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WordPress Themes for Coupon & Deals

Create a beautiful and feature-rich coupon website with one of our Coupons and Deals WordPress Themes.

The coupon and deals WordPress Themes are flexible and easy to use. You can use them to create your coupon website without any technical assistance.

Even if you have never used WordPress before, or created a website on your own, you can use these themes to create a professional-looking and functional WordPress website for daily deals and coupons.

Build a coupon website to show different types of coupons and deals

The WordPress Daily Deal Themes listed here are fully functional website templates for Coupons, Deals, Discounts, and promo codes.

Using these WordPress Daily Deal Themes is so simple. Follow the steps mentioned in the theme guide and install the theme with just a few clicks. Once your WordPress Daily Coupons & Deals Theme is installed, you can populate with sample data with another single click.

With the sample data installed on your WordPress theme for deals and exclusive coupons, your website will start appearing like the group buying WordPress theme demo. Now you follow the instructions in the theme guide and can edit this ready-to-go website and make it look and work the way you want.

A customization ready daily deals WordPress website

It is really easy to change how your deals, discounts, and coupons WordPress theme looks. Since these WordPress Deal themes are highly customizable, you can play with the options and settle for the appearance you want for your daily deals website.

These daily deals WordPress themes listed here comes with easy and intuitive options to change the color, fonts, background, etc. The options in the background are well-organized so as to avoid confusion.

You can make unlimited customizations to your WordPress Daily Deal Themes by choosing the pre-designed skins. Change the appearance of the homepage, by re-arranging widgets of these WordPress Daily Coupons & Deals Themes.

Besides, you get some ready-to-use page templates to choose from. Even when you want to create a new page, you can pick it up from the available page template options. So these WordPress Daily Coupons & Deals themes provide you with unlimited options to create a website of your choice.

Responsive and flexible deals theme design

Create a beautiful WordPress deals website, that performs well on mobile devices. These WordPress Daily Coupons & Deals themes are elegantly responsive.

The Mobile-friendliness of your website indirectly affects the visibility of your website because it makes your site more user-friendly. A website that is not mobile-friendly, is at loss because of high bounce rates through mobile devices.

Hence, all the Daily deal WordPress themes here are responsive and render well on mobile phones, laptops, tablets. They promise a lossless view regardless of the screen size and resolution. All the navigational links and menus work flawlessly.

So, even when a user visits your website using a mobile device, they will enjoy their visit.

Widget ready pages for a flexible design

The design of these Coupons and Deals WordPress Theme is flexible. So if you want to restructure the pages of your WordPress website, you can do so.

Because the pages of your WordPress Daily Deal templates are widget-ready. The content you see on the pages is nothing but the arrangements of different widgets. So to change the positions of your content blocks you can move these widgets in and out of the widget areas.

While the homepage of your daily deal site is widgetized, there are enough widget areas for the other pages too. You can create custom sidebars to show relevant content on your pages. Create unlimited custom sidebars as per your requirements.

Easy front-end deals submission and management

The WordPress Daily Deal Themes features a functional submission system for submitting coupons, deals, discounts, and promo codes on your website.

It serves as an essential element of your WordPress Daily Coupons & Deals Themes since it helps populate your website with the content your visitors are looking for.

So using this deals, discounts, and coupons WordPress theme, you have two ways of adding discount listings. You can either add the deals to your backend (dashboard) or through the front-end submission form.

You as an admin can submit the deals from your admin dashboard. But to enable your front-end visitors to submit their deals, the front-end submission form can be used.

As you can see on the homepage of the WordPress theme deals and exclusive coupons

group buying WordPress theme demos, there is a “submit deals” form. Using this form, your visitors can easily submit their deals.

User registration and management module

For user submissions on your WP Deal theme, you need a registration and user management module. So, the visitors on your website can only submit their deals on your site only after registration.

The Coupons and Deals WordPress Theme come with an inbuilt, easy-to-use, user management system. The registration process is automated. The users can key in their email address and an email will be sent to them.

As an admin of your website, you will be able to manage everything. Control the user’s access, add or delete users, manage the email templates to be sent to the registered users, etc.

Once registered, the users can choose from the available payment packages and submit their deals on your website.

Submit deals under different deal types

To keep your website organized, and to make it easy for your visitors to find the deals of their choice, you can create different deal categories.

Also, for the convenience of the end-users, the deals will be shown classified according to the type of deal. The deal categories can be anything like travel deals, spa and beauty salon deals, holiday packages, etc.

A front-end user who wants to submit his deal on your site can choose from the available categories. So the deal will be posted under the relevant category which will make it easier to be found by the interested visitors.

Ready to use the Deal submission form

All the WordPress Deal themes come with a ready-to-use Deals submission form, using this form, the front-end visitors can easily post the deals.

Clicking on the submit deal button will automatically lead the user to the Deal submission form. The registered users can automatically use this form to submit deals. The unregistered users can follow the quick and easy registration steps and proceed with deal submission.

Here, you can choose the type of deal, set the discounted rates, choose the starting and ending dates, etc. The deal owner can set a suitable title and even upload images, to make the deal page look attractive.

When all the details on the deals submission form are filled in, the deal owner can choose to preview the deal and see how exactly his deal will look on the WP Deals website.

As an admin, you can control if you want the submitted deals to be automatically live, or to be held for moderation. If you want to check the submitted deals before making them live, you can set the option to wait for admin approval to submitted deals.

Custom fields for your submission form

These coupons and deals website themes come with a ready-to-use submission form. So your front-end visitors can fill in the details for their deal and submit it to your website.

The ready-to-use submission form doesn’t mean that you cannot change it. The fields of the submission form can be edited. You can either add new fields, remove them, or change the existing ones.

And all of that can be done through easy, intuitive, and user-friendly options available at the backend of your website.

So you can start a coupon website and collect all the information you need about the deals on your site.

Easy to use WordPress Daily Deals, Group Buying, and Coupon Themes

One of the easiest ways to make money through your Coupons and deals website is by allowing front-end deals submission. The following modules of the WordPress Coupons and Deals theme contribute to a smooth front end submission system:

Flawless payment processing systems

Anyways, a website with online transactions requires a safe and secure payment processing method. For this, you need a website that supports different payment methods you can choose from.

These Deals and Coupon website templates allow you to integrate some of the best payment gateways to accept payments. You can provide your visitors with multiple payment methods they can choose from.

All these WordPress Deals and Coupons theme comes with PayPal integrated. So you can start collecting payments right away. Besides, there are other payment options like pre-bank transfer, and Cash on delivery.

In spite of the available options, you can integrate some of the best payment gateways like, 2CheckOut, etc. for payment processing on your deals website.


SEO friendly WordPress Coupons and Deal theme

One of the most important features you must look for, whenever looking for a WordPress theme, is its SEO friendliness. It is always important to choose a WordPress template that is designed following SEO friendliness.

All of the Templatic themes are developed with SEO standards in mind. So when you buy one of our WordPress Coupon deals themes, you can be assured that your deals website will be SEO friendly.

Moreover, to take care of the content you create and the pages you build, you can use popular WordPress SEO plugins like the All-In-One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO. Therefore, all the pages and all the content on your deals website can be SEO optimized.

Also, the design and placement of the elements on our Deals WordPress templates are arranged so as to improve user-friendliness and user-retention rate. So your visitors will spend more time on your website. All these factors directly or indirectly impact the visibility of your website and its ranking on the search engine.

Social media ready WordPress Coupon themes

Social media readiness of your WordPress Daily coupons and Deal themes is one of its best

What is better than being able to show off your sleek deals on Social media. Because Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc are a great way to reach large groups of people. These WordPress Daily deal themes are social media-friendly in the following two ways:

Social sharing options on the deal page

Check out the WP Deal theme demo and you will notice that there are a few sharing options on the deal detail page.

The Deal page, or the deal detail page, as we like to call it, shows all the details about a particular deal. Along with the information about the deal, its validity, and its benefits, there are some social sharing options.

The interested visitors can use these options to directly share your deal page to their social circles. With just one click, your visitors can become your promoters.

Social icons for your fans

If you are using your social accounts wisely, they can help you gain more visitors than any other promotional media.

So, in order to let your visitors easily find your social media profiles, you can allow them to find you through your website. The social sharing icons can be placed anywhere on your website using the widget. Ideally, such options work well in the footer.

WordPress Deals theme Documentation and support

To make sure that you are able to create and maintain your daily deals website on your own, we provide you with in-depth theme documentation and technical support.

The theme documentation includes the theme guide and access to other documentation that may help you with your website setup. It includes all the steps starting from theme installation to customization. It consists of detailed steps that you need to follow to set up your website using our Coupon WordPress theme.

However, if somehow the theme documentation doesn’t answer your question, you can ask for technical help. Send us a mail at [email protected] or use this contact form to ask your question. You can use the form mentioned above even for your pre-sales questions. Our support engineers will revert back, as quickly as they can, with a relevant solution/answer to your question.

Therefore, while using our WordPress Coupon Deal themes, help is just a click away.

And many more exciting features

Affiliate sales and promotions

Add affiliates you can showcase your products on their sites. You can keep track of the affiliate performance by observing the sales report. Everything that you want to control your affiliate module can be done so through the backend options.

Blogs on your coupon website

Blogs are important because they are the easiest way to communicate with your viewers and keep them updated. Blogs can help the visibility of your website with the right approach.

So these coupon WordPress themes come with an inbuilt blog section. So you can create the blog categories of your choice and start writing articles on your site.

The blogs support WordPress threaded comments to make them more interactive. Your visitors can leave their remarks through the comments on your website.

Google Adsense ready

Build a coupon website with more than one way to make money online. The WordPress daily deals themes come with advertisement widgets to show advertisement banners on your site.

The adverts can be simple advertising banners from sponsors or dynamic advertisements through services like Google AdSense.

All you need to do is place the widget in the required section and paste the code for displaying advertisements. The ad widgets are designed to blend into your coupon themes design.

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