9 Common & Must Have Features Of Successful Event Websites

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We studied the best events website to find out what they have in common. Here are the 9 features of successful event website.

When you start with an events website, there are many things to be taken care of. And unfortunately, there’s no manual on what could make your website a perfect events website.

But here we have tried to find out the 9 common traits of the best events website. These are the features that you should take care of when building your events website.

A good design

of course, the design of your event website matters. A beautiful and organized website is what visitors love to browse through.

You may have the best content and the most useful resources on your website, but if the design is too crowded or too plain, or making your website unnecessarily crowded than it will disappoint your visitors.

Strategically planned CTA

What you want your visitor on your events website to do? Different types of events websites will have different answers to that question.

Based on what your motive with the website is, you can carefully design the call to action on your website, to make sure that the visitor is taking the required action.

Good SEO

For your events website or any kind of website to be successful, organic traffic plays a very important role. If your site is search engine optimized, the benefits are doubled with the traffic directed by search engines.

To make your events website SEO compatible: you should always start with an SEO friendly platform (which WordPress is), an SEO friendly Events WordPress theme, and use the SEO plugin to optimize the content of your site for the search engines.


When your website is informative, you are giving your visitors a reason to stay on your site and even visit again. When creating and managing websites, ascertain that you are keeping it updated with the latest news and information.

So talk about the event, about the venue, about the facilities and how to get the tickets. Provide all the information you could with clarity.

Blog and Content

One of the features of successful event websites is the way they keep their visitors and users in the loop. What better way for your website to be more information other than a dedicated blog. Blogs can help you in more than one ways:

It helps you deliver your messages, and keep the communication going with your visitors. The blogs can also help you with content marketing. With a blog you can load your website with high-quality content – in the form of text, audio/video, graphics, info-graphics,

Easy to Navigate

In simple words, your website should provide the visitors with what they are looking for, effortlessly. If they want to go to a page to read your “about” data, or know more about “event venue”, they should find it quick and easy, with minimum clicks.

Mobile Friendliness

Besides good design, you also need a website that looks great on any device it is viewed on. You don’t know what device a user may access your website with, so best be prepared for all of them.

So always pick a responsive and mobile-friendly design that renders well regardless of the size and the resolution of the screen your site is viewed on.


The speed of your website is obviously one of the features of successful event websites. Speed of your website is a very important quality. It helps visitors browse through your website without wasting their time on slow, inefficient pages.

Moreover, speed also helps your website’s organic visibility because it is an important factor considered by Google to rank your website.

A hook

This can be anything on your site that attracts the visitors attention and inspires them to come back, or leave their information to hear from you again.

Make sure you have a contact form, an email subscription form, etc. Persuasive copy writing can help you make your visitors believe, that you might have some useful emails that could help them.

Wrapping up

Listed in this post are the common traits that we found on the top event’s website. However, when it comes to the website, there’s a lot of uncertainty.

The success of your website is not directly based on these features but many other factors also play a role. Based on the purpose of your website, the target audience, the current trends of the internet, etc also impact the success of your site.

However, the points discussed here may not skyrocket your ranks instantly, but they will surely help you improve the performance and user experience. So it’s a win-win, isn’t it?

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