WP Residence Review: Is It Good Or Bad?

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When creating a real estate directory, you need a theme that is feature packed yet very easy to manage. WP Residence is one of the themes with all the features you need for a real estate directory.

This theme can be used by agents, agencies and property brokers to create their online presence and advertise their properties with a Real estate directory.

It is a real estate theme with a professional design, and flexible features to create a complete, fully functional real estate websites.

Besides, there are many other important features that make this theme one of the best themes for your real estate websites.

WP Residence: Theme Introduction

WP Residence is one of the feature-packed WordPress real estate theme. It is one of the directory themes that lets you create a website with real estate listings.

Using the WP Residence WordPress theme, you can create a money-making property portal with location-based real estate listings.

Besides, you can even use this theme for creating a real estate agency website. or a website that combines the listings from everyone – a general user who wants to advertise and sell his house, developers, agents, or real estate agencies.

12 unique demo features

The WP Residence theme lets you choose from different demo designs. There are total 12 demos, each with unique traits and design variations while the features remain the same.

While some of the demos come with beautiful map banners, the other feature an image/video banner. All these demos come with a professional design.

Moreover, the theme is totally flexible, you can customize each of these demos as much as you want. There are different property templates, header options and footer options for your site.

Customization WP Residence

The WP Residence theme can be used by anyone. Even if you have never created a website before, you can use this theme to create a property portal.

It comes with intuitive customization options and the theme guide that explains how to use them. So using these options to make your real estate directory look and feel the way you want is possible without any technical expertise.

Elementor Page builder

The WP Residence theme allows you to design pages of your imagination by supporting the Elementor Page builder. This free page builder with the drag and drop elements makes it really easy to create pages with different structures.

So, you can easily create and manage pages on your real estate website. The Elementor page builder is one of the most popular and truly efficient page builders and using it is fun.

Full flexibility: 350+ Theme options to edit the theme

When you are not a WordPress expert, the options at the backend of your theme is the only way to control your website.

The WP residence theme comes with a well-organized options panel to hand you the total control of your site.

With these intuitive options, you can easily manage how your website looks and works. You don’t have to worry about how to use these options. The in-depth explanation in the theme guide will help you easily set these features using the dashboard options.

WP Residence features: Property Management

Since the theme is designed for property portals, it comes with plenty of property management options. When it comes to displaying real estate listings, and managing them, the WP Residence’s property management features are flawless.

The front end submission system

A property directory website needs a front end submission system for property submission by visitors. The WP Residence theme comes with a fully functional and feature-packed Front end submission system.

With the inbuilt features, you can allow users to register, submit their properties. Once published they can also edit the property listing from the user dashboard.

As the admin of your real estate portal, you can approve each property, or allow the theme to publish them automatically. You can even manage the fields of the property submission form using the available options.

Membership management

Create and manage different membership packages on your website. You can create different packages for different user types – users, agents, agencies, and developers.

For each membership package, you can define the number of listings, featured listing, number of property images, validity and for which user type to display.

Advanced search options

With maps, you can find the listing of your choice in the location of your choice. There are also advanced search features that make your real estate website more useful and convenient for your real estate.

You can set unlimited search fields for the advanced search option, including your custom fields. The advanced search features. There are Search widgets for Agents, Agencies, and Developers. There is also a feature for Radius search.

Header and footer options

The header is indeed one of the most important parts of a website. The header and the footer are the parts of a site that are accessible from all the pages of your site.

Therefore creating an effective header and footer for your website is an essential part of website building.

The WP residence theme comes with multiple design options for the header and the footer. Moreover, all these designs are fully flexible and can be customized easily.

Easy payments on your real estate website

When running an online directory with front end submission, you need an effective payment method. You may loose your chances if your site doesn’t support enough payment options.

WP Residence supports Stripe, PayPal or Wire Transfer for payment options as different payment methods.

Review systems

This theme is ideal for you if you want to create a property directory with a powerful review system. The inbuilt review system lets your users post reviews on the properties listed on your site.

This helps improve the user engagement on your property portal. It also makes it more interesting for other visitors on your site.

Geo Location based search

This feature of the WP Residence WordPress Real Estate theme makes it easy for your visitors to find listings that make sense to them.

Efficient search features add to the usability of your site, impresses your visitors with quick and dependable results. With the Geo Location feature, the visitors’ location is tracked and then they can easily find results near their location.

User Management: Profile and Roles

The WP Real estate theme supports different user types – Standard Users, Agent, Agency, and Developer. Therefore

The Users who register as Agents and Developers can add their own agents. Therefore, you can create a fully functional Properties portal with the WP Residence theme.

For different users, you can create different packages to select from. The users have useful dashboard options to manage their account as well as listings. Each user can edit his dashboard the profile info, add and view favorite listings and save and manage searches.

Included plugins

Creating and managing real estate websites takes in a lot of efforts. To make it easy for you to control the content structure of your site the theme supports the page builder by so bakery.

This drag and drop page builder allows you to easily create pages on your own. For more flexibility, it also supports the ultimate add ons for the page builder. Therefore without advanced knowledge of WordPress programming, you can create beautiful content.

It also supports the Revolution slider to let you create artistic slideshows and video banners.

Other features

  • Invoice systems
  • Currency options
  • Supports recurring payments
  • Add to favorites options
  • Floor plan support
  • Reviews support for Agent, Agency, and Developer
  • Full-screen map options
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Ajax filtering
  • Transparent Menu
  • Gutenberg blocks ready
  • Parallax options: On/Off
  • Speed optimization
  • Unlimited Property status
  • User types: Agency, Agents, Developers, and Users
  • Featured Agent, developer/agency, Property, Blog Post
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Social Media Links
  • Translated in 32 Languages including Arabic, Hebrew for RTL websites
  • Property comparison features
  • Instant messaging system
  • User Dashboard options: My Profile, Properties, Add Property, My Favorites, Saved Searches, Invoices, Add Floor Plan
  • Ready to use property submission form, Login, and Register forms

Documentation and Support

The WP Residence theme comes with all the intuitive options to customize your website. But moreover, the is the theme documentation to help you with instructions on how to use the different features and options of the theme.

The theme documentation helps you with the setup instructions, customization, and explains different features and how to enable/disable/setup your real estate website with the WP Residence Theme.

With the theme guide, you can easily tweak all the options of the theme. However, if you feel like the answer you are looking for is not available in the theme options, you can contact the theme support.

The support engineers are experts about the theme and will help you with their answers to your concerns. Therefore, if you have questions or doubts, the support will come to rescue.

They have a whole section for video tutorials which makes it even easier. All these support facilities make this theme perfect for non-technical people to create their websites.

WP Residence pricing

WP Residence is one of the most popular WordPress Real Estate themes. As of writing this, this theme has already sold  13,798 copies on Themeforest, since it’s launch in 2014.

You can get the WP Residence theme at $59. This price includes your theme zip file, free updates for the lifetime and 6 months of support.

For additional support, you can pay $18 and extend for 6 more months. Therefore, 1 year of support after purchase for an additional $18.

This WordPress theme for Real Estate website is loaded with tons of features and flexibility to create a money making online real estate directory theme.

A website with all those features included will cost multiple times the price of this theme. Moreover, when you want to add a new feature to a programmed website, you will need to hire a programmer.

When you use the WordPress based WP residence allows you to add new features just by including a new plugin.

A website made with WordPress is really very manageable and easy to use. Therefore, a real estate website created with WordPress is simpler to manage and affordable.

How to create a website with the WP Residence theme

The WP Residence theme is really easy to use. Even if you have never created a website before, you can easily use the theme options and create a beautiful real estate website in no time.

This real estate theme requires no technical knowledge to be used. Regardless of the type of website you want to create, you can follow the steps to get started and create a professional looking website easily.

1. Get domain and Hosting

To create your real estate website, you will need a hosting space and a domain name.

We recommend using BlueHost for both, host and domain name.

So you can go to their website and choose a domain name. Your domain name should be short, precise, easy to remember & unique.

Next, choose a hosting plan that fits your purpose. Here is a complete guide on how to choose hosting and domain name. 

2. Installing WP Residence & Customizing it

With the hosting and domain acquired, registered you can proceed to buy the WP Residence theme.

You can download the theme zip file to install the theme with the help of the theme documentation.

Rest assured, the process is easy and you won’t have to go through a complicated process to install and activate the theme.

Once the theme is installed and the sample data is imported, you will have a professionally designed and feature packed website.

All you need to do is to replace the sample data with your original content and customize the theme as per your requirements.

3. What are the customizations you will need at an initial level?

We will start with minor customizations to get started with your website. This is to make your website turn exactly how you want.

Changing the branding

You can change the branding of your website easily by replacing the logo and the site name. So that your website represents your business, you must change the colors and set backgrounds, fonts, and font colors, etc.

All these changes can be made without touching a line of code. This theme allows you easy customization through the backend options.

The menus on your website are the main means of navigation on your website. Therefore, you must first of all, focus on the menus of your website.

To create a menu, you can make a list of all the menu items you want to display on your website. Then arrange them in a hierarchical fashion.

With the available menu options, you can create menus easily and set them on your website.

Changing the images, setting categories, posts, and text

Next, you should replace the images on your WordPress website according to your niche. You can get free stock images from websites like Pixabay or Unsplash.

You should create categories for the real estate website. This helps an easy organization and makes it easy for your visitors to search through your listings.

Next, you can change the text of your website, and other design elements to match your niche.

With the available options, you can easily change anything you want about your website.

Manage the header and the footer

For real estate websites with different purposes, you will need different header styles. You can manage the header of your website, set a suitable menu and choose the advanced search widget.

For the footer, don’t forget to update footer credits, and place all the important links on the footer.

The content you place in the header or the footer plays an important role because these sections are common for each and every page.

Create other pages that you need for your website

WP Residence supports Elementor page builder to create pages on your site. This efficient page builder makes it easy to create and organize pages on your real estate website.

First of all, create a list of all the pages that you want to be published on your website.

Therefore, using the drag and drop options, ready to use templates and other features of the page builder, design your pages and publish them.

So you can easily create all the pages that you might want in your WordPress Real estate website. The drag and drop page builder lets you choose from the page building elements, and create beautiful designs, section by section.

Therefore, you can create all the pages you want in no time. Once your pages are ready, don’t forget to place their link in the menu or any other page so that your visitors can find them.

4. Starting your Real Estate Portal

With the steps mentioned above, you will have your real estate directory ready and running. Now is the time to start with

  1. Create categories and subcategories for your real estate listings
  2. Make sure the categories are highlighted properly on the homepage
  3. Check the custom fields on the submission page to make sure it includes all the fields you require.
  4. Also, create and edit the custom fields as needed
  5. If allowing front end submission
    1. Create pricing packages
    2. Make sure that the submit listing button is on the homepage and easily accessible
    3. Add some listings using the backend to populate the categories initially
    4. Check submitted listings before publishing them

These were the basic directory functions that need to be checked and properly set at the initial stage of starting a directory.

However, you should keep in mind that you won’t start getting traffic and submitted listings instantly, only proper promotion and maintenance will get you there.

5. Promoting and Maintaining your real estate website

The first struggle with your directory website is how to get the traffic.

Soon after starting directory, you will realize that you have to do something to gain visitors on your website.

There are different ways to promote your real estate websites. However, the ways to promote different websites are different based on your location, type of audience and of course, the niche of your site.

The two methods that work best at the initial stage is social media marketing and paid advertisements. Wisely choose the mediums of your

Next is optimizing your real estate website for search engines. This will help you achieve good search engine visibility and therefore, more exposure.

Good for you, the WP Residence is an SEO friendly theme and so it has its advantage.

However, make sure that you pay attention to every small detail that affects the SEO of your website. For example URLs, page titles, proper keyword optimization, etc.

WP Residence


The WP residence theme is ideal for anyone who wants to create super manageable, feature-packed real estate directory that can earn online.

If you are looking for a very simple them to just create an online presence for your real estate agent than WP residence is not the theme for you

Since the theme is really easy to use you don’t have to worry even if you have never created a website before. To create a website with this real estate directory theme you need absolutely no technical expertise.

Moreover, the bashing from the expert technical support as well as the theme guide should be enough to give you a confident start.

So if a money making, smart, online real estate directory is what you are looking for, you can buy the WP residence theme now.

Get the WP Residence theme

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