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Tabs Manager

Display custom fields of your choice as tab on detail page using Tabs Manager plugin

Show specific custom fields as tabs on listing detail page

Organize the content on your detail pages using tabs.

With Tabs Manager add-on for Directory you’ll be able to show custom fields of your choice as tabs on the listing detail page.

The label you set will be used as the tab name and the value visitors provide while submitting the listing will be used as content for the tab.

Directory Tabs Manager Add-on Plugin

Simple isn’t it? Actually it’s simpler, because..

Tabs Manager fully integrates with existing custom fields

The Tabs Manager plugin has the ability to utilize your existing custom fields and transform them into tabs on the detail page.

All you need to do is click on the appropriate option while editing the custom field and the field is ready to go. Field types that works best here are Text Editor and Text Area.