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Listing Badges

Create custom badges for listing using Listing Badges add-on plugin

Display a badge on your newest listings

Listing Badges allows you to embed a colorful tag “badge” into the listing’s thumbnail on areas such as the homepage or category pages. It’s most useful for outlining the newest listings within the directory, but you can use it for other purposes as well. The options for this add-on are provided in the back-end while creating or editing a listing.

Listing Badges addon

Set a custom color and name for listing badges

The Listing Badges add-on will allow you to specify a unique badge name and color for each listing you create. Of course, it pays off to have some consistency, but if you want – each badge can be unique. The color of the badge can be inserted with an easy to use color picker.

Control how long should the badge display

While specifying the badge color and name, you will also have the ability to enter the end date and time for the badge. The badge can be active for just a few hours or several months, it’s all up to you.