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How does potential business decides to get listed on your directory site?

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Are you aware of the steps it takes for a business to really consider getting listed on your directory site? What’s involved on their end, and on your end?

You might be spending a lot of time explaining the same things, over and over again to each prospect business – Why they should get listed on your directory site. I know I was. And I’ve been working with WordPress directory business owners consistently for 100+ days. So I decided to change things up a few months back and automated more than half of the process to get business from interested to listed with directory site for a monthly defined charge. Call me an experimenter. I’m never satisfied with how anything works, and am always trying to change things up to see if something else works better. Since I started working with Templatic I hadn’t done anything with how I on-board clients.

Here’s what it typically looked like:

  1. Client finds Templatic directory products through google or an affiliate marketing site linked to
  2. They click directory child themes and see directory demos.
  3. If they’re impressed, they make a purchase.
  4. Support team email them back and provide them answers to the queries related to marketing or installation/configuration.
  5. They launch the directory and put advertises even before they have generated any noticeable business listings.
  6. Now most users would get stuck in the trap of making the website look really really perfect instead they should apply a MVP formula here and focus on planning and marketing.
  7. Some figure it out and while others leave the boat.

That’s the flow of directory themes execution. When I wrote it out, it became obvious that I could improve and automatize a few things for betterment & to improve the success ratio of Directory as a Business. This would increase the efficiency and process of the directory product launch and paid business listings.

My new on-boarding process for WordPress Business Directory clients

On-boarding, a brief definition

On-boarding is a term from human resources for new hires, later taken by growth hackers and application developers to refer to taking on and orienting a new customer. The process is slightly different here and it is often broken into three parts: Free Sign-up, Generating value, and Start paying.

Free Sign-up – You were looking for a Directory theme and as you landed on Let’s say you found a business directory WordPress theme for absolutely free for two months and then you pay for it. How would you feel if that happens? Would you think to try it as much as you would think otherwise? It’s not possible in theme business so don’t ask for it :-). Your local businesses won’t think twice if you would approach them correctly and tell them you are going to market them for FREE. Unless he has decided to give up his business and go to forests for the rest of his life, he would jump at your offer of free listing.

Generating value is giving potential local businesses space and time on a directory to gain confidence about the value for what they just signed up for. Would you pay for some services/products for you are not sure about? You have to offer them a spot as a free listing for 30 days or 60 days. In this time frame, do execute content marketing plan (2-3 articles per week) for next 60 days, relevant content that would help you bring relevant organic traffic searching for services / products that your directory site that convert into potential business inquires to your business listings.

You will have to understand the business category that you are listing – if it’s automobile / Mechanic / Plumbing / Doctor (again surgeon or dentist) and accordingly check on Google Keyword research tool for keywords that are being used currently. Targeting these keywords in your article will help you land maximum visitors on the directory site and help you make a connection between visitors and businesses.

Start paying – you made a difference by generating those additional inquiries for their business in 60 days of free space. Let’s say a sale volume is $25 and you generated about 20 leads for him that transacted into $500 business / 2 months. He would be willing to keep the listing least for $30-$40/per month as you are already generating him business of $250 / month. I would pay? Would you if it would be you?

If it’s done right, automating an on-boarding process can save a bunch of time, but also strengthen the connection and commitment from the user side.

What I’ve found in the first few months of doing things this way, is that my initial fear that maybe people would put off by not actually considering directory as a real business and won’t find the efforts valid.

Every person I asked —“Did you enjoy the process? Were all completely happy that it was so quick, efficient, and felt really smooth.

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