon plugin

Makes your life as an admin more easier with extremely useful dashboard analytics widgets

By installing this plugin you will introduce new widgets to your WordPress dashboard. Each of them will make monitoring transactions and analytics much easier on your website. Just like all other dashboard widgets, these can also be moved/positioned to your liking. Upon activation Dashboard Booster plugin will generate three new dashboard widgets:

  • Latest Transactions Report – generate reports for specific payment options (e.g. recurring payments), time frames (weekly, monthly, etc) and more.
  • Transaction Status – get a detailed overview of approved, pending and cancelled transactions for each post type.
  • Site Statistics – displays information about new visitors. The widget also connects with Google Analytics which will enable more data points.

Admin Dashboard Google Analytics

Set specific search results as an admin dashboard widget

Using the Admin Dashboard widget you’ll be able to save searches made in the Transactions section. For example you can have separate widgets that show the latest PayPal transactions or transactions for a specific package type (pay per post / pay per subscription). Create as many of these as you need.

admin dashboard report as widget

  • Speedup your decisions with all the needed transaction information right on your WordPress dashboard
  • Keep an eye on important transactions saving reports on your dashboard
  • Save daily, weekly, monthly and yearly custom transaction reports and get fresh data every time you log into your site.
  • Save as many reports as you need and decrease the chances of missing out any significant detail on your transaction reports
  • Generate each of your transaction report perfectly matching your criteria and get information that you really need

Analyse transaction reports with chart

Most of us prefer visual explanation to understand things faster. So, this feature gives you an accurate overview visually to take decisions accordingly.With two chart options pie -chart and column chart, it becomes easy to compare the negatives and positives of your transaction status. Green, orange and red colors for approved, pending and canceled transaction respectively give you an entire status idea instantly which saves your time too.

Google Analytics Admin Dashboard for WordPress

Google Analytics integration to track visitors on your website

This Tevolution based add-on helps you display all your needed transactions reports and site statistics on your dashboard along with the widget that shows how many people subscribed to your site including the past (yesterday) and current date (today) but still if you think that tracking your visitors even more minutely may help you take better decisions and grow business profits then we have taken care of that as well by providing you a compatibility with an awesome WordPress plugin Google Analytics. Some of the features that you will get with it are,

Admin Dashboard - Google analytics plugin

  • Option to display visitors by country on geo map
  • Traffic overview in pie charts
  • Google Analytics statistics on front-end at the end of each article… and much more.

Knowing every little thing about our site statistics and business really help us grow even more. Get this add-on and start planning better business strategies with all needed information right at your admin dashboard.