5 Best Events websites and what they are doing right

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It Starting an events website and looking for some inspiration? Here are 5 beautiful event websites and what they are doing to keep themselves on top.

Creating an event website can be a lot of work – deciding the platform, planning on the type of event website you need, starting with the research and gradually moving towards website building.

Before you start, here are the top 5 event websites you should have a look at. So, spend a few minutes on each of these websites and observe the way they work, their design and the content.

Each of the below listed website, is built on a different concept. And regardless of what the intention of your event website is, they all have something or the other for you to learn from them.


If you have been searching for events website, or even events theme, you must have come across the name “EventsBrite” as it is one of the best in the niche.

EventBrite is an events portal to manage events, or what you can call an events directory – Where the events owner can promote their events, and the event goers can look for the upcoming events.

What they are doing right: Accessibility of the website is great. Registration and ticket selling features too. Their website features a lot of events under different categories. The home page is very intuitive and the placement of the homepage elements is really effective.

Do you want to create your own version of event portal? Learn how to create a website like eventbrite with WordPress.

Park West Chicago 

There are different types of event websites and this one is for a venue for events. The website provides information about Park West Event concert and special event facilities.

What they are doing right: Very unique page design with smooth navigation and intuitive screen elements. The dark themed website displays the event lists and ticket prices right at the home page.

This is Beyond

This is an event company’s website with a great design and all the information you need. It has a menu that is short and direct – “Who we are” & “What we do”. And that is all you need to know before you consult them for further information.

It is a small website and they’ve carefully not stuffed their website with a lot of information that might confuse the visitors. Not to mention, the video/text banner is brilliant.

What they are doing right: What is worth learning from thisisbeyond.com is the subtle way to deliver the message, without overloading the visitors with information they don’t care about. Besides, the design is brilliant, and so is the content.


one of the best events website

EventZilla, is an all-in-one event website. It helps people with event registration and ticketing tools. This website provides a cloud based service that helps event organizers to get in touch with a larger number of event goers.

Eventzilla helps with event registration and online ticket selling. It is a very economical solution for event organizers to promote their events. For the free events the platform offers free services, and for the paid events, it’s $1 for every registration.

What they are doing best: A central platform for the event organizers, a beautiful concept of an”online event management software”. Simple design.

Meaning Conference

This is a website for business conference and community meetup. There’s a full screen overlay menu for navigation to the details and a dark themes design.

The website has used different content forms to deliver different messages. Besides, there are videos, counters, and meaningful images to make sure the visitor understands their concepts easily.

What makes this website an eye-candy are the soft colors, the smooth animations and video header. It also features a subtle but effective (and sticky) call-to action “Meaning 2019 Tickets” right on the banner.

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