How to create an Agency website with WordPress?

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WordPress is one of the best CMS for creating business as well as creative websites. It is easy to use, flexible and manageable.

Moreover, there are several other advantages of using WordPress for your agency website. So if you are too thinking of creating an agency website with WordPress, this article will guide you through.

Technical Steps for creating agency website with WordPress

For creating an agency website with WordPress, you can follow the simple technical steps that are required to create any kind of website.

These steps can be followed by anyone, even if they have never created a website before. WordPress is super simple to use and can be used to create a website of any kind:

1. Domain name and Hosting

The pre requisite to create any kind of website with WordPress is acquiring the domain name and the host. The domain name represent the permanent address through which the visitors will access your website.  And then, the hosting space is where your website will be hosted and files will be stored for remote access.

This comprehensive guide on choosing the domain name and hosting will help you choose the best for your agency website.

2. Get a WordPress Theme for your website

WordPress makes website making a breeze with the ready to use and fully functional themes. For every niche, there are wonderful themes that you can use and get started with your website easily.

For creating a website for your photography studio, design agency, law firm you can pick a custom niche theme or a general purpose agency theme. In this tutorial, we will use the Ombrello theme’s creative agency WordPress theme. It is simple & easy to use and can be easily customized to easily create any kind of agency website.

3. Setting up your website with WordPress

Different WordPress themes come with different abilities and different ways settings & options. There are simpler themes to create a simple straightforward agency website, and there are complex themes to create different types of creative agency website.

However, Ombrello has the capability to let you create any kind of website. You can either create a complex agency website with eCommerce or you can create a simple website with service pages and an online portfolio.

4. First steps for site personalization

A WordPress theme provides you with the design and features, but to setup a theme to make it your website, it will need a little personalization.

You can start personalizing your website by changing the logo and branding. Moreover, you can proceed to change the colors, background and other such details. To do so, there are different methods with different themes.

These details are typically mentioned in the theme guide and you can easily change them with the available options. Similarly, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the theme guide and make your website look and work the way you want.

How much you can achieve the design of your wish, depends on the theme you choose and the available customization options.

5. Plugins you can use to set up your site

WordPress Events plugin

When you are done customizing your website and updating the design and functions, you would like to add a few extras into your site.

With WordPress, it is very easy to add new features in form of WordPress plugins. There are plugins for almost every additional need for your agency website.

For example: If your WordPress theme doesn’t already come with a contact form plugin, you would want to add one. Or if you want to include advanced contact forms, there are contact form plugins you can choose from.

Or to add more features like image optimization, plugins for speed and memory management, you can choose the WordPress plugins and include them easily.

Important Aspects of an Agency Website

Of course you can create your own WordPress based agency website with WordPress! There are beautiful and diverse WordPress themes that you can use to create a website for yourself.

With the latest technology, you can create a website of your choice without technical assistance. Therefore creating a website is easy, but the difficult part is creating a website that efficiently serves its purpose.

Homepage that tells it all

The page where the user first lands is the homepage, so it has to be the best. The homepage should be a reflection of what your entire website is about.

  • Pleasant, clutter free and legible layout
  • All the links to the important pages on your website
  • A glimpse of what the website is about
  • Efficient, well planned, navigational menu
  • Fast Page loading
  • Don’t forget to include a “Call To Action”
  • Content Clarity

Besides the ones mentioned above, there can be many important aspects of the homepage. It is advisable to take some time and spend it on planning how you want your homepage to be.

You can visit few of your competitors’ website and note down the appealing points about it. You should insist on choosing the design(WordPress theme) that best fits your requirements so that you don’t have worry much about customization options.

We also recommend choosing a WordPress Business theme with a page builder, so that you get the full flexibility on the type of content you want to show on your home.

Describing the services

A consulting website’s main purpose is to represent your business agency online. The trick is to, create a service website that efficiently tells the visitors about the services you can help them with.

Therefore, while creating the service pages of your website, you have to make sure that you mention all the services that you offer. Better if you have a small “service section” on your homepage where you can display at least the titles of your services and a short description.

On the other hand, you should also insist on creating a single service page – a page dedicated to each of your services, with detailed descriptions, images, videos, testimonials, etc.

Here are the 7 best tips for designing the service pages for your business/agency website.

Portfolio presentation


It is always good to have an online portfolio to showcase your work. Especially when you already have a business/agency website, it’s a great idea to also include an online portfolio. You might also like to create and share some professional PowerPoint templates that would point back to your website.

With your online portfolio, you can show the visitors your work and accomplishments. Or you can showcase your art, letters, design, work reports, completed projects, transcripts, certifications, articles, etc.

An online portfolio may play a very important role in assuring a visitor by help him know more about your work. Here are 9 Tips for creating an effective online portfolio.


Blogs do play an important role on your website. There are so many advantages of including blogs on your website.

Blogs are good for the visibility of your website as fresh, useful content helps boost your SEO ranks. It also makes your website more relevant for the visitors which eventually helps increase the session duration and reduce the exit rates.

The blogs on your website serve as a medium for you to communicate with your visitors. It can also help you with content marketing. There are so many advantages on  Why you should have blogs on your creative Agency website?

Wrapping up

Creating a website with a CMS like WordPress may look like a child’s play. But there’s a lot more to a website than just publishing a website online.

If you are investing your time and money for your website, you better put the best efforts to create an agency website that bit just represents you, but speaks volume about your work and values.

The world of internet is the world of endless possibilities. And it is up to you to explore  and make the best of them. Hoping the tips mentioned in this post helps you create an effective agency website with WordPress


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