Designing a Logo for Your Website: Professional Vs Do it Yourself

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If you recently launched a new business, then one thing that you simply can’t afford to ignore is building a quality website. This is because we live in a world where everyone expects every business or organization to have some online presence, mainly a website. However, there are many businesses out there and each one has a beautiful website, mainly because building a website in just a few steps has become a reality. So, you need some quality branding on top of a unique website to stand out. An attractive logo can help you with that.

Importance of Logo for Your Website

There are many reasons to use a logo for your website. For starters, you want to stand out from the competition, and an attractive logo can make that easy. A logo will also help you tell others what your website and brand is all about. After all, it’s the best visual representation of your brand.

Now that you know the importance of having the right logo for your website, let’s take a look at your options on how to get it. 

1. Professional Graphic Designer/Design Agency

The classic way of getting a good logo is to simply reach out to a professional logo designer or a reputed digital design agency in your region. Someone who has experience in the domain will be able to understand your design requirements aptly and create the perfect logo for you. However, there is a catch- professional logo design services don’t come cheap. You can easily expect to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a logo designed from a professional. Also, you shouldn’t expect the final logo to be ready in just a few days. It can take as many as 1-2 weeks. So, this option is for you only if you have a good budget and the willingness to wait. 

2. Logo Design Contests

Logo design contests have become quite popular lately and if you are looking for multiple logo designs to choose from, then this is an ideal option. Here’s how it works- websites like 99Designs and DesignCrowd allow you to host logo design contests in which graphics designers of varying skillsets and experiences participate to win the cash prize. You usually get multiple packages to choose from and each one comes at a different price. If you choose an expensive package, then you can increase the cash prize amount which attracts even more designers that are available on the platform, and you also get additional benefits like the option to get the final design tweaked a few times, or guaranteed certain number of designs. 

Logo design contest websites are a great option for you if you want a wide range of logos to choose from. Some websites even offer personalized services in which you get to work with a professional on a one-to-one basis. However, the cost of hosting a contest on these websites is still quite high for many entrepreneurs. The average cost of a plan is around $300-500. So, if budget is a constraint for you, then you can consider the next option.

3. DIY Software

This may not be the best option to get a quality logo but this is the option that will make the most sense to the majority of entrepreneurs who want to brand their websites. There are all kinds of advanced logo maker apps worth checking out on the Internet today which you can use yourself to create great logos. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a background in using image editing apps to use these logo maker apps and platforms. They are easy-to-use, fast, and most importantly- really cheap! You can easily get a premium-quality logo with one such app for as little as $20! Just don’t get your hopes up and expect a design that has a personal touch and intricacies that are apparent in designs that are created manually by experts. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are multiple ways to create a fresh and original logo for your website. Your choice mainly depends on your requirements. However, whatever you choose, make sure that you don’t compromise with the logo design. Remember- it’s what that makes your website memorable and unique. Good luck!

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