5 Types of Event Websites You Can Create With WordPress

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Seeking clarity before starting an events website? Well, there are different types of event websites based on their purpose and target audience.

You can reach easily and faster, when you know where exactly you want to go. This is why, before starting a venture – it is very important to understand what exactly you want to achieve.

So if you are preparing to launch an events website, are you sure what kind of website you are about to build. With clarity on what you want, it becomes easier to choose your resources, use them and put the efforts in the right direction.

For simply adding event listing feature on your website, you can use one of the event plugins, but to create event focused website, you will need to look for themes designed for that.

In this article, we will discuss the types of events website you can prepare, so that you can have an understanding of what you want and how to achieve it. It will also help you choose a proper theme for your events website.

Let’s get started…

  1. Singe Event website
  2. Event Directory/Event listing website
  3. An Event Management website
  4. Event organizer’s website
  5. Website for Event venue

Single Event website

So there’s a big event coming on and you want to create a website for it. In this case, you would want an events website, as a central resource book for the complete details of the event.

Such an event website can be single or a multi-page website. Ultimately, you can choose the number of pages on your website based on the details you want to show into your website.

Since the website is the center of all the resources, you can create an event website that does it all – Shows event details, provide information about venue, location details, have a registration or RSVP form, a small store for the event supplies like bands, etc, ticket buying facilities, and more.

A single event website is generally published by event organizers to promote their events. They may have events in addition to other features too.

For example: An eCommerce website with Event supplies, A corporate website with separate events section, etc.

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An Event Directory/Event listing website

This one is the most common type of events website. An event directory or an event portal is a location based event website not for just one event, but to host multiple event listings, typically under different categories.

These event directories are just like the other web directories that have listing under different categories like places, classified advertisements, jobs, etc. An Event listing directory can be owned and managed by anyone who wants to make money online.

An event portal typically comes with a front end event submission system where the event organizers can post their events by using an event submission form. The submission on such website can be free or paid.

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Learn how to create an events website with WordPress. Here’s the indepth guide to setup your events directory and start making money through it.

Event Management website

Is similar to a single event website. The difference is in details. While a single event website or an event landing page is typically built to promote an event, the event management website is more detailed.

A single event website/event landing page focuses on different event management tasks such as reports on event budget management, team collaboration, information about sponsors/partners, registration, ticket selling, refunds, etc.

This type of website is setup for promoting the event as well as to help the management through the same site. In simpler words, event management website is nothing but a detailed event landing page/promotional website for events.

An Event organizer’s website

Event organizers can maintain their own website to advertise all their events at one place. To create such a website, they can use one of the event directory themes or a multi-event listing website.

The event organizers website is similar to the directory websites, where different events are included. However, such websites are owned and managed by the event organizers and is a kind-of business website with event listings.

If you want to build an event organizer’s website – you can start with one of these Event directory themes. Most of these themes come with easy page building options through which you can create different pages to promote your services as an event organizer.

Besides the pages that tells your visitors about your business, you can have event listings to tell people about the different events you are organizing and managing.

Website for Event venue

As the name suggests, these are websites to promote the event venues to let. These can be stadiums, outdoor venues, hotels, conference halls, etc.

You can create a website to let the people know about your event venue and related services. Specifically, the structure of the event venue, the number of people it can accommodate, security services, food and other hospitality services, etc.

It can be a simple website with multiple or single page that describes the venue. Such a website should also include a contact form and other contact details for the interested organizers to contact you. Or it can be a website that also allows online booking for the venue. You can decide whatever you want for your website.

What will be your event website about?

You can have an event website built for one of the above mentioned reasons, or a combination or one or more. For example: An event organizers’ directory can be turned into a general event directory with paid online submissions.

Or you can create an event landing page, and than start a small eCommerce store along with it. The combinations can be many.

Ultimately, you can decide what you want to draw your visitor’s attention to and how you want to use the traction. This article here, intends to help you see all the things you can do with an event website.

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