Must Have Plugins For Small Business WordPress Website

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Want to extend the usability of your small business website? Here are the must have plugins for your small business website.

If you own a WordPress based small business website, you have so many options to enhance the features of your website.

There are so many WordPress plugins available at the WordPress plugin repository that you can download for free and include into your website.

However, when you are a business owner taking care of your own website, you might not have the time to browse the plugins and choose for your business website.

Contact form plugins

If the theme you choose doesn’t come with ready to use contact forms, you can use one of the contact forms for WordPress.

The contact form helps your visitors to get in touch with you easily. The contact form builders help you create beautiful and useful contact forms in just minutes. Without touching a line of code.

Best Contact form plugins for WordPress website

Backup plugin

Backups are lifesavers in times of crisis. It is a good practice to regularly backup your entire website and save it at a safe location. So if ever your website crashes, or your small business website is under malware or virus attack, you can simply take down the site and use one of your recent backups to get your site running again.

To make sure you never lose all your site data, and that if you ever lose it, you can restore the data quickly – you should include a backup plugin for your small business website.

BlogVault for Backup and Restore

Plugin for website security/malware protection:

Keep yourself safe from the threats on the internet by using a proper internet security plugin. There are different security plugins that help ensure the security of your website in different ways.

For example, Malcare is a WordPress plugin for security against malware attacks. This plugins have many security features like detecting and removing malware, automatic scans, fixing hacked websites, firewall and security hardening, etc. It also includes the backup feature so that you don’t need an additional backup plugin.

Best Security plugins for WordPress

Speed Optimization Plugin

Speed of your WordPress website is a determining factor for its success. It is obvious that your visitors will definitely love when they are served with web pages without having to wait for them to load.

Speed optimization plugins will work at different levels to improve the speed as well as save the server space. These plugins are generally lightweight, and will automatically work in the background to optimize the pages and performance of your website.

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Image Optimizer


A plugin for image optimization will automatically optimize all the images that you upload to your website. Un-optimized images does not just unnecessarily slow down your website, but consumes more memory.

Therefore, using image optimizer will result into an overall optimized page. They are generally very light weight and mostly come with bulk optimization features to optimize the images uploaded earlier.

Best plugins for image optimization

A gallery or a portfolio plugin

If you wish to showcase your work through your website, which is a very good idea – you can use a gallery plugin even create an online portfolio where each item is the detail of your work.

This makes it easier for the visitors to come to a positive decision by viewing the proof that are your accomplished projects.

That’s enough

These WordPress plugins are simple and easy to use. You can easily download them to improve the features of your WordPress small business website.

Even though it is tempting and you may want to have as many plugins on your website as possible, you should only have those plugins active on your website which you absolutely must have.

Best WordPress plugins

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