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Directory theme, the only directory solution you will ever need

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Out of the blue, here we come with our most exciting product yet!

After months and months of work, team Templatic is excited to introduce Directory – the only directory solution you will ever need. Over the years, we have released some unique themes for different niches, and we started this unique concept of themes that help you create a money making site, also allowing your visitors to submit content on your site. Thanks to you, these ideas were well received and rewarded.

Directory is not just an awesome product, it’s an awesome product with a future! As time goes by we plan on making this theme the go-to product at Templatic and focus as many resources to it as possible. If you are a website owner looking to create a directory site these days, you are definitely in luck.

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Create the ultimate events portal. Meet Events v2!

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events wordpress theme

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Events, one of our most popular theme continues to dazzle both new and existing members. We decided it was time to include some of the features you have asked for the most during these past months. Existing Events users are probably now thinking “Does it have recurring events, does it have recurring events?” Wait for a moment. Let’s take a quick tour on what’s new and find your answer.
This upgrade has been in development for several weeks during which dozens of new features were added so it’s quite possible we’ll leave some of them out (from this blog post). Head over to events theme sales page to learn more about this upgrade.

Make More Money with Your Events Theme

Recurring events, Subscription packages & PayPal Pro

  • While submitting a new event you’ll be presented with an option to select a regular or recurring event.
  • With price packages you will be able to monetize your events site in ways that simply weren’t possible earlier. Price packages in Events v2 also feature a subscription based option meaning you don’t have to charge for each submission individually. For more on how these features work be sure to watch the video overview available on this page.
  • PayPal Pro is available as one of the payment options in Events

Front End upgrades

  • Yup, it’s responsive! Events v2 is designed to look good on all devices, no matter the screen size!
  • In case of recurring event, it’s future dates are also shown on the events detail page.
  • Your event visitors can now RSVP for the particular event.
  • Own an event? You can now Claim event ownership from the events detail page.
  • Map page template is added wherein you can show all the events on your site on a single map. Cool ha?
  • On events listing page, a new tab is added that will show “Current” events.

Custom fields and Advanced search 

  • Easily edit all fields seen in the Submit Event form
  • All existing and new fields can be shown on the event detail and listing page!
  • Using “User profile fields” section you will be able to customize your Registration form
  • Custom build your advanced search (available as a page template)

As usual, all Events V1 users can upgrade to Events V2 absolutely free!

Better security

  • Anti-spam security on every form!
  • Two anti-spam solutions provided: WP-reCAPTCHA and PlayThru
  • Supports user permission plugin (link)

Facebook everywhere

  • Let your users login with Facebook. Feature enabled by Social Login plugin
  • Users can now leave Facebook comments on your events using the following plugin
  • Stream Facebook events directly to your theme using Facebook Events page template. See the template in action on the demo site
  • Events streaming functionality is available inside user dashboard as well. Every user can connect their profile to their Facebook page and stream events

Video Overview

Watch the video below to see Events v2 in action and also to learn more about features mentioned here as well as those that we might have skipped in this blog post.

This list could go on but we’ll stop here and let you explore the theme further.

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Want to help us spread the word? Just click on Facebook or Twitter below and let the world know about Events v2!

Improve your real estate website with Real Estate 2

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This April has been all about real estate themes. Two weeks ago we released Realtr, a fresh new take on the real estate market with awesome looks and even better features. Today we’re releasing a big upgrade for Real Estate, our first real estate theme.

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People that liked original Real Estate design will be extremely happy to know that design has stayed pretty much the same in Real Estate 2. Our development team focused exclusively on the back-end. This enabled them to include awesome features like…

Real Estate Theme for WordPress

Category listings with a twist

Category listing pages have a nifty little switcher that when pressed changes the listing view. The best part here is that it contains a Map view so your visitors can easily see where are those properties located. Real Estate 2 also comes with an all-new page template for showing your properties on a Google Map. There is a special section in theme options for managing this map. You can choose whether to show all listings or set a fixed scaling factor (zoom), among other things.

Custom fields | Custom search

With custom fields you’re given the tools to quickly and painlessly populate your property submission form with new input fields. What’s more, every custom field you create can be auto-magically included in the homepage search form. Existing fields inside the form are also listed in the back-end so you can disable or edit them at any time. To see how easy it is to change an existing field watch the overview video below.

Price packages

Unlike the original Real Estate theme that allowed you to create only two different payment plans now you can create as many as the heart desires. On top of that price packages enable you to create category-specific and even recurring payment options.

Other improvements/features inside Real Estate 2:

  • Custom post type for properties
  • Five unique skins
  • Bulk Upload and Export for both posts and properties
  • Sleek back-end with tons of new options
  • User profile fields
  • IDX/MLS compatibility using dsIDXpress plugin

Existing Real Estate users can get Real Estate 2 completely free! Just login to member area and download the theme

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Video Overview

Are you an existing Real Estate user, are these the things you wanted to see in this upgrade?

Conquer the real estate market with Realtr WordPress theme

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Few weeks ago we teased a new real estate theme with a completely revamped design and functionality. That mythical theme is completed and ready for you to dive in. This new gem is called Realtr and it is THE best real estate WordPress theme out there.

Realtr WordPress Theme

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Members using our RealEstate theme will be delighted to hear that virtually every RealEstate feature has seen an improvement with Realtr. How does this translate to the real world? Read on…

Get rich using price packages

With the new price packages feature you now have complete control over the services you offer to visitors. Unlike in RealEstate where you could only setup two different price types now you’re not only given an option to create an unlimited number of price packages, but also the freedom to set them up how you want it. Category-specific price package? Recurring price package? All that is now possible!

Realtr Theme for WordPress

Custom fields at their finest

Creating custom fields before meant editing the code but that won’t be the case with Realtr! Realtr comes with an advanced custom fields management system that will enable anyone to create a new field within seconds. Custom fields in Realtr provide you with tools to create your own search! Every custom field you create can be included in the search widget on the homepage. You can see a glimpse of this in the video overview below.

Show all properties using Google Maps

Category listing pages have a nifty little switcher that when pressed changes the listing view. The best part here is that it contains a Map view so your visitors can easily see where are those properties located. Realtr also comes with an all-new page template for showing your properties on a Google Map. There is a special section in theme options for managing this map. You can choose whether to show all listings or set a fixed scaling factor (zoom), among other things.

Better content management

With Realtr we are continuing the trend of implementing custom taxonomies and post types when appropriate. In Realtr you’ll have a special post type for your blog post and properties. This will also enable you to create better custom menus since you can easily include property categories and even individual properties in your custom menu.

Property tags that make all the difference

In order to further differentiate one listing from another Realtr introduces property tags. These tags can be created in theme back-end and work in different ways. You can use the tags to mark the most popular listings or you can use them to highlight listings that you believe deserve the most attention. They are also a great tool to emphasize specific discounts or promotions.

Yes, it’s responsive

Realtr is our first responsive real estate theme and we’re extremely proud of it. You might be thinking, what about maps? Maps are responsive as well! Open the demo site on your tablet or mobile phone and see how the theme looks on other browser and devices.

Plethora of other features

  • Get unique information from your users with user profile fields
  • Customize all emails and messages that are sent or displayed by the theme
  • Set prices for each of your categories as well as category icons (for the Google Map)
  • Number of built-in payment gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout and 2CO
  • Track all purchases using transaction reports available from the theme back-end
  • Create promotions and various offers using the built-in coupon module
  • IDX/MLS integration
  • Already have a lot of content in csv format? Upload it using the Bulk Upload feature!
  • Enable Facebook connect with WP-FacebookConnect plugin
  • Specify how rent will be charged (day/month/year)

View Live Demo or Test Drive and Purchase this theme

Video Overview

Best ever theme for real estate is coming up

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Realtr has been released! Learn more about the theme in this blog post

theme for real estate

The title says it all. Two years back we released theme for Real Estate – one of the best real estate themes for WordPress. As part of our upgrade process of existing themes, Real Estate theme is getting a face lift this month. That means custom fields, custom post type for properties, custom user fields – the whole shabang!

But this post isn’t about Real Estate theme, oh no, we’re working on another real estate gem! Above is the teaser to what’s coming but the real beauty is in the back end. Plus, there are lots of new things which is not previewed here at all.

Watch out this blog for further announcement on this. For even more info about these two themes make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter. This is going to be interesting :)

GeoPlaces v4 – create an even better city guide with WordPress

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It’s been a while but the waiting is finally over; GeoPlaces v4 is now officially available! We realize it took longer then we originally planned but that extra time only made the theme better. Even though the front-end looks very similar to GeoPlaces v3 there are a number of new additions. To see what’s in store for you please visit the live demo. We implemented hundreds of major and minor tweaks into GPv4, it’s safe to say that pretty much every aspect of the old theme was improved upon. Enough chitchat, let’s go over some of the things you’ll see in GeoPlaces v4
GeoPlaces v4 is a completely free upgrade for all current GeoPlaces users!
Not a member? Click here to purchase the theme

Better monetization – make even more money

GeoPlaces v4 takes monetization on a whole new level with features like recurring payments and price packages. If you ran a successful directory with GeoPlaces v3, expect to significantly increase your revenue with the new version.

  • Recurring PayPal payments are finally available and will help you earn even more money
  • Price Packages that enable you to diversify your price options even further. Among other things, you can even set the price package to only apply to specific categories
  • Transaction reports with ability to export data into a .csv file
  • Ability to change for featured listings on homepage and category pages

Better listing and theme management

To make content management easier we implemented dozens of various changes. Creating listings for you and your visitors have never been easier

  • Custom post types for both Places and Events will enable you to keep better track of your content. WP posts are used for blog
  • Based on Google Maps v3 – no API key required
  • Completely recoded image upload (no flash)
  • Support for mega menu plugins like UberMenu + mega menu widget included with the theme
  • Much more theme options; change things like background color directly from theme Design Settings, added ability to change listing sort order and much, much more
  • Claim listing feature
  • More options when adding cities, more streamlined input
  • User profile fields – add new custom fields for user profiles

More security options

  • Restrict theme options for specific usergroups
  • Block suspicious IP addresses and stop them from spamming your site

Revised custom fields

  • Unlike “one for all” deal in GeoPlaces 3, now you can create fields for specific categories and for a specific post type (Place or Event)
  • Custom fields are easier to manage because of the revamped custom fields screen
  • “Add a custom field” offers a wealth of new possibilities like choosing the location of the field (front/back end), setting a different validation type and even the ability to apply a custom CSS class
  • For the first time you’re also able to search through the custom fields using the Advanced Search page template.

Other improvements

  • Ability to show the big map in category listings
  • Add and show category descriptions to explain what each category is about
  • Improved listing navigation with sub-categories below the parent category
  • Limit the image upload size
  • Full compatibility with WP-reCAPTCHA enables a bot-free user experience


With GeoPlaces v4 comes the ability to separately import places, events, blog posts and cities. If you’re using GeoPlaces 3 and wish to export your content into GeoPlaces v4, update your theme to the newest version (3.3.1) and use the improved Bulk Upload section to export your data. For more info on this please click here. For a complete tutorial on upgrading from GeoPlaces v3 to v4 click here.
To see the theme in all it’s glory visit the live demo. To test the theme go to test.templatic.com/
Click here to purchase the theme

Video Overview

For the best viewing experience please watch the video on YouTube in 720p or Full HD.

Thank you!

This post marks the ending for the longest public beta testing in Templatic history. During that time almost 500 topics were created and 2000 posts submitted that resulted in hundreds of various bug fixes and improvements. Thank you for your continuous support and understanding through the numerous delays. All of you made GeoPlaces v4 what it is today – most feature packed geolocation theme out there!

Did GeoPlaces v4 meet your hopes and expectations? Tell us what you think in the comments section bellow.

Showcase digital products with our Publisher theme

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Last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting here at Templatic. It has become an unspoken norm within our team to create more and more niche themes specifically targeted at a particular group / community of users. Of course, our users have played a tremendous role in encouraging us doing so. You have liked our previous niche themes and here we are again, presenting a brand new theme for publishers, book authors and artists to sell digital products – Publisher theme for WordPress.

Publisher is a WordPress theme built for those who wish to showcase and sell digital products online – be it PDF eBooks, audio CDs, DVDs, etc. Book authors can sell their work online with this theme. Music companies can enlist their albums, offer previews as a downloadable file of their songs and sell albums. It is a theme that caters to individuals who aim to earn money by selling digital products.

Here are some of the nice features of this theme:

  • Sell unlimited products: You can enlist as many digital products as you want and sell them online.
  • E-Junkie integration: We have seamlessly integrated E-Junkie digital download system along with secure native download. Users can easily select any of the two methods to manage sales.
  • Secured downloads: We’ve implemented all that’s necessary to secure your uploaded files. Users will be able to download them only after the payment is done.
  • PayPal support: Payments for your digital products are handled through PayPal gateway, so you know it’s safe.
  • 1 theme for all: Although we’re calling it ‘Publisher’, this theme can be used by individual book authors, small music companies, artists, etc. who wish to sell digital products online.

We have tried to streamline the product management in the back-end as much as possible. You can add new products, specify details using custom fields like Artist/Author’s name, profile link, price, publishing date, language, etc. As I mentioned, you can offer either native selling or off-site selling or both. Apparently, you can specify different prices and download links for each of them. Buyers can easily select the type they want and proceed with the payment process. You can list unlimited sites for off-site selling. E-Junkie digital download system has been seamlessly integrated within the Publisher theme to provide you maximum benefits.

A dedicated short-code [tabber] has been implemented for you to easily create different tabbed sections like ‘Description’, ‘Custom reviews’, ‘Author Info’, etc on product detail pages. Viewers can rate your product and leave feedback. Buyers are provided with their own buyer dashboard where they can view and download previous purchases and manage their account settings. Like most of our themes, there are many custom widgets packed into this theme and the homepage is entirely widgetized.

While it almost looks like one, Publisher is not an eCommerce theme. So you won’t find most of the features of our eCommerce themes. However, we hope that you like it and provide us your valuable feedback. Please check out the demo.

View Live demo and Buy this theme. Showcase your digital products now!

Share & Win

Like this theme? Want to have it? Help us spread the word about it and who knows, maybe you’ll be among 3 lucky winners who will get it. Unlike our past contests where all 3 winners won the theme by retweeting or liking the post on Facebook, this time you can also win the theme by being the fastest one to respond (with a correct answer) to our Twitter question. The question will be published on our Twitter feed sometime between today and September 25th. Just like before, there will be 3 winners overall, but now 2 will get there by retweeting or liking the post on Facebook and one will win the theme by answering our Twitter question.

Note (for Twitter users): In order to participate in the contest you must follow @templatic because winners will be notified via direct message.

Retweet: Win a copy of Publisher theme from @templatic //bit.ly/WPPub Retweet to Win

Or, Like it on Facebook

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our Publisher competition! First off we would like to thank all of you who participated and spread the word for this beautiful theme. Just like last time two lucky souls were selected at random and one person won the theme by being the quickest to answer to our question. So, the three winners are:

  • Oliver Dale. Oliver won the theme by being the fastest one to respond to our Twitter question. You can check out Oliver’s twitter feed by clicking here
  • Arun Balasubramanian. Arun won the theme by retweeting. You can check out his twitter feed by clicking here
  • The last winner is Kim Lyng Larsen. Kim won the theme by liking our Facebook post. Thanks!

Again, thanks everyone who participated!

Preview: A theme built for Publishers

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Publisher has been released! Learn more about the theme in this blog post

Monsoon is in full swing here in India and for the most part, it’s quite enjoyable. So, for me the off-hours activities narrow down to having coffee and reading books. And it was last Sunday afternoon while reading a novel, it struck me, why not a WordPress theme for Publishers?

Yes, that’s right. We will be releasing a niche WordPress theme for publishers and book authors where they can not only showcase their work but also sell their digital books online. We have tried to make it as relevant as possible for book authors by including features most required by them. Although the feature list is still growing, we can’t wait to give you a teaser.

Even though our main focus is for digital books, it can be used to showcase and sell any kind of digital products – Music files, Themes, Software, Icon bundles etc. The custom fields in the theme can be managed by the admin so, you can easily change the fields that match with the product you are selling.

More than one book

As per the name of the theme, this theme is not limited to mere one book. You can showcase unlimited books with a dedicated detail page for each of the books you have published.

Sell your digital products

Each book page in the theme have two options.

  1. Custom Link: You can specify a custom link that leads to another site such as e-junkie, your affiliate link, a link to Amazon book store or any other.
  2. Upload & Sell: This option will let you upload .zip file of your product or let you specify a download link. In front-end, when a user clicks on Buy button, they will be taken to Paypal and once they make the payment, they will receive login credentials to your site. Once they log-in, they will be able to download the product zip file you uploaded. Isn’t that cool?

E-junkie integration

The theme also support e-junkie integration. This means you can showcase your products nicely using this theme and can manage the entire selling process via e-junkie – the easiest and most trusted way of selling digital products. Once you enable this, users will be able to “add-to-cart” the products and “view shopping cart” of e-junkie on your site.

PayPal supported

This theme will support PayPal payment gateway.

Not an e-commerce theme

Though it works that way, this is not entirely an e-commerce theme and hence, it will not have all the features that our other e-commerce theme have. This theme is built for Publishers to showcase their work in a very professional manner and sell them.

Your turn. Any feedback before we release it?

Are you an author? What do you think of the Publisher theme? Do give us your feedback in the comments and its entirely likely that we will include them before we release this theme.

Drumrolls please: Daily Deal theme for WordPress arrives!

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It’s time for yet another advanced niche theme and we presume this is going to be awesome. First of all, thanks for your theme suggestions. It helped us know what you truly need and that’s what we are going to deliver this time – Daily Deal theme for WordPress.

View Live demo and Buy this theme. Start your daily deal website today.

Deal websites are currently making massive buzz around the internet. And why not? It’s a brilliant idea that facilitates win-win situations for everyone involved i.e. buyers, sellers and administrators of the site. But till now, not everyone willing to start such a site could actually do so because of heavy resources and skills it required. So we thought of bridging the gap and making a WordPress theme that helps anyone create a Daily Deal site in 5 minutes.

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Hotel Booking in WordPress? We’ve covered it!

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We’ve had our eyes on creating this one since a long time. To add to that, we’ve been receiving crazy amounts of theme requests related to the hotel booking concept. So, not to make you wait any further, here it is – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme, an ultimate booking management tool for hotel businesses.

Eye catchy aesthetics, backed by strategically coded design and easily configurable admin panel is what this theme is all about. We wanted to provide the best experience not only to your users, but also to you, as an administrator. Apart from the attractive design as seen in the screenshots, the extensive admin options let you customize and edit any section of your site. Multiple custom widgets are provided to ease your task.

You can show pictures of your hotel properties in a sleek image slider on the homepage. For booking purpose, there is an intuitive booking form which your visitors can use.The booking requests can easily be approved/rejected/managed from the back-end. Your visitors will receive notification emails accordingly.

The dashboard features a handy ‘Upcoming Booking Requests‘ section for a quick glance at the recent booking requests and previous booking logs too. The ‘Booking settings‘ let you specify many options related to the booking process. From number of rooms to currency settings, from tax surcharge to coupon settings, from photo gallery settings to additional services setup, you are in full control of everything.

The ‘Hotel settings‘ let you manage contact and address information while the ‘Email settings‘ is for managing notification emails required to be sent to your customers. The inner pages let you add more content about your hotel business in your preferred layout (full-width or with a sidebar). There is also a blog where you can interact and get personal with your visitors. We have tried our best to incorporate as many tasks related to hotel booking management within this theme. The goal is to simplify the booking process for you and your site visitors.

Hotel Booking theme for WordPress is all you need to run an elegant website for your business with minimal effort. Did we tell you, there’s an auto-install option that automatically adds sample data to get you started?

So, go ahead, see the live demo for free and purchase it here.

Share and Win

Limited time period offer: Retweet the following message or ‘Like’ this theme on Facebook before 20th July and any 3 winners will get a copy of this theme absolutely FREE!

Tweet this: Win a copy of Hotel Booking theme from @templatic //bit.ly/WPBook Retweet to Win.

Or, ‘Like’ this theme on Facebook:

Winners of the content will be announced on this page at the end of the competition.

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our HotelBooking competition! First off we would like to thank all of you who participated and spread the word for this beautiful theme. So, the three winners are:

  • Mauricio Mancias. Mauricio won by retweeting. You can find his Twitter feed @ElPimbo
  • Scott Jarvis. Scott won the theme by liking our post on Facebook.
  • The last winner is William Lang. Just like Mauricio, Will also won by retweeting. You can find his feed @WilliamLang

Again, thanks everyone who participated!