17 Free WooCommerce Themes for WordPress 2024

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If you want to start with a free WooCommerce themes to create your ecommerce website, you are at right place. Here is a collection of some free themes that seamlessly support WooCommerce. They are free to download and easy to use.

The theme listed in this article can also be used to test WooCommerce. They are a great way to experience the functions of the WooCommerce platform. Some of these themes are the lite versions of themes. Meaning, there’s a paid version of the theme with better and advanced features. So, you can try the lite version and decide if you want to get the paid upgrade.

Anyhow, these themes are useful and you can easily create a simple, beautiful and feature-packed WooCommerce website that sells your shippable/downloadable products online.

Storebox WordPress theme

A spectacular eCommerce experience


Here’s the highly flexible eCommerce Website template that lets you create your eCommerce website of any kind.

The theme lets you create and tweak all the pages that you want. Also, the power of WooCommerce to make eCommerce management a breeze. What more, it takes only a few minutes to get started

Check out all the features now.

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E-Commerce – WordPress theme with WooCommerce compatibility

Ecommerce has a minimalist theme that is flexible and easy to use. It is a theme with clean design. It comes with basic customization options and features. This theme is recommended for you if you want to create amazing ecommerce website with very clean design.

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Boutique -WooCommerce Themes for WordPress

Boutique is a simple, elegant yet powerful ecommerce theme to create online shopping websites in 2024. It supports WooCommerce for seamless ecommerce facilities. This is a free child theme of the theme “Storefront”.

As the name suggests, this theme ideal for small stores as well as boutiques. So, with this theme you can start a little store online and sell your products easily.

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Shopper – The free WooCommerce theme

Shopper is a simple WooCommerce theme with elegant design and a beautiful slider on the home screen. The theme is great to take your shop online in 2024.

Shopper has custom designed product pages, a modern design and is responsive. It comes with pre-designed pages which makes creating your online ecommerce website even easier. If you want to start with a free and clean theme for your WordPress ecommerce site, you must consider this one.

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Market – WooCommerce WordPress theme

Market is a theme that is totally dedicated to the WooCommerce. The theme has a simplistic design and beautiful animations. The theme comes with amazing features and works well even if you don’t want to install and use WooCommerce.

Market is easy to use. With the help of WooCommerce you can create a full fledged ecommerce website that can sell anything.

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Woo Shop Lite – WordPress WooCommerce Template

WooShop lite is a free general purpose ecommerce theme that supports WooCommerce. You can use this theme to create a website of any subject. The theme is flexible and easy to use.

It is the lite version and if you want to include advanced features in your website, you can use the pro version of the theme. Apart from WooCommerce support, the theme comes with a well designed blog page. So, you can publish your news and notices.

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Virtue – free WordPress WooCommerce theme

Virtue is a free WordPress theme. It is feature rich, flexible and easy to customize. It has a clean and modern design.

This theme allows WooCommerce compatibility and lets you create a wonderful ecommerce shop. This theme also comes with portfolio pages to let you showcase your work. It comes with number of powerful options to manage your website.

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Klasik – free eCommerce WordPress theme

Klasik is a very simple theme that you can use as a base for your website in 2024. This theme is recommended for you if you want to work on the theme design as well as features. The theme is ideal for portfolios, corporate business websites and galleries.

With the WooCommerce compatibility, you can even sell online using this theme. It allows wide range of customizations and is SEO optimized too.

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Alpha Store – WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Alpha store is a free WooCommerce WordPress theme. You can use this theme to create an online shop of almost any subject.

The theme can be used to create a full-focused ecommerce website. It has all the features to create and manage an ecommerce website. It is free, beautifully designed as well as feature rich. This theme also supports WooCommerce addons like wish list, quick view and product compare.

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FreeStore – free WordPress WooCommerce theme

Free store is a theme for creating an online store. It is a multipurpose theme whose core feature is WooCommerce support for eCommerce features. The theme lets you use Site origin page builder for drag and drop page building.

With this theme you can create a simple, basic website or a feature packed eCommerce website. This theme is easy to use and flexible.

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Etrigan – MultiPurpose eCommerce WordPress template

Etrigan is a powerful and multipurpose theme built on the bootstrap framework. The theme comes with many features and options to create an amazing website.

This theme supports WooCommerce for ecommerce features. You can use this theme to create an ecommerce website of any topic. There are features to show the featured products and posts. It comes with customizable sidebars and utility based widgets.

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Kakina – Simple WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Kakina is a free WooCommerce theme that can be used for multiple purposes. It comes with plenty of utility based features as well as high end customization options. It has a clean, modern and stylish design.

Along with WooCommerce it also supports WooCommerce addons like product compare, quick view and wishlist. The theme is speed optimized and SEO friendly too.

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eStore – A WooCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore is a WooCommerce WordPress for creating eshop in 2024. It claims to be one of the most powerful ecommerce theme. The theme has a free version and a version with additional features that can be purchased.

Along with the WooCommerce, it also supports Yith WooCommerce wishlist. So, you can create a website that allows the customers to add the products to wishlist if they don’t wish to buy it then. The theme is also SEO and speed optimized.

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Square – WooCommerce based WP theme

Square is a feature rich and multipurpose free theme. You can also create amazing galleries using this theme. The theme allows you to create tabs. You can customize the theme to make it look the way you want.

With WooCommerce compatibility, you can create amazing online shopping websites. Square is SEO friendly and can be used for many purposes. You can use this theme to create online portfolios, corporate business websites, shops, photography or blog websites. It allows bbPress and BuddyPress theme.

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Retailer – WordPress theme for eCommerce websites

Retailer is an ecommerce theme . This theme is a child theme for the storefront theme. So, you will need to download the storefront theme first.

This theme allows all easy customizations using the customizer. It also comes with a reviewing system that allows the users to leave reviews for individual products.

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FashStore – WooCommerce theme for WordPress

FashStore is an ecommerce theme designed to let you create an online fashion store. This theme is a child theme of AccessPress store.

This theme lets you create online store for men’s, women’s or children’s clothing. It allows YouTube Video integration. There are features to display your featured products and posts. It is SEO optimized.

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MaxStore – Best WooCommerce WP Theme

MaxStore is a WooCommerce WordPress theme. With this theme you can create an ecommerce website of any subject. You can create a website for online fashion stores, home and kitchen appliances, electronics, etc.

It has some basic customization as well as setting options. You can use this theme if you want to create very basic ecommerce website that sells stuffs online.

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AccessPress Elegant eCommerce WP template

AccessPress store is a free WordPress theme that is designed to work seamlessly with WooCommerce. This theme allows you to create product slider, wishlists, featured products and much more.

It allows you to change the look of your website with the customizer. The theme has some free child themes too.

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This free WordPress WooCommerce themes guarantee to let you create a full functional ecommerce website, effortlessly. Visit the sales page to know about the theme you like. Download the one that appeals you the most. WordPress is free, and so are this themes and so is WooCommerce. So, your venture won’t need any investment and you might come up with a really amazing eshop.

If you have any question, query or suggestion, you can post a comment here. You opinions are values and we’ll love to hear from you!

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