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Divi Builder Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

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Making elegant WordPress websites with no time is easier than ever. Thanks to all the WordPress page builders that make website building a matter of drag and drop. Here, we’ll talk about one of the popular website building tools from Elegant themes – i.e the Divi builder.

The Divi builder came into the picture after the massive success of their “Divi WordPress Theme”. Of course, the theme has a great design, but what makes it one of the best WordPress themes, is it’s drag and drop page editor. The theme empowers you with endless possibilities and ease of use.

So, all those options and the power of the drag and drop editor are now available as the Divi builder plugin so that you can use it with any theme of your choice.

The Divi builder plugin helps you create your website faster and easier. It saves time and efforts with all the flexible modules and options.

  1. Drag and drop page building
  2. Works with any theme
  3. Control the complete design of your website
  4. Pre-made page layouts
  5. 46 content modules
  6. Divi library – Save and reuse your content modules
  7. Managing roles with Divi builder
  8. Flexible and customizable
  9. Who should use the Divi builder?
  10. Divi Builder price

Drag and drop page building

This is indeed the main feature of the Divi builder. You don’t have to be technically skilled to use this plugin. Anyone with little to no technical know-how can integrate this plugin into their WordPress website and create pages of their choice.

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It lets you control the total design and content arrangement of your website with an intuitive frontend interface. Without tweaking (or even knowing) a line of code.

That’s what the Divi builder is meant for, to make the task of website building easier. Even for those who’ve never tried their hand on website making, the Divi builder works magic. No need to struggle with dashboard options. Add the modules, copy/paste them, edit them, all on the front end. So, what you see is what you get!

Divi builder’s functionality was already existent in the Divi theme which is their flagship product. The Divi theme is best known for its drag and drop controls.

Works with any theme

As mentioned earlier, the functionality of the Divi builder plugin was already existent with the Divi WordPress theme. With the Divi builder plugin, they’re basically extending these feature’s usability to other themes too.

Divi builder, like any other page builder, is designed to let you create professional web designs with drag and drop options, and it works with any theme of your choice.

While the power of the Divi Theme’s drag and drop editor could be used with the theme, the Divi builder lets you use those features with other themes too.

Allows you to control every minor detail

As promised, the Divi builder does allow you to take the total control of how your website looks. And one thing that I like about Divi builder is how it lets you manage the minor details about each of your page element.

You can add any element by just clicking the little plus sign. You can add a new row, choose the layout of it and then insert the required content modules to it.

The best thing about such editors is that you can work right on the front end. No need to navigate back and forth from your dashboard to the frontend and vice versa. So, you can directly click on the part of the website you want to change, and start changing it.

If you are using some pre-built module like a text box, or an image uploader, there are options for them too. If you want to manage fonts, there are options for that too.

If you are writing a text paragraph, then you have all the options to format the text, right at the front end. Also, If you insert an image, you can upload it instantly using the options, also resize and format it at the same time.

So, the Divi builder, lets you control every small and big detail of your page, starting from the spacing and padding management, to the text and image upload, using easy intuitive option at the front end.

30 premade layouts and counting…

You have the pre-designed and fully functional landing page layouts to choose from.

This is one of the features that are available with mostly all the premium page builder plugins. The premade layouts are niche specific but they can be used for any purpose of your choice. They are basically landing page designs where each and every element is customizable.

So you can edit it and make it work as per your needs. This too, helps you accelerate your website building process.

46 Divi builder Modules

The Divi builder drag and drop editor comes with reusable content modules. So you can just drag and drop them to the content space where you want it.

Moreover, each of these modules is thoroughly customizable. It comes with all the option you need to make it look and work the way you want.

Possibilities are endless when you are using Divi builder plugin. You can use these content modules, with different configurations to present different content on your website.

The Divi builder can be used with any theme. So, with the customization options, you can make these modules fit your theme design. And you can use these content modules anywhere on the page. Arrange these content modules as per your requirements and create all the pages that you want.

These 46 content modules, includes all the most used elements of a website like buttons, slider, images/videos, text, call to actions, etc.

Divi library to save your modules and Layouts

Along with flexibility, the Divi builder allows you portability and reusability.

Reusability through the library features Portability through the import-export feature.

With this feature you can edit the modules, save them at the Divi library, and reuse them as and when required.

Moreover, you can even export and later import the modules from the library. And as the Divi builder can be used on any number of site, you can take the saved module from one site and upload it to another.

You’ll thank Divi library when you want a module with the same design, with different content on the different part/pages of your site.

Here, all you need to do is to choose a module, customize it to fit your theme’s design, and save it. And then you can use this saved modules wherever and as many times as you need it.

Managing Roles with Divi

Divi builder comes with a role manager to let you manage the roles of the users. This is the way you can manage who can access and edit what part using the Divi builder.

Flexible and customizable

There are enough customization options available with the Divi builder plugin to let you customize each and every element on the screen.

The settings section comes with options to manage almost everything within your site.

If you know how to play with the CSS codes, you can redesign your modules with custom CSS. Just write in your CSS code and it will override the actual CSS code.

With all the builder modules being customizable, there are endless possibilities of the designs you can create. Try different setting and combination of the modules, and create any page you want.

If you are confused on choosing from among two different variations of a module, The Divi builder gives you the chance to compare them. This makes it easy for you to select the better option.

Who should use the Divi builder

Divi is best for the website building and web design agencies or freelancers who are short of time. This plugin enables you to create website faster, with minimal efforts.

It can prove to be very helpful for the freelancer or web designers looking to accelerate their website building process. Especially when there are loads of projects to be completed within the time constraint, the reusability and portability of Divi modules can be really useful.

The Divi page builder can also be a great help for the DIY website makers, who want to create their website on their own. They won’t need to hire programmers and web designers to get their website created. Because sometimes it is difficult to explain your needs to the professionals or to find professionals who would create a website for you as per your requirements.

And therefore, using WordPress with the Divi builder enables anyone to create their own website. The Divi builder, in fact, can be used by anyone.

Divi builder pricing

Most of the WordPress drag and drop page builder come as a free trial version (with limited basic features) and a paid pro version (with advanced features) model. However, that is not the case with the Divi builder.

The Divi builder is a premium plugin with clear pricing option. There’s no free version you can use for the trial. Also, even though the Divi builder is now available as a separate plugin, you can only buy it as a bundle.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal.


Because you get a yearly access to Divi builder, all the beautiful themes from Elegant Themes, and all their plugins. Which indeed is a very good deal.

Especially if you compare this price to the pricing of other premium page builders like the Beaver builder or Visual composer, the pricing for Divi builder is a better deal.

The pricing for Beaver builder premium ranges from $99 to $399 while that of Visual builder starts at $34 to $170.

The advantage of signing up for Divi builder is that amongst the theme you get access to, is the Divi theme, which is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress themes.


Divi builder is obviously one of the best drag and drop page building tools you can use with WordPress. At an affordable price, the Divi builder has all the features and functionalities that can help you to create amazing websites in no time.

If you are trying to create your own website on your own for a while, you should try Divi builder. It is easy to use and comes with all the intuitive options to create your website without writing a line of code.

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3 thoughts on “Divi Builder Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

  1. I just love DIVI theme as a newbie in web designing it made my life really easy and yeah there are some problems with DIVI like sometimes it acts kind of strange but overall i think it is awesome there are different modules for different things like contact form module and so on and plus i don’t have to do coding. I’ve been using DIVI theme for 3-4 months and in these months i’ve made a like 3-4 websites which are all doing quite fine.
    So a big thanks To DIVI.

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