How To Create A Construction Company Website With WordPress?

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Creating Construction company website, is easy! Especially with the right tools – It should take no more than an hour to get your website ready and running.

However, if you have never created a website before, you may feel a little skeptic before you start.

But don’t worry!

This is the time when you can create professional looking websites, that are affordable, easy to manage and feature packed, without touching a line of code, or any prior experience.

But before we start, let’s understand the need of a construction business website.

Why do you need a website for construction company?

There are so many reasons why you should have a website for your company. If you own a construction company, an architecture firm, or a design studio for interior or exterior designing, there are so many advantages of having a website:

  • Online presence for your construction  company can help open new doors for your business
  • 24*7 availability of your website
  • No geographical limitations
  • Makes it easier for the visitors to contact you
  • Helps you promote your services online
  • You can create an online portfolio, and show them your designs

A website will help you reach a wider audience easily.  There can be unlimited advantages of building a construction company website. On a later stage, you can even monetize your website by displaying sponsored advertisement, or Google AdSense banners, to make money through it. You can even start a small eCommerce shop along with your website to make money through your website.

Once you create a construction company website, and it starts getting traction, there’s no limit on what you can do. The scope is unlimited and the opportunities are plenty.

Where to start?

Once you start, website building with the right platform and tools can be fun. In this article, we will go through the step by step procedure of creating a construction company website.

Based on what you need, the steps can be slightly different. But with the procedure mentioned here, you can create a simple construction company website, that acts as your online identity, lets you talk about your services and helps you promote them online.

Let’s start by choosing a platform for your website:

Choosing the platform for construction Company website

Today, we have so many website building platforms to let you create beautiful websites in minutes. With the tools available on the internet, anyone, without even a little technical knowledge or experience in website building, can create a website on their own.

For your construction company website, we recommend using WordPress because:

  • It is free, open source and easy to use
  • Lets you create Responsive beautiful websites
  • Abundant plugin and theme designs to choose from
  • WordPress Plugins to easily add new features to your website
  • An SEO friendly platform for better visibility
  • Abundant and easily available tools for promotions
  • Easy to update and customize

With WordPress, you can start website building without any prior experience. WordPress is simple and the options at the backend are very intuitive.

Other Pre-requisite: Hosting, Domain name and WordPress Theme

There are website builders that can let you create websites just by creating an account and paying the fee. Their subscription fee will include the domain name as well as the host. But those services may prove to be very expensive in a long run.

Such website builders will charge you a fixed monthly subscription charges plus additional charges for extra features. WordPress can be comparatively affordable.

You can use the domain name registrar and hosting service to choose the services of your choice, as per your requirements. Moreover, you can easily switch such services, upgrade or downgrade.

For building a construction business website with WordPress, you will need the following:

Domain name:

Domain name is essentially the unique identity of your website on the internet. It is an easy to remember alphabetical name given to the numerical address of your website.

A relevant, easy and simple domain name makes it easy for your visitors to remember your website’s address. You can get a domain name from the DNS on the internet.

All you have to do is think of a few names, just in case the domain name you want is already taken, and check for the availability.


You will need to arrange for hosting space to host your website’s files to make it live. This guide on how to choose the domain name and hosting for your WordPress website will help you choose an ideal host for your construction company website.

We recommend Bluehost, for your domain and hosting requirements because it is affordable and has a great up time and support service in case you should need them.

WordPress Theme

To create a construction company website on WordPress, you will need a proper WordPress theme. There are so many construction WordPress themes available, that you can easily choose from the designs, features and buy one for your construction business website:

Following are a few construction WP themes you can choose from:

1. Construction

This is a simple and beautiful WordPress theme for Construction websites. It comes with a front end editor, to quickly let you change what you see on the screen. The visual editor makes editing this theme so much easier.

You can even restructure the homepage, add new section, remove them, and copy an existing section design to create a new one. This WordPress Construction Theme is for professional looking simple business websites.

Get Construction WordPress Theme

2. BuildPress


You can use BuildPress theme for a bit complex construction business website. This theme is for you if you want to design your own pages using the drag and drop visual composer page builder. It also supports WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your construction company website.

The theme is still designed for the business owners to create their website on their own and is easy to use. It is ideal for construction company, building repairs, renovations, etc.

Get BuildPress

3. Renovate

This theme can be used for creating modern construction websites, websites for renovation companies, tiler and marble setter, handyman, electrician, etc.

Renovation WordPress theme for construction websites is highly customizable and very easy to use. It comes with the drag and drop visual composer page builder included for easy page building. It also includes a cost calculator plugin to make your website more functional. There’s a gallery included and it supports WooCommerce for drag and drop page building too.

Get Renovate

4. Structure

This is the construction business website suitable for all your industrial and creative purposes. The theme is optimized for speed and has a live customizer for easy customization of your website.

Create all the pages you need with the drag and drop page builder. And use the included plugins for creating beautiful galleries, and sliders. You can even use WooCommerce for eCommerce on your website.

Get Structure

5. Specturm

Spectrum is a multipurpose WordPress theme for construction and related websites like repairs, renovation, exterior designs, Building Supplies, flooring/roofing services, kitchen and bathroom construction, etc.

With the spectrum Construction business theme, you get many different demo designs to choose from. This WordPress theme comes with drag and drop page builder included, and also supports WooCommerce for eCommerce features. It also includes a grid gallery to showcase your completed projects.

Get Spectrum

Or you can choose a suitable theme for your website from this list of the best WordPress Construction themes.

Once you have all of that ready, we can move on to build the website for construction business.

How to create a construction company website?

The steps to create a website may vary, depending on the type of website you are trying to build. But mentioned below are some of the basic steps to create a simple construction company website.

  1. Install WordPress Theme
  2. Customize your website
  3. Create important page and menus
  4. How to talk about your  construction services
  5. Show off your completed projects
  6. Promoting your construction company website
  7. A few tips about maintenance

1: Installing WordPress Theme

There are a few steps to get your website live, install the theme. All the customizing and page building can then be done once your website is live on the internet.


Connecting the host and domain

Based on the host you choose, there can be different environments to setup and use WordPress. However, they do come with some documentation or tutorial videos on how to get started.

Mostly, once you login to your hosting control panel, you will find the option to create a website, and then choose WordPress. Generally, the options are self explanatory and you won’t even need any external help to setup your WordPress site.

Installing WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are easy to install. With WordPress setup on your host, you can simply login to your dashboard and go to Appearance >> Themes >> and upload the zipped installation file for the theme.

Upon installation, you can activate the theme and import the demo. These steps are generally auto-configured and you will be presented with relevant options to proceed systematically and get your website ready and running.

Once again, the theme provider should provide you with the documentation or video support on how to install and use the theme.

2: Customizing your website

WordPress themes are like pre designed templates. Once you install the theme, you can personalize it as per your requirements.

Branding your website

WordPress themes come with a pre designed layout for your website. To create your personal construction business website, you can first of all, change the logo and upload your own image.

If you don’t have a logo, you can go with ‘site title’ to set a title to your website. Also, don’t miss the footer credits that appear at the bottom of your web page.

Changing colors and images

Next, to make your website look more like your business website and less like a WordPress theme, you can change colors and background.

The customization options are generally very simple. Most of the themes support ‘Live customization’ using WordPress live customizer. You can simply use the panel on the left hand and see the changes live on the right hand screen.

Therefore, you can only save the changes after previewing them.

3: Create important page and menus

You can change the formatting and customize your website with all the available options. Once done, we can move to some more important aspects of your construction company website like:

Creating  Important web-pages

Your construction company website can have unlimited number of pages, but there are a few important pages like:

  • About Us page
  • The Contact page
  • Service pages
  • Blog (optional)

Setting up the Menus

Menus are the most important means of navigation on a website. They should be designed thoughtfully and logically.

You can design menus by listing out all the important pages, links that you want to be the part of the primary navigation system of your website, and then structuring them logically.

You can divide your menu items in main menu as well as sub menus. If your WordPress theme supports Mega Menu, than you can design accordingly.

4: How to talk about your construction services

Whatever process we followed uptil now, was a common process for any kind of website. But now, comes the most important part of your construction business website.

To tell people about your construction business, and it’s features, we will build the service pages.

What are service pages?

As the name suggests, they are the pages through which you can talk about all the services you offer.

There can be a single service page that talks about all the services you provide, or a service page dedicated to each service you offer, linked to a main service page – that lists out all the services you offer and a summary of each.

If you don’t know how to create efficient service pages, here are some tips to design efficient service pages on your website.

5: Show off your completed projects

People might not believe what you tell about yourself, but other people talking about your services, will certainly leave an impact.

In the previous step, we created service pages to let people know what you do, now through this step – we will try to explain your prospect clients – what you do and how you do.


Testimonials can be text, images, or videos. If you have a WordPress theme that supports page builders, you should have some templates for including testimonials.

To include testimonials, you can reach out to your clients and ask them to leave a message about their experience with your service.

You can have testimonials included as a part of the homepage, or any other page. Or have a dedicated page to display testimonials on your construction company website.

Online portfolios

An online portfolio, can help you do both:

  • Explain people how you work
  • Showcase your work

There are plugins for creating online portfolios on your website, if your theme doesn’t include a portfolio template.


Images can express way better than words.

And what better way to showcase your beautiful completed construction projects, than creating attractive image galleries?

Mostly, all of the construction WordPress themes will come with a gallery option included. All you need to do is capture quality pictures of your completed projects, and upload it to your website.

6: Promoting your construction company website

Now your website is live, loaded with useful information about your services, but what is the use when no one knows about it?

At the initial stage of your website’s life cycle, one of the most important tasks for you is to plan and execute promotional campaigns for the initial traffic.

SEO optimization for organic traffic

SEO is important, especially since there’s so much competition on the internet.

It’s a difficult battle to get a spot for your relevant keyword for any kind of business website. And proper SEO can help you achieve it.

Here are some steps to for small business website SEO to help you optimize your website for survival on the internet.

It may look very challenging to grow traffic naturally at the initial stage of your website’s life cycle. And remember, only relying on SEO to bring about traffic to your website, may not work at all.

Social Media for promotions


Social media will makes things so much easier for you. It is the place to find the groups of your target audience. You can use the social connection to spread a word about your website.

Advertising: Sponsored banners, Google Ad Words, local media

Advertising is perhaps the easiest way to promote your construction company website if you are ready to invest.

You can approach your local media, relevant websites for banner advertising space, etc.

7: A few tips about maintaining your construction company website

With experience, you will surely learn a lot about your website maintenance over time. A successful website requires proper maintenance and updation from time to time.

Different types of website have different requirements for maintenance, but there are a few common routines that you can follow for a smoothly running construction company website:


Backing up your WordPress website from time to time is the best practice. The following are the situations where backups serve as life savers:

Data loss: Due to some security issues, or any such other instances where you end up losing data of your website partially or completely, backups are at your rescue.

Security issues: Malware attacks or security intrusion may be risk for your website and disrupt the services. Here, backups will help you quickly restore your website’s normal functioning.

Updates went wrong: Sometimes it’s not external issues, but your own actions that may cause disruption to your website’s behavior. Backups, can help you find a way back to the normal functioning of your website.

Well, there can be countless advantages of backing up your website. Backups are essentially the “lifeboats” that will help you keep aboard in times of crisis.

Website Cleanup

Your website needs proper cleanup once in a while. You can just login, and delete the unnecessary images, plugins and pages.

This will free up space, make your website faster and help your website perform efficiently. Afterall, there’s no reason you should keep unnecessary files and images on your website to consume the server space and processing resources.

Updating the content

One of the most common maintenance routines for any kind of website is adding new content. Updating content includes everything:

  • Adding new content in form of pages, posts, widgets
  • Removing old outdated content from your website

SEO audits

The SEO rules keep changing. This is why you need regular SEO audits to make sure that your website, and it’s content is SEO friendly according to the latest SEO norms.

You can use a tool like Google Analytics, and other SEO tools to regularly monitor your website. These tools helps you monitor the performance of your website as well as keep a check on the visibility status of your web pages.

Regular Security Monitoring

What can be more important than the security of your website. Even though, when talking about construction business websites, you will probably won’t have lots of user data to be stolen like than in an eCommerce website or an online directory.

However, due to security issues, your website’s normal functioning can be disrupted. Or a security breach can result in a hacked website, redirecting towards misleading urls, loss of information, and disruption of service and damaged reputation.

So regular security checks and management can help save your construction company website from the threats on the internet.

Software updates

The following component of your WordPress Construction company website may need updates.

  • Theme update
  • WordPress update
  • Plugin update

Regular software updates are mostly security patches, new features, and fixed compatibility. Therefore, updating the software components of your website helps make it stronger and efficient.

Speed Optimization

Speed of your construction company website is important because of the following important reasons.

  • A slow website disappoints the visitors, make them leave and browse for information on some other site
  • It leaves a bad impression on search engine, makes your website’s rank suffer
  • Visitors leaving your website again adversely effects your website’s visibility and ranks

Therefore, you can use a tool like Google Page speed insights to check the speed of your website and fix it. Read this: How to speed up your WordPress website?

Wrapping up

Website building and maintenance will need your time and efforts. So be prepared to give it your best.

On the other hand, once your website attains the desired traffic there’s no limit on what you can do with your website.

So are you ready to explore a whole new world of opportunities by creating your own Construction business website?

Start Looking for a Construction Theme

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