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Don’t forget to backup your websites! If you want to use BlogVault for backup or Migrations, here is the BlogVault review to help you decide better.

Once you start with your website, chances are – you get too busy working on it that you’ll probably forget about maintenance, backups, etc.

Backing up your website is so important, I can’t stress it enough!

But when you are always busy with your business operations and updating your website, it’s natural that you can’t always find a chance to manually back-up your site.

This is why we have the automatic backup plugins. And one such plugins is ‘BlogVault’ that is for automatic backups and restorations. It even helps with migrations and many other things.

Introduction to BlogVault

BlogVault is a solution for backups and restoration, migration and staging. This is a free plugin that helps you set automatic backups for your WordPress website with a FREE cloud storage.

This backup solution can be integrated into your WordPress website in the form of a plugin. It can be downloaded for free from WordPress Plugin repository. It gets along with almost every WordPress theme and should work well without causing a conflict.

The main function of this plugin is – Backup and Restoration. You can configure the plugin and it will backup your website on a daily basis. The backups will be stored on a cloud server and can be restored very easily.

You get the access to a 90 days archive so that you can restore the version of backup you need instantly.

Besides backups and migration, it also allows staging facilities to test your website. You can use this plugin to test your website with software updates and any other changes and easily push the changes to your live site.

It helps migration too. At times when you want to move your website to a new server, the migration features help you to move your website with zero downtime, very easily.

There are many other amazing features that you get with the BlogVault plugin – Multisites support and the ability to control different websites through a single dashboard, WooCommerce backup facilities, technical support, etc.

In the nest section, we will discuss how exactly, each of these features can help you backup and maintain your WordPress website effortlessly.

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What BlogVault has to offer

BlogVault is one of the best and most popular WordPress plugins for Backups and Migrations. This plugin has the complete features for backups, restore, migrations and WooCommerce backups.

This plugin comes with straightforward features and an easy to use interface to manage your backups. The following are the best features it has to offer.

To summarize, the following are the main features and services that BlogVault offers:

1. Complete, Automatic Backups

BlogVault backs up your website daily, at the scheduled time, without manual intervention. It does so without overloading your servers, and take smart incremental backups to only accomodate the incremental changes.

It provides you with a 90 days backup archive. The backups are encrypted and securely saved offsite. You can access the archive and upload your backups to DropBox, download them offline, or upload them to GDrive.

‘Where to store the backups?’ is  one of the major problems when maintaining backups manually. But since the backups by BlogVault are saved at their own servers, you don’t have to worry about the storage space when maintaining the backups.

2. Backup Restore

Restore the backups, as and when you need them. If for any reasons your site crashes, you can restore the latest backup from your BlogVault backup archive in no time.

This helps you reduce the downtime and prevent the loss of traffic, SEO positions, revenue, chances of conversion and disappointing your visitors.

The smart restoration features includes one click backup restoration, effortlessly. You can even test your website before actually restoring it. The test restore feature will stage your site on BlogVault features so that you can study your backup version and make sure that it is the one you want to restore.

3. WordPress Staging features

With BlogVault, you don’t need to make changes into live site directly. Updating a live site, with new plugins, software updates, theme updates, etc can be too risky.

Therefore, instead of playing with your website, and taking chances, you can rely on this WordPress staging plugin, to create a staging environment where you can test the changes, updates, and develop your site.

With your site tested and modified, you can easily merge the changes into your live site using their WordPress database Merge service.

4. WordPress Migration Services

If you have ever tried manually migrating your website from one server to another, you must know how risky and difficult it is, unless you are a pro!

With BlogVault migration to a new web host, domain name, or a new server is simple and easy. These are the services to make your migration faster, stress free, crash free and with almost zero downtime.

5. WordPress Management

As the name suggests, this service by BlogVault helps you with managing your WordPress websites. If you have multiple sites, you can manage them easily though one dashboard.

The Core WordPress manager keeps track of the available updates, and check PHP version being used for all WordPress websites. It also lets you manage the plugins and themes from a centralized dashboard.

It also helps collaborative work by easy team management and allows user & role management too. BlogVaul’s WordPress management services also helps you with scheduled and on-demand website security reports at your fingertips.

6. Other Features

Besides the one’s mentioned above, one of the best features of BlogVault is WooCommerce backups, that we will talk about later in this post. However, besides those features, the following are a few reasons you might like BlogVault.

Easy to install, Easy to use

BlogVault is a plugin designed for any kind of website owners. As a non-technical person, you might not know the technical details of how exactly backups and migrations work. But this plugin will handle all of that for you.

This WordPress backup and migration plugin can be installed easily with the help of the auto-install setup. You just need to sign up and subscribe to one of the pricing plans that works the best for you and you are ready to go.

It has an easy to use interface and dashboard options to easily manage your site. Nothing is too difficult to understand but still they are there to support you. So if you ever feel struck, or have confusions, you can straight away get in touch with them and have your questions answered.

Free Trial

Skeptic to start with a new service? No problem. You can try their services for free for 7 days which is enough to explore the options and evaluate the features.

After that, you can decide if you want to continue with their services or not. If you want to continue to their services only if you wish so.

Complete & Automated backups

It’s quite inconvinent to manually backup your website each and every day. Therefore, BlogVault does that for you. There are some configuration settings that you can set and then forget about the backups.

The BlogVault backs up your entire website. It backs up your entire database as well as WordPress system files that includes your themes, plugins and every minor detail about your website. They also provide you with a 90 day active archive to restore your backups.

So in times of crises, you can choose to restore one of your backups and get your site running perfectly in no time.

Offsite storage

The backups by BlogVault guarantee not to disturb your website in any way. These backups are stored offsite on cloud servers, securely.

The encrypted cloud backups can be moved to your Dropbox or local environment easily if you want one. The backups are totally secure and doesn’t at all affect the performance of your website.

Won’t slow down your website

BlogVault is a WordPress plugin designed to seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme or plugin. It can be used with small and large website to backup and restore the data. On large, resource heavy website, you might be afraid to add more load by adding a new plugin.

But this WordPress Migration & Backup plugin is light weight. It will not use your server’s resources and therefore won’t make your site slow.
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Technical support

Regardless of the service you are using – the free trial or the premium package, you get excellent support with the BlogVault plugin.

BlogVault for WooCommerce

When you are running your business online, security and backups are more critical. Especially when it is an eCommerce website. In which case, each and every transaction, order detail, and order status is important.

Also, a bit of downtime on your eCommerce website can cause you a lot of loss – a loss of traffic as well as chances to sell. So, you always need a backup ready in case things go wrong. With a backup and restore facility like that of BlogVault, you can reduce the downtime to mere minutes, and thereby, highly minimize the loss.

There is no guarantee of your website on the internet. Even when you secure your website with the best security services, you need a safe and secure back up of your website.

And since eCommerce website’s databases are frequently updated, with new orders, transactions, and changed status of orders as well as transactions, only the latest and most recent backup can help. Therefore, the requirements for WooCommerce based eCommerce websites for backups is quite different.

BlogVault therefore has special services for WooCommerce based online stores. It helps you with real time backups so that you don’t miss even a single order or transaction.

The BlogVault real time backups work smartly in congruence with your WooCommerce website. Every time a transaction occurs, a real time backup is taken. The transactions on your eCommerce website act as a trigger that tells BlogVault to get your site backed up.

Other features of BlogVault WooCommerce Backups

  • 365 days of backup history, to view, save, compare or access the different versions of your website
  • It doesn’t slow down your website, it syncs with servers instead to backup the changes
  • BlogVault listens to specific events on your WooCommerce based website, and automatically backs up
  • Easy restoring your WooCommerce store backup using the BlogVault features
  • BlogVault backs up your entire store – WordPress theme files, tables, database, all content, settings, and configuration

Besides, there are many other features that can help you manage and maintain your WooCommerce based WordPress eCommerce websites easily.

BlogVault Pricing

BlogVault is a premium service for backup and migrations. They have different plans for different level of users. All their plans are billed annually.

But before you actually subscribe to one of their plans, you can try their services for free by signing up for a free trial.

The beauty of their pricing policy is that there are different plans to support the needs of almost everyone. If you want to use the services for your personal web project, they have a plan for you. And if you are an agency managing several different websites, they have a plan for you too!


The pricing for a single site licence, starts with a plan at 7.4$ per month, and extends upto 20.75$ per month, with all the advanced features like a 365 days backup archive, real time backups, WooCommerce support, Uptime monitoring, etc.

similarly, there are plans for small business that supports the subscription and use of the services for upto 5 websites. All of these sites and their backups can be managed from a single dashboard.

Here’s a summary of BlogVault’s pricing

For personal usage (1 site)

  • The basic plan at $7.4 per month, for daily backups, 90 days archive, multisite support, and technical assistance included
  • The plus plan at $12.4 per month, with all the basic features plus some security features like malware scan and removal, firewall and login protection.
  • The advanced plan at $20.75 that supports real-time backups, WooCommerce orders backup, a 365 days archive, uptime monitoring, etc.

For usage on upto 5 sites

  • The basic plan at $16.58 per month, for daily backups, 90 days archive, multi-site support, and professional support service.
  • The plus plan at $30 per month, with all the basic features plus some security features like malware scan and removal, firewall and login protection.
  • The advanced plan at $45.75 that supports real-time backups, WooCommerce backups, 365 days backup archive, uptime monitoring, and all the security features included.

For Usage upto 20 sites

  • The basic plan at $49 per month, for daily backups, 90 days archive, multi-site, and technical support
  • The plus plan at $79 per month, with all the basic features plus some security features like malware scan and removal, firewall and login protection.
  • The advanced plan at $149 with real-time backup support, WooCommerce backup support, a 365 days archive, some security features, uptime monitoring, etc.

If you need to use their services on more than 20 sites, you can get in touch with them and get information about their pricing for the number of sites you want to use their services on.

View BlogVault’s pricing

Whom do we recommend BlogVault?

Even though the modern tools have made it really easy to create & manage your websites, maintaining websites isn’t a cakewalk.

Not that it needs a lot of efforts, there are a lot of tools for each and every website management tasks to make your lives easier.

But website management is an umbrella term for a number of small and big tasks – Regular security audits, SEO, software updates, speed and performance analysis, backups, etc. That’s why it’s difficult. You cannot afford to miss any of these steps if you want a flawlessly running website!

Backing up your website is very important. In case you miss anything that puts your website in a vulnerable situation, a backup will be your lifesaver.

If you think you can regularly backup your website, manually and save them at secure locations and keep an archive for yourself, and restore it manually when needed, you don’t need such a service. But that is rarely possible.

All the other tasks of website management makes it almost impossible to take your time out daily and secure a backup version of your site. Besides, BlogVault makes it very easier than to manually back up and restore your website.

And since BlogVault has plans for almost everyone, regardless of the type of website you own, it is recommended to everyone who wants to have a backup plan in times of crises.

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