What Is Site Kit WordPress Plugin From Google?

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You cannot own a website and not worry about it performance. Thankfully, we have so many modern tools now to measure the performance of our website on different levels.

Especially the reports from Google. If you own a website, you most probably know about Google Analytics, which helps you view reports based on different parameters.

Site Kit, is also one such tool from Google, in the form of a WordPress plugin – that allows you to view the statistics and other reports about your website, right on your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin is designed to help the website owners understand the performance of their website, without actually having to log into different Google services.

As all the results are shown right into the dashboard. Therefore, it saves your time and helps you evaluate the performance of your site easily.

What is Site Kit?

Site Kit is a WordPress plugin, by Google, to view reports from Google services like Google Analytics, Google Page speed insights, Google Search console, AdSense, Google Optimize and Tag Manager into your WordPress dashboard.

All of the above mentioned tools/services are from Google and they help you track or optimize the performance of your website – in one way or the other. However, even though they are all from Google, they are different and provide you different reports on different dashboards.

Site Kit is a way to integrate the results from all those services at one place – your WordPress Dashboard.

What are the features of Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit is a gift for the website owners who like to keep a track of their website’s performance. Since there are different services for different purpose – for example: If you want to see the performance reports based on the speed of your website, you can use Page Speed Insights. If you want to know about the traffic, you can view the Google Analytics results. If you want to see your advertisement revenue, you can view the AdSense reports.

  • Site Kit is a WordPress plugin which is easy to install, just like any other WordPress plugin.
  • Site Kit is completely free. So, the only cost to be incurred is of the Google services that the results are pulled from.
  • Saves your time since you won’t have to log in to different services every time you want a brief overview of the performance.
  • Gets you different results from different services, helping you evaluate better
  • Very easy to use
  • No need to edit the code to enable the reports
  • Shows you metrics for your entire website as well as for individual posts

Using Google Site Kit for performance tracking and optimization

Using Google Site Kit is easy. Just install the plugin and activate it. You can use the options to set what reports you want to view.

Who can use Site Kit?

Any site owner with his website built on WordPress can use Site kit. It is a free plugin and you can easily download it from Google Site kit details.

This plugin can be used by anyone even without technical expertise. Business owners, bloggers, eCommerce store owners, or any other kind of website owner can use site kit and view reports about their website.

Google Site Kit works in association with the following Google Services:

Google Analytics:

Analytic reports by Google Analytics  is a wonderful way to Explore how users navigate your site and track goals you’ve set up for your users to complete.

How to add Google AdSense into WordPress?

Google AdSense:

If you are using Google Ad Sense to display targeted advertisements on your WordPress website, this service helps you find out how much your site is earning for you.

Google Search Console:

This tool helps you page is found and displayed in Google Search. It lets you track the number of people viewing your site and the search terms used to find your website.

PageSpeed Insights:

Compare and track the speed of your web pages. This tool also provides you with some very useful and actionable tips to speed optimize your website.

Tag Manager:

You can use the Site Kit plugin options to setup and use Tag Manager to manage the tags.  You can do so without touching a line of code.


Use the Google Optimize services to optimize your website. The Optimize helps you with A/B testing. With Site Kit it is very easily to set up Optimize.

Google Site Kit also helps you control the access so that the reports can be seen only by the authorized/assigned people.

Final Words

In simple words, Google site kit WordPress plugin helps you know how people find your site and other such reports that can help you analyze and evaluate the performance of your website.

Based on the same, you can make important decisions about your website. Moreover, the plugin is free.

Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include Site Kit for a better tracking of your website.

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