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Preview: A theme built for Publishers

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Publisher has been released! Learn more about the theme in this blog post

Monsoon is in full swing here in India and for the most part, it’s quite enjoyable. So, for me the off-hours activities narrow down to having coffee and reading books. And it was last Sunday afternoon while reading a novel, it struck me, why not a WordPress theme for Publishers?

Yes, that’s right. We will be releasing a niche WordPress theme for publishers and book authors where they can not only showcase their work but also sell their digital books online. We have tried to make it as relevant as possible for book authors by including features most required by them. Although the feature list is still growing, we can’t wait to give you a teaser.

Even though our main focus is for digital books, it can be used to showcase and sell any kind of digital products – Music files, Themes, Software, Icon bundles etc. The custom fields in the theme can be managed by the admin so, you can easily change the fields that match with the product you are selling.

More than one book

As per the name of the theme, this theme is not limited to mere one book. You can showcase unlimited books with a dedicated detail page for each of the books you have published.

Sell your digital products

Each book page in the theme have two options.

  1. Custom Link: You can specify a custom link that leads to another site such as e-junkie, your affiliate link, a link to Amazon book store or any other.
  2. Upload & Sell: This option will let you upload .zip file of your product or let you specify a download link. In front-end, when a user clicks on Buy button, they will be taken to Paypal and once they make the payment, they will receive login credentials to your site. Once they log-in, they will be able to download the product zip file you uploaded. Isn’t that cool?

E-junkie integration

The theme also support e-junkie integration. This means you can showcase your products nicely using this theme and can manage the entire selling process via e-junkie – the easiest and most trusted way of selling digital products. Once you enable this, users will be able to “add-to-cart” the products and “view shopping cart” of e-junkie on your site.

PayPal supported

This theme will support PayPal payment gateway.

Not an e-commerce theme

Though it works that way, this is not entirely an e-commerce theme and hence, it will not have all the features that our other e-commerce theme have. This theme is built for Publishers to showcase their work in a very professional manner and sell them.

Your turn. Any feedback before we release it?

Are you an author? What do you think of the Publisher theme? Do give us your feedback in the comments and its entirely likely that we will include them before we release this theme.

Drumrolls please: Daily Deal theme for WordPress arrives!

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It’s time for yet another advanced niche theme and we presume this is going to be awesome. First of all, thanks for your theme suggestions. It helped us know what you truly need and that’s what we are going to deliver this time – Daily Deal theme for WordPress.

View Live demo and Buy this theme. Start your daily deal website today.

Deal websites are currently making massive buzz around the internet. And why not? It’s a brilliant idea that facilitates win-win situations for everyone involved i.e. buyers, sellers and administrators of the site. But till now, not everyone willing to start such a site could actually do so because of heavy resources and skills it required. So we thought of bridging the gap and making a WordPress theme that helps anyone create a Daily Deal site in 5 minutes.

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Hotel Booking in WordPress? We’ve covered it!

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We’ve had our eyes on creating this one since a long time. To add to that, we’ve been receiving crazy amounts of theme requests related to the hotel booking concept. So, not to make you wait any further, here it is – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme, an ultimate booking management tool for hotel businesses.

Eye catchy aesthetics, backed by strategically coded design and easily configurable admin panel is what this theme is all about. We wanted to provide the best experience not only to your users, but also to you, as an administrator. Apart from the attractive design as seen in the screenshots, the extensive admin options let you customize and edit any section of your site. Multiple custom widgets are provided to ease your task.

You can show pictures of your hotel properties in a sleek image slider on the homepage. For booking purpose, there is an intuitive booking form which your visitors can use.The booking requests can easily be approved/rejected/managed from the back-end. Your visitors will receive notification emails accordingly.

The dashboard features a handy ‘Upcoming Booking Requests‘ section for a quick glance at the recent booking requests and previous booking logs too. The ‘Booking settings‘ let you specify many options related to the booking process. From number of rooms to currency settings, from tax surcharge to coupon settings, from photo gallery settings to additional services setup, you are in full control of everything.

The ‘Hotel settings‘ let you manage contact and address information while the ‘Email settings‘ is for managing notification emails required to be sent to your customers. The inner pages let you add more content about your hotel business in your preferred layout (full-width or with a sidebar). There is also a blog where you can interact and get personal with your visitors. We have tried our best to incorporate as many tasks related to hotel booking management within this theme. The goal is to simplify the booking process for you and your site visitors.

Hotel Booking theme for WordPress is all you need to run an elegant website for your business with minimal effort. Did we tell you, there’s an auto-install option that automatically adds sample data to get you started?

So, go ahead, see the live demo for free and purchase it here.

Share and Win

Limited time period offer: Retweet the following message or ‘Like’ this theme on Facebook before 20th July and any 3 winners will get a copy of this theme absolutely FREE!

Tweet this: Win a copy of Hotel Booking theme from @templatic //bit.ly/WPBook Retweet to Win.

Or, ‘Like’ this theme on Facebook:

Winners of the content will be announced on this page at the end of the competition.

The time has finally come to announce the winners of our HotelBooking competition! First off we would like to thank all of you who participated and spread the word for this beautiful theme. So, the three winners are:

  • Mauricio Mancias. Mauricio won by retweeting. You can find his Twitter feed @ElPimbo
  • Scott Jarvis. Scott won the theme by liking our post on Facebook.
  • The last winner is William Lang. Just like Mauricio, Will also won by retweeting. You can find his feed @WilliamLang

Again, thanks everyone who participated!

Templatic Power Glyphs : Free Iconset of 200+ Glyphs

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Important post update! All of the icons provided in the blog post have been updated for 2016. Download the new icon set from this blog post.

A couple of weeks ago we released our first freebie set of 50 eCommerce icons which received a good response. So this time we’ve come up with another beautiful iconset of 200+ icons – Power Glyphs iconset. And the best part is, you can download it for free and use them in your personal projects, right away. Wide variety of different icons are packed in this iconset. There are multimedia icons, social-media icons, utility icons, notification icons, etc. We’ve made sure that the icons stand-out and serve the purpose for which they are used. You can use these icons in your personal projects. If you do share them, make sure you include a link to this post. That’s all we ask. So go ahead and grab this wonderful iconset.

Power glyphs

These are 211 icons of 48 x 48 and 74 x 74 size in PNG format. Download them and let us know what you think about it in comments. We hope you like this freebie. Go, grab it.

Download this iconset

Feel free to download the glyphs and use it on your projects.

Click here to download
211 icons | 48×48 and 74×74 pixels | .PNG format

License: You must link to this blog post when sharing the Icons, and you must not upload these files anywhere else. This icons set is released under Creative commons 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License.

Templatic Ecommerce Glyphs : Free Icon Set of 50 Glyphs

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Important post update! All of the icons provided in the blog post have been updated for 2016. Download the new icon set from this blog post.

Icons, as we already know, are so useful and important in a web project. We’ve released quite a few e-commerce WordPress themes here but for the first time on templatic, we are releasing these beautiful icon set for free. We call these as Glyphs, because they represent things in pictorial form. Sometimes, you don’t need to say anything and things are self explanatory. These icons will let you do this exactly. These icons will really serve a great purpose for those who are just starting out their new Ecommerce projects. We’ve wanted to be pixel perfect, and we really think that we succeeded in this. Every minor details are taken care of, and here’s the result – presenting 50 Glyphs.

These are 50 icons are available in 2 sizes: 48×48 and 74×74 pixels. Take a look at this and let us know what you think about it. Comments are always welcome. Now your icon collection definitely needs something awe-inspiring. Go, grab it !

Download the ecommerce icons

Feel free to download the glyphs and use it on your projects.

Click here to download 50 icons | 48×48 and 74×74 pixels | .PNG format

License: You must link to this blog post when sharing the Icons, and you must not upload these files anywhere else. This icons set is released under Creative commons 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License.

Preview to themes in the pipeline

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All of the themes mentioned in this preview have been released! To learn more about each of them visit our Themes Gallery

You guys loved our earlier posts showcasing theme previews. We received many positive and constructive ideas about what features to include in our upcoming themes. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to showcase a preview to the themes released in last 3 months because of frenzied development and release schedule. But hey, we are back again with the teasers.

Here are some previews of some of the upcoming themes we are excited about. What’s special about our themes is that they are strategically structured. We try to wire frame and iterate them unless a satisfactory layout is created that includes most of what a particular niche theme requires and works best for the business. Talks apart, here’s the previews…

StoreBox and several other ecommerce themes

This has been long time pending. It’s been real long since we released an ecommerce theme on this site. Well the wait is almost over and you should see few dynamic themes about to be released in this niche very shortly.


You asked for it and you are going to get it. Appointment theme for doctors, therapists, consultants, spa or salon owners, astrologers or any service based business who require their customers to set prior appointment. We are sure you will love this strategically beautiful theme. It is structured and planned in such a way it will help you showcase all aspects of your business while also allowing you and your clients to dynamically manage appointments with your business.

Plus One

Named after google’s plus one feature, this unique theme lets you vote on a post you like. Also you can enable your visitors to submit an article and keep track of their favorite posts.

Kind of a mini social media site based on WordPress.

Spa & Salon

A slight variation to the appointment theme, this theme particularly focuses on spa or salon business. It has some similar features of the Appointment theme, plus some specific features.

Hotel Booking

This upcoming elegant theme will focus on hotel business and hotel room booking. This theme is specially crafted for hotel business owners. Make sure you check this one out.


Well this is preview to some of the themes coming up shortly at Templatic. Are you looking for a particular theme that is not available at Templatic store yet? Wish to share some unique theme ideas? Please comment here and let us know how we can improve.

Feedback & Suggestions

We’d love to hear your feedback on upcoming theme previews showcased here. It will help us make some last minute critical changes in the themes if required. Love them? hate them? Just shoot your opinion via comments.

GeoPlaces V2 is here

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Earlier last month, we released an advanced city directory theme GeoPlaces which helps you create a city directory website and it became an instant hit. You guys provided some awesome constructive feedback in the launch post and as promised, we worked on upgrading the theme by improving those tiny details and also adding some new critical features that is a must have for a city directory theme.

We are proud to announce GeoPlaces V2 today. Following screenshot tour quickly explains what has been updated.


GeoPlaces V2 Homepage

The homepage now features improved map with post indicators and includes thumb image in the bubble. Featured listings are added in this new version and they will be shown at higher priority throughout the site. Also the theme now includes basic events in this new version.

Submit a business / event

Submit a Business or Event form

(the screenshot above shows all the form fields of adding an event)

The business place / events submission form is now better organized and works just fine for adding either the business listing or an event. It will automatically show/hide relevant fields in the form.

You can now move the cursor on the map for exact place specification and also chose which map view to show by default.

If you are adding an event, add Registration details or if you are adding business listing, add special deals or offer separately and they will be highlighted on the details page.

As admin, you can disable/enable coupons and run occasional promotion and users will get discount while submitting a listing on your site on regular price.

This new version also features optional captcha for spam prevention (can be disabled from the admin panel)

Listing events

GeoPlaces Events List

Events are listed differently. As you can see above, if the event is added as featured, they will be shown first at the top and regular lists will be shown then after. The sidebar features event calendar widget so you can view events by date.

Upcoming and past events are shown separately and can be sorted like shown above.

Event details

Show Event Details

The events are shown in same structure but a bit differently than the business listing. Date, time and address are shown at the top right. How to register for the event is highlighted separately. (Please note, this theme does not handle event registration.)

Updated admin side functions

GeoPlaces Admin Options

Events are shown and managed separately (custom post type) in the admin panel.

In the backend, we’ve added bulk upload now. Simply prepare a .csv file of all your business data based on the sample CSV provided with the theme and import all your data at once. No more manually adding each event on your site.

Managing coupon is yet another thing we added in the theme now so you can run occasional promotion on your website.

View live demo of the GeoPlaces 2. View features and Purchase theme here

If you have already purchased this theme, simply login to member area and download this theme again to get the free upgrade. Installation guide of this theme explains how to upgrade your existing site

Tweet to Win!

Update: The contest is now closed and winners are announced here.

Here’s a promotional offer if you really like this awesome GeoPlaces theme and wish to get it for free. Retweet the following message before 31st of this month and any 3 winners will get developer copy of this theme absolutely free!

Win a copy of the GeoPlaces city directory theme from @templatic //bit.ly/geopl2 Retweet to Win!

Winners of the content will be announced on this post on 1st november. If you are selected as winner and have already purchased this theme, you will receive your money back :)

Hope the community will love this upgrade. We’d really love to know what do you think of this revised theme via comments below.

Geo Places – your city directory built in WordPress

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Thanks to all your feedback, we have released an upgraded version of this theme with so many new updates. Read details here

Geo Places is one of our most advanced themes till date and we are pretty excited on release of this theme. Templatic team has worked on it for about 1+ months. And then we made some important changes and included some must have features that we missed after you guys suggested on initial teaser. That’s why a bit delay in the release of this theme.

Geo Places, as you have guessed it – is a theme built around the idea of showing different places and businesses around a geographic location and providing in depth detail about that. Showing detailed maps, user reviews, business information, services, contact details and so on. Showing nearby places around that particular location is kind of cherry on the cake : ).

This theme does all of that. The special thing about this theme is – it’s built on top of user feedback and actually structured to give you maximum ROI for this kind of websites. That is in fact the difference between us and other premium theme providers. We focus on real world usage more and nifty functionality less.

View live demo of Geo Places theme and Head over to official sales page so you can see all the features in detail and buy this theme. I’ll take a moment and highlight some of the unique, must-see benefits of this theme in here.


The homepage shows collective map of all the places you have added on this site. Clicking that place icon will take you to the relevant post. Same way, separate maps for each category are also generated.

When you are on a place details page, it shows detailed map. Also you can get directions to reach that place simply by entering the starting point where you currently are.

Design Controls & Flexibility

The homepage is completely widget ready. You can show a full size slider in place of full map if you wish. You can chose to show the list of places either in list view or gallery view from admin panel and the same is true for archive pages that shows the places.

Lots of tiny stuff like “Places Around”

We’ve built many custom widgets specifically for this theme that will make this theme really usable. For example, the page which shows a place in detail also have a sidebar which contains a widget called “In the neighborhood”. Imagine you are searching for a restaurant in a specific area. It automagically shows some nearby places that you have added in the site. This will really help your site visitor i.e. if they are viewing a restaurant, they might want to visit a movie theater or a night club nearby.

Make money

Of course when you build a directory kind of site so might want to make money as well. Apart from many strategic advertise areas, the theme lets you enable/disable “add listing” feature. When enabled, it will let your site visitors add a business place on your site and you can charge them for this. It gives you option of collecting money via six different payment gateways (PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, WorldPay, Authorize.net and manual payment).

Advanced Search

Apart from blog search, the theme header prominently shows advanced search where you can do “For” and “In” search. For example, “Search for Pasta in This particular area/zip code”.

There are lot’s of features in this theme that you can only “experience”. So take a look at the live demo and explore the theme and grab the theme while it’s hot.

Moving forward

While we think we’ve covered pretty all kind of necessary stuff that the city directory theme should have, we are curious on user feedback and definitely look forward to upgrade this theme with some of the things that we’ve missed in this release. You can count on us on this.

Take a moment and let us know what do you think about this newly released theme via comment below.

Sneak Peek to City Directory theme

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Preview to upcoming City Directory theme of Templatic

The above screenshot of the upcoming theme pretty much sums up everything, but let me explain the features in details. The next theme is built for those who want to create out of the box city websites that have..

  • Auto generated maps of all the places
  • Get directions from the map
  • User submitted places. (You can charge for user submission!)
  • Showcase of different places on your site in an interactive manner
  • Search places
  • Sort different places
  • User reviews of different places
  • User ratings
  • Auto generated image galleries
  • Detailed description of each place with images, address, phone number, map, get directions..
  • Auto generated main Google map, category based map, and other maps that link to posts
  • List and grid views of  city places in categories
  • And much more… (We promise!)

In short, we’ve spent days figuring out all the features and structure an ideal city website should have. Plus enough flexibility in the theme so that as a developer, you can customize it to your liking for some other purpose as well.

I’d rather keep this short unless we release this theme in September. Meanwhile, if you’ve got some nifty ideas on must have features for a city website, do let us know via comments. As we’ve proven earlier, we WILL change the theme to meet exact specifications of actual users.

The quest now begins. Announcing Templatic

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The premium themes market seems promising and there are new paid themes popping up every day. However, not every paid theme is of premium quality and many of them are not even worth paying. While there are numerous themes that are of good quality – available for free download, there are not many paid themes on offer that are meant for just blog. If corporate people or Individual professional wants to have a super high design, they have to pay for a custom design which may or may not match their exact needs.

Dear reader, I am happy to announce //templatic.com/ – the home of premium quality free and paid themes. Each and every theme on this site is/will be exclusively designed, strategically coded and commented, SEO optimized, with theme admin options, widget-ready, supporting famous plug ins, documented, good support and more