WooCommerce bookings review – How good it is to create WordPress booking systems?

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When it comes to eCommerce, WooCommerce is the best WordPress plugin. There are many add-ons that you can use to include various features into your website. For instance, you can create an online booking website by including “WooCommerce bookings” add-on into your website.

If you try to create an online booking website by coding it, it would take days, if not weeks or months. Because, along with booking, there are many other co-related features that you need to take care of. To create an automated and full-proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time on curating your code and testing the system for different scenarios.

However, thanks to CMS’ like WordPress and the efficient plugins like WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings. Creating feature rich WordPress sites is now NOT a domain limited to the programmers and web technicians.

To create an automated and full-proof booking system, you’ll have to spend more time on curating your code and testing the system for different scenarios. However, thanks to CMSs’ like WordPress and the efficient plugins like WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings.

With WordPress and WooCommerce you can create full-fledged, self-managing and feature rich online booking systems, all by yourselves. Click here to check out the must-have features for your online booking system.

Generally, you can use WooCommerce bookings for

  • Online Bookings
  • Appointment booking
  • Table reservations

But, with your creativity and ideas, you can use the options provided by WooCommerce bookings for almost anything. The plugin allows you all the flexibility to create and manage online bookings. Further in this article, we are going to discuss the features that make us recommend WooCommerce Bookings for your online booking engine.

Perks of using WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce bookings is one of the most efficient plugins for creating Online WordPress booking systems. The plugin comes loaded with features and flexibility that lets you have full control on how you want to sell bookings. You can also create custom booking and pricing range (More on this in the later sections) when you want to manage availability and pricing for a certain time period during the year.

The following are the best features of WooCommerce bookings that make it the best alternative for creating your online booking systems.

Works with WooCommerce

WooCommerce being the best, free and eCommerce plugin, is everyone’s favorite. If you want to have the features and advantages of WooCommerce with your booking website, the best option you have is using WooCommerce Bookings.

WooCommerce is simple, feature-rich, flexible and very easy to use. All these features are inherited by WooCommerce bookings too.

When you have this plugin installed in your website, you can still add products just like you do with WooCommerce (simply, Products ⇒ Add new). While you set the product details, you will see an additional option that appears after you activate WooCommerce bookings. Select “Bookable product” and then just create the bookable blocks, set the availability and the costs.

So, creating and adding products with WooCommerce Bookings is really easy.

Set the price per block, tax, discount for date ranges

WooCommerce bookings let you create completely automated online booking engines. You simply need to create the bookable block by specifying its time limit and the per block cost. The price on the front end will be calculated automatically based on the selection of the users.

For instance – If the bookable block is of one day each, with a price of $200, and the user chooses to book 12 such blocks, then the price will be automatically calculated as $24oo. You can even set tax rates to be calculated on each sales or discounts.

Unlike the old systems where you had to spend most of the time managing the bookings that you receive online, WooCommerce bookings lets you create a self-manged online booking system. You can just key in the price, taxes, discounts, etc and it will all be applied to the related dates and the payable price will be calculated accordingly.

Here’s a complete guide on how to create bookable products with WooCommerce bookings. 

Flexibility for creating bookable blocks

WooCommerce bookings price

WooCommerce means flexibility. With WooCommerce bookings, you can define if you want the visitors to determine the duration of a bookable block, or you can set a fixed bookable block that the customer can book. For instance – you can create a fixed bookable block of 2 hours for a spa treatment appointment. Or you can let the customer decide how many blocks of 1 day he wants to book for your hotel room.

You can also specify the length of each bookable block in terms of hours, days, weeks or years. This is how WooCommerce bookings ensure that you can create bookable blocks for appointments (in hours) or bookable block for hotels (days and weeks) or for villa rentals (months), etc. Check this article on what you can create with WooCommerce bookings.

This helps you to create booking website of almost any subject. For instance, by creating bookable block of an hour or two, you can easily create an appointment booking system with WooCommerce bookings.

Choose the maximum number of bookings for a specific time slot

You can define what number of bookings are possible for a fixed time block. For example, you have 10 deluxe rooms in your hotel. So you can allow 10 bookings for that hotel room. When the 11th customer tries to book a deluxe room, he won’t be allowed unless he chooses a vacant time slot.

This feature is very beneficial because it avoids overbooking. If you don’t want to allow multiple bookings for a bookable block, you can simply set 1 as the maximum number of bookings.

Custom range for bookings

If you want to have a number of days in a year where you don’t want to allow booking, you can use the range settings. You can just add range and then select the start date and the end date and then set the criteria for that date range. This is very useful if you want the bookings to be disallowed for a specific time period.

For instance, You want to disallow bookings for your hotel from Jan 15 to Feb 10 this year for renovation and maintenance work. So all you need to do is create a range with start date Jan 15, 2017 and Feb 10, 2017 and set “allow bookings” as “No”. This will make the dates unavailable for booking.

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Fully automated bookings

There is a variety of WordPress hotel booking themes you can choose from, that allow the visitors to book online . Some of the booking websites need admin intervention for booking confirmation. This kind of system may prove to be inefficient when there are a large number of rooms and booking processing. When the user specifies his requirements, dates, number of persons, etc., a booking request is sent. It important to note that the users can just send a booking request and then wait for the response from the admin.

WooCommerce Bookings is different. You don’t necessarily require a WordPress hotel booking theme for it. You can just grab a WooCommerce compatible theme, and create your booking website.  The user can directly check if there is a bookable slot for his dates. If it is available, he can pay online and get the booking confirmation in real-time. Such systems are more efficient, not only for the visitors to make a booking, but also for the admin. If you are an admin to such website, there’s no need to check on for requests. WooCommerce bookings allow you to create a self-managing online booking system.

Custom price range

Just like WooCommerce bookings allows you to set custom availability, you can also set custom pricing. What if you want to hike the price during a specific time of the year, or what if you want to sell bookings at a discounted price for a week or so?

WooCommerce lets you manage this very gracefully. You just have to select the date range, and then set the price for those dates. For instance – You want to allow the visitors to book rooms at your hotel for 20% off during Christmas. So you can create a range with the start date and end date, and then set the special price for that duration.

The following example shows how you can sell bookings at half the base price within a pre-determined period of time.

The price

WooCommerce bookings priceWooCommerce bookings is a premium plugin that is available at a $249 with a year of free support and updates. The plugin is short and sweet. A year of free support is enough to understand this plugin and get familiar with its aspects. WooCommerce bookings is a simple plugin that allows you to create booking features with utmost ease. The plugin, is in fact, worth the price you pay. It’s a price that you pay for a fully automated and manageable online booking system, so totally worth it!!

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Passes the test?

Yes and with the best grades. It does exactly what it is designed to do. The ease of use is the cherry on the cake. It is flexible and gracefully lets you create almost any kind of online booking engine. Even if you are a non-techie and not very experienced WordPress user, WooCommerce and WooCommerce bookings are easy to learn. Moreover, WooCommerce bookings is a premium WooCommerce add-on – safe, efficient and supported. If, while using WooCommerce bookings, you are confused or feel like asking for help, you can contact the support team and get the expert’s advice for your query.

So yes, we highly recommend WooCommerce bookings for your online booking systems.

Get WooCommerce Bookings.

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